Changsha, Hunan burst into flames! The picture exposure is like “volcanic eruption”

Changsha City, Hunan Province, China, today (5) a major accident, a building in the city suddenly exploded into flames in the afternoon, dense black smoke clearly visible from several kilometers away, local media said it was a large warehouse fire, Chinese netizens saw the photos and called “super like a volcanic eruption”.

Comprehensive Chinese media reports, Changsha City, Hunan Province, around 2:50 p.m. today, a large local warehouse fire, the fire scene is directly opposite the residential community, local people heard the sound of the explosion, found that the warehouse has fallen into the sea of fire, rushed to call the fire department to put out the fire, the official emergency dispatched a number of fire trucks to the scene to rescue, but has not yet released the latest casualty figures.

Local people said the warehouse has been in the local area for many years, is a professional large logistics warehouse, usually stored in most of the household appliances, it is not clear why there will be such a major fire accident.

Many Chinese netizens posted photos and videos of the accident scene through Weibo. Some students looked from their school dormitory several kilometers away and saw the dense black smoke from the warehouse fire from afar; and from further away, the scene looked like a “volcanic eruption”, many Chinese netizens called on officials to find out the truth about the incident and announce it to the public.