Guangdong high risk areas stop selling cold and flu medicine with “yellow code” people are prohibited to buy drugs

The epidemic has not eased in Guangdong, with seven local cases added on the 5th, all in Guangzhou. Guangdong Province announced that the sale of cold and flu medicine in high-risk areas will be suspended, holding the health code “yellow code” people can not enter the store to buy medicine. In addition, in order to reduce the flow of people, the Guangzhou Metro announced on the 6th, Guangzhou Metro Line 1, Guangfo Line, many stations from the 7th to stop operation.

Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration issued the “Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration Office on measures to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic in drug retail enterprises,” the Guangdong Province, drug retail enterprises in high-risk areas, the need to stop selling some drugs, including a number of cold and flu medicine, until the return to low-risk areas.

Guangdong’s drug retail enterprises should further implement the real-name registration and reporting system, requiring customers to take their temperature and show their health code before entering the store; if the customer is holding a health code “yellow code” is not allowed to enter the store to buy drugs, and customers need to be directed to medical institutions for medical treatment. Drug retail enterprises should be in the business premises in a conspicuous position to post relevant requirements and warning slogans, the above measures will be publicized.

Drug network sales enterprises shall not sell some drugs to consumers whose delivery addresses are located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan areas from now on, and the specific resumption time will be notified.

In addition, the Guangzhou Metro announced that from the 7th, Line 1 Xilong, Kengkou, Huadiwan and Fangcun Stations, Guangfo Line Longxi, Xilong and Shachong Stations, and Line 5 Kaukou Station will be closed to the public; Line 1 and Guangfo Line can still interchange normally at Xilong Station. Hedong Station and Jushu Station of the Guangfo Line will continue to be closed to the public; all entrances and exits of Line 4 from Dongchong Station to Nansha Passenger Port Station will be closed to the public.

Zhuhai CDC announced on the 5th that people with a history of residence in medium and high-risk areas in Guangdong Province in the past 14 days are not allowed to move across provinces and cities. People with a history of travel to high-risk areas are subject to 14 days of intensive isolation medical observation; people with a history of travel to medium-risk areas are subject to home isolation management.