White House Traces Origin of Virus, May Prove Information on Chinese Communist Defectors is True

On June 4, U.S. media outlet RedState published an exclusive news report based on intelligence community sources that a Chinese Communist defector, believed to be the highest-ranking Communist Party defector ever, had been in the United States and working with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for three months. He has first-hand knowledge of the CCP’s special weapons programs, including the CCP’s biochemical weapons program.

Emmy Award-winning journalist Adam Housley, a former veteran of the news, also said in a report that day that information from a “terrifyingly informed Chinese defector” should be a major reason for the increased pressure on the U.S. over the Communist Party in recent days.

The article quoted sources as saying that (enough) confidence in the defector’s information led to a sudden crisis of confidence in Anthony Fauci. When thousands of Fauci’s emails were exposed in the mainstream media on June 3, his contacts with people involved in Communist virus research were traced and Fauci changed his earlier insistence that the virus was “natural in origin.

In addition, the U.S. and Western governments, mainstream media and major technology companies have recently made a sudden U-turn, from criticizing the virus as a “conspiracy theory” to discussing and investigating the laboratory origin of the CCP virus and even whether it is a CCP biochemical weapon, all of which are evidence of the veracity of this story.

The recent series of denials by the Chinese Communist Party’s official media and the anti-U.S. public opinion campaign further confirm the truth of this story.

Defector Information Confirmed by Multiple Sources

The DIA assessed that the information provided by the defector was legitimate and that he provided extensive and technically detailed reports to U.S. officials, according to the RedState article.

“Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson also cited the information in a post on his own Web page on April 4. He also said that “the virus came from a (Chinese) communist lab” is not breaking news, but that the liberal media has been misleading the public in the past, which is why it was not taken seriously.

Adam Housley summarized his report in a June 4 tweet: U.S. intelligence believes the Chinese Communist Party is creating a variant of the CCP virus to make it look like it came from a bat in order to conceal its original laboratory origin.

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) also confirmed to DIA that the information provided by the Chinese defectors was “very technical The information provided by the Chinese defectors was “very technical” information.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D., who served with USAMRIID, has been reporting for more than a month on the Chinese Communist military’s involvement in research and development of biochemical weapons, including the Chinese Communist virus, and details of the participants.

In a June 4 interview, he said that the Chinese Communist Party has recently been creating fake virus variants to support the “natural origin of viruses” theory and to cover up for the Chinese military.

Two reports may refer to the same person

Last September 16, the Washington Times published an article by veteran journalist Bill Gertz suggesting that a Chinese Communist military figure who defected to Europe was also wary of cooperating with the CIA and other Western spy agencies because he knew that Communist agents had infiltrated the U.S. government.

He did, however, provide some information to the U.S. government about the CCP’s biochemical weapons program.

Guo Wengui, a Chinese tycoon in exile in the United States, claims that the two incidents may involve the same person. He has repeatedly mentioned the defected Chinese Communist general in his live broadcasts, claiming that he has specific information about the Communist Party’s biochemical weapons program, specifically about the development and manufacture of the Communist virus.

The defector, as reported by RedState, also chose to cooperate only with the DIA because he knew that the FBI, CIA and other related agencies all had CCP spies. Even FBI Director Christopher Wray was unaware of this.

Both the U.S. government and the media turned

Since June 3, mainstream media outlets such as the Washington Post, BuzzFeed and CNN have revealed Fauci’s role in helping the Chinese Communist Party cover up the “origin of the virus lab” and the actual outbreak in China, based on thousands of emails obtained from Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The media have been supportive of Fauci in the past.

These media outlets have in the past supported Fauci’s claim of the natural origin of the virus.

On June 4, Fauci also said under pressure that he wanted the CCP to release the medical records of nine people at the Wuhan Virus Institute to provide important clues as to whether the initial emergence of the new coronavirus involved a laboratory leak.

On May 28, social media giant Facebook decided not to delete posts advocating the CCP’s view that the virus was man-made.

On May 26, President Joe Biden asked intelligence agencies to “step up” their efforts to investigate the source of the virus and submit a report on the investigation within 90 days. He also asked 17 national laboratories under the Department of Energy to assist intelligence agencies in investigating whether the virus was leaked from a lab in China.

Chinese Communist Party urgently refutes “lab leak theory”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said on June 4 that a joint Chinese/WHO expert group agreed that the hypothesis of a virus leak from a Chinese laboratory incident is highly unlikely, and that there has been “zero infection” in the labs concerned.

On June 6, the Communist Party’s party media, People’s Daily Online, published an article saying that the source of the virus was being politicized and that the U.S. government’s reintroduction of the “lab leak theory” was due to domestic political pressure. The article also cited an opinion piece on the website of Nature magazine, saying that this theory “exacerbates discrimination against Asians.

Among the experts listed in the article who oppose the “lab leak theory” are two scientists from the U.S. Ecological Health Alliance who were deeply involved in the CCP’s virus enhancement experiments, and an economics professor from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.