More than 60,000 parents in the Netherlands seek 1.4 billion euros from TikTok for illegally collecting their children’s personal information

TikTok, the overseas version of Chinese short video sharing platform Jitterbug, is popular among young people, but has been frequently questioned over information security issues. The Deutsche Welle reported on the 5th that 64,000 parents in the Netherlands have claimed 1.4 billion euros from TikTok, accusing it of collecting personal information from minors without permission.

According to the report, information provided by the Dutch Foundation for Market Information and Research (SOMI) shows that more than 64,000 parents are claiming compensation from TikTok, accusing it of collecting the personal information of their underage children without permission in order to show them advertisements; not only that, the app offers various challenges that encourage minors to engage in dangerous behavior with each other, which may also expose them to harm. SOMI is a non-profit organization.

SOMI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the basic rights of online consumers.

TikTok, for its part, says it takes several steps to keep young consumers safe. Under its terms of use, minors need permission from a guardian to use the app, and children under the age of 13 are not allowed to use it. The company also noted that its website offers consumers control options for information protection, allowing users to choose “the options they feel are right for them.

In fact, a similar allegation was made by the U.K. Children’s Advocate in April of this year. The European Commission also announced on May 28 that it had reviewed TikTok’s business practices following a warning from the European consumer organization BEUC about violations of EU consumer rights.