The effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine is in doubt! Nearly 30% of elderly people in Serbia have no antibodies after vaccination

Sinopharm has been working with a number of Middle Eastern, Eastern European and South American countries since last year to supply Wuhan pneumonia vaccine to those countries, but the vaccine has so far had doubtful effects on high-risk groups such as the elderly, and nearly 30% of the elderly in Serbia have no antibodies in their bodies after mass vaccination with the national vaccine. Preparing to help nationals catch up with Pfizer vaccine.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the 2nd that a senior official in Bahrain said that despite the large number of people receiving the Chinese national vaccine, they are still trying to fight the new wave of the outbreak of Vu-pneumonia, and the country has started using Pfizer vaccine to provide booster shots for its citizens.

Bahrain has so far nearly 1 million people have received at least one dose of vaccine, equivalent to 56.3% of the country’s population, of which more than 60% received the Chinese medicine vaccine, but the local epidemic has not slowed down, the number of new infections in a single day from the end of last year when the vaccination began about 200 people, to the peak of about 3,000 people at the end of last month.

Bahraini Health Minister Waleed Khalifa al Manea called for residents over 50 years old, obese or suffering from chronic diseases to receive another dose of Pfizer vaccine six months after they have been fully vaccinated with the national vaccine. He said the government had started offering the booster shot at the end of May. Mania said authorities are also allowing people to continue to make appointments for the GMP vaccine, but are advising high-risk individuals to use the Pfizer vaccine.

In Serbia, the first European country to receive the GMP vaccine, local figures showed that of 150 vaccinees with an average age above 65, as many as 29 percent still did not have any antibodies in their bodies three months after receiving two doses of the GMP vaccine, and local academics questioned the lack of protection of the GMP vaccine for the elderly.

Some of the vaccines developed in China have entered human clinical trials without even releasing the data from the phase 1 animal trials, and China has been engaged in a wave of high-profile “vaccine diplomacy” without any of the completed clinical trials. The Chinese officials previously refused to allow their own people over 60 years of age to receive the vaccine on the grounds of the lack of relevant clinical trial results, resulting in the Chinese vaccine not being available to the elderly in China, while the elderly in the recipient countries were given priority in administering the vaccine and were reduced to white mice.