Tomorrow’s college entrance exams, I’m not going out of the car

The first time I saw the car was in the middle of the street, and I had to go to the movie theater, and I heard the driver tell me about his own personal experience. 2018, I received a single near the East Fourth Ring on the day of the college entrance exam, and when I arrived at the place, the passengers were four people, two candidates and two parents, rushing to the college entrance exam. It was very close to the examination time, and the examination site is still nearly 10 kilometers. The car can only be on three, the driver brother let 1 parents 2 candidates on the car, all the way to the examination site, the way to Chang’an Street met the traffic police. The traffic police stopped the car all the way to the violation, listened to the situation in front of the guide to open the road, the joint effort in the examination 5 minutes before the two candidates into the examination room.

The driver was a little proud of himself when he started to tell the story, his car skills are very slippery, while telling the story in a small traffic jam on the North Park Road, like a fish in water. The next day, the parents complained about the charges, and the platform was taken down for a day. He asked me, “Do you think I overcharged him $50 more? I had 17 violations along the way, a fine of 3800 yuan, and 48 points on my license. If it wasn’t for the certificate given to me by the traffic police at the entrance of the test center, I would have been finished. I took the certificate to review one by one, it took some time to get rid of these penalties. As a result, I did not expect this parent to start talking about how much better I gave in time to how, and finally complained about me for 50 dollars. My husband and wife rely on this car to support the family.” Xiao Xiao said before, he is a husband and wife to drive in succession, off people do not rest car, a month can run 17,000 kilometers. Because of the delivery candidates charged 50 yuan more the whole family’s rice bowl was almost smashed.

The little brother sent me to the place about 10 minutes earlier than the expected time. Finally he said, tomorrow’s college entrance exams, tomorrow I will not be out of the car.

I modified my name when the spring was bright: good hanging! If Xiao arrived after the start of the exam, such parents, not sure what will do. // I am not a modest brother: right. Little brother then specifically said this, “I am delivered before the opening of the examination, in case I arrive late? This parent may still say what will happen.” Finally his conclusion is to never do this kind of thing again.

Sleeping five seasons: I think the change I had to give people on the spot at least one hundred two hundred red packets, even if it is just to figure a good luck this money also have to spend ah, the world of the difference.

I start sleeping early tomorrow: remember last year my classmates in the salted fish to sell information, the results of that buyer graduated this year and then applied for a return.

Cherry wood sour lemon: last week we hit the car, want to take a detour to send a person home first, the driver must want us to modify the destination into two single, said the complaint was afraid.

Gargamel Delightfully wanton Susu: all the way to break through is certainly not to charge more than fifty, but it is precisely the extra charge of fifty to let the driver back to a warm and lovely ordinary people.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. My mother called my brother to send people to the hospital, and then go to the hospital to see people, and then blackmailed, every day to make trouble for money. It’s been two months, and it was only on Saturday that the matter was finished. [Good people can not do]

The wind blows to the second brother: now feel that those late in the college entrance examination, forget to bring the permit candidates, really should be eliminated naturally, in some of the major things in life because of their own lack of attention and missed opportunities, are not worthy of sympathy ~

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. Too many tawdry operations, we are normal mind bad?

Doraemonls: delicate egoists.

The first thing you need to do is to take care of yourself.

The mandrill 72414: Today and tomorrow the streets are volunteer to send exams I just want to say that it is best to meet a few more take advantage of your turn to complain about your self-private goods are you used to ……

Lost the gold band: the last sentence … really bad money expel good money.