3 details to determine whether it is worth dating

Want to develop further with the object of your choice, but still not sure? If you want to know whether he is reliable, the first date is the key, his small behavior and demeanor, in fact, hidden a lot of information.

  1. to see if he is honest

When a man mentions his work, interests and relationship status, in fact, it is easy to hear whether these words are true or false. If there is more criticism and criticism at work, it may prove that he has problems in interpersonal relationships, or is less resistant to stress and will have more complaints.

If he likes to listen to music, ask him the type of music he likes, which section or which song he likes, in addition to popular songs that the public likes, whether an interest is deep, often can tell his personality, if even his own small interests are quite rigorous, at least on behalf of him is a person prone to obsession.

So did he have an affair with other objects? You can ask him some questions that are usually the concern of girls, if he starts to take a variety of girls as an example, it will not fight to confess.

  1. to see if he is respectful

On the TV news we often see political figures attacking each other and disrespecting each other. If your date is not the enemy, and if your date will vaguely mock your interests, or your life, or even your friends and family, that actually means he doesn’t respect you, and if his posture is high to begin with, how can you hope for your future in him?

Basic dating gestures are also important, whether he helped to open the door, whether he walks only on his own, like to move to take the phone out to look at and ignore you. These actions do not mean anything, but if you do not pay attention to such mutual respect at the beginning, how to continue the relationship?

  1. to see if he is easily suspicious

Every woman should have their own friends of the opposite sex, when the other party sees your Facebook or everyone status, asking you about the status of your friendships with men around you, or even when you chat and interact with other people of the opposite sex, he will ask who that person is, which is absolutely taboo, not dating will ask so many, let alone a formal relationship.