The 21 workplace experience under the time sink

It can be less planned, but when you do everything, go and stick to it for a year to see. At least my experience proves that many things are still random, you must do everything well, and eventually there may be a chance to hit you.

Many times, they will go back to look at their own path, the more you look, the more you find, in fact, it is not a matter of good or bad luck, just before doing too many things that seem useless, the results are used after.

21 pieces of advice

1, before the interview you have to determine one thing, in most cases you are not a talent.

2, in view of your use of the enterprise is too slight negligible, so be sure to do the clothing neat and formal, sincere attitude, at least let others see you in a happy mood.

3, do not wear travel shoes or jeans interview, if the examiner than you wear more formal, then you are blasphemy to him.

4, do not feel that you can eat by ability, unless you are more than twice as good in this field than your peers, more than twice as good as the average talent in the field.

5, then you do not have the ability to make people shine, the premise of your looks, relationships, and even weight may become the main reference standard for whether to admit you. The same garbage situation, the general choice of enterprises is a better-looking.

6, Hades good fight, the kid is difficult. Respect every company employee you meet, it is likely that he can decide whether you are admitted to the fate.

7, high profile work, low profile, do not give the interview a sense of violation, they interviewed people, must not be too much better than them, at least not to behave like this.

8, if the interview with you is the boss, then you can show yourself more fully.

9, any decision is never to use the best solution, but the most appropriate. The same is true for choosing employees, not necessarily the best, may choose the most suitable. So let yourself become a little naive, often with unexpected results.

10, sales class work will be very stressful, clerical class work space will be very small, and in general, access to management can only mean that you are not good enough.

11, must not say too many words, but then let you speak when you must say very wonderful. More words will be lost, say more, your level at a glance. And the key moment of making a bright speech, often makes a deep impression.

12, say less and write more, only written things can be seen and valued by the leadership, oral advice is not worth the money.

13, if you are not good at writing, you can make you out of the head, I’m afraid only performance.

14, no matter how long you have done before, how much experience, you have to maintain considerable humility, a big factor in the interview is to see whether your personality can be well integrated into the team. It is possible to destroy the unity of the team, and then excellent, may also be discarded.

15, the only time you can be proud of is when it comes to your profession, be sure to express or imply that this field, I am an expert.

16, must be down to earth to do a job, get accumulated is the most important. Young is not the time to harvest, but to pay, absorb and climb.

17、Don’t put money on the lips, more pay must have harvest. I have done a lot of things for free to many people, and then looking for more people, they began to charge, more, it is expensive.

18, many people work for a period of time, either too little money, or too hard work, in fact, you should first ask yourself what you can do, how much you are worth. In fact, if there is no minimum wage requirement, many people are worthless.

19, to have a little persistence, regardless of whether you can see hope, at least do a year to see.

20, the most important thing in the workplace career is often not the ability, but whether there is someone to take you into the business. A good boss, often can take you into a circle, after that, you can talk about the real start and development.

21, the ability to play a huge role only in the case of extremely strong, it will allow you to continue to find stronger and stronger boss from the bottom, and eventually take the high position. If not, you have to put more effort in interpersonal communication.