Spike infected range continues to expand 11 districts need to be fully tested Nansha immediately closed area

The epidemic continues to heat up in Guangzhou, with Nansha, Zengcheng, Conghua and Huadu districts issuing notices to start testing of personnel across the district. The full staff testing has successively covered 11 districts in the city of Guangzhou. Nansha District Epidemic Prevention and Control Command said that in order to cooperate with the testing work, all public transport in the region was suspended from 2 p.m. on Saturday (5), and all leaving channels such as highways and expressways, piers, etc., will also be temporarily closed to the public without special reasons. Guangdong Provincial Health Commission said it has deployed 5,600 people from many parts of the province to support the testing work in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Nansha District issued a notice on Saturday (5) that the entire district will conduct universal nucleic acid testing for two days from now. During the period, bus, subway, ferry, long-distance passenger transport suspended operations, high-speed rail, wharf and all other external channels are also temporarily closed, residents are not allowed to leave without special reasons, the resumption time will be announced separately.

To further strengthen the prevention and control work in Nansha District, Zhujiang Street Jia’an Garden Ninth Street, Building 10 and other areas to implement closed management, requiring home isolation, the public only into not; the rest of the region without a confirmed case, people are not allowed to go out unless necessary, the implementation of home and work area “two points a line” closed-loop management.

The notice said that all social food service units in the region to suspend dine-in, can only provide take-away services; some areas of the gymnasium, swimming pools, gymnasiums are also required to suspend business, not required to suspend business premises must be strictly enforced reservation system, real name system.

In addition, in order to cooperate with the universal nucleic acid testing work, from 2 p.m. on Saturday, the region’s buses, subways, ferries, long-distance passenger buses suspended operations, highways, high-speed trains, terminals and all other channels leaving Nansha temporarily closed, no special reasons, the public do not leave, the resumption time will be notified separately.

The announcement stressed that once a confirmed positive infection is found, the “closed management” and “closed control management” measures will be implemented immediately, and called on the public, the implementation of strict health management, non-essential not to go out.

In addition, the Guangdong Provincial Health Commission announced that the province on Friday (4) 11 new local confirmed cases, Guangzhou reported 9 cases, of which 3 are local asymptomatic infected to confirmed cases, Foshan accounted for 2 cases.

There were three new imported cases in the province, two in Guangzhou, respectively from Bangladesh and Indonesia, and one in Zhaoqing, with patients from Morocco. There were also 2 cases of overseas imported asymptomatic infections that became confirmed, and 10 new cases of overseas imported asymptomatic infections. The total number of confirmed cases in Guangdong Province so far is 2525, of which 1047 are imported from abroad.

In the past day, there were 24 new confirmed cases of novel pneumonia in China, 11 were local confirmed cases, all from Guangdong, 13 were imported cases, 5 from Guangdong, 3 from Fujian, 2 from Beijing, and 1 each from Shanghai, Sichuan and Yunnan. The total number of confirmed cases in the Mainland was 91,218, with 4636 deaths and 86,197 recovered and discharged.