Three children? I’d better lie flat

Early in the morning, my wife sent the baby to school. Just returned home, received a phone call from the teacher, was trained for more than half an hour, has not yet finished training. Just heard the wife repeatedly repeatedly said, I promise to cooperate, I promise, every day to supervise the homework done, he is sometimes written homework, but forgot to turn in, I promise ……

The last few days, my wife and I are busy, came home late, the baby has gone to bed, indeed neglected.

The school education this way, not to mention the three children, a child can not raise ah.

My wife loves children, and originally thought that at least 3 should be born. After experiencing the legendary maddening tutoring of our oldest son’s homework and the extremely unpleasant pregnancy and delivery process of our second son, we are both determined not to have any more. I think I would go crazy if my second son also went to school and received calls from two teachers.

One more child, a lot more responsibility to pay, a child needs to pay a point, two need to pay 2.5 to 3 points it.

My parents are both teachers, and my father is the principal who insists on teaching. I grew up among a bunch of older siblings because I often had students come to play at home and invited poor students to eat at home. During the winter and summer holidays, students who had already gone to college, came back to visit, and sometimes there were too many people in the house to sit. They never questioned the parents and did not give them the task of tutoring or supervision, feeling that education was their responsibility. Many then many parents also had little education and were poor and could not be counted on. But their children, many children of farmers, got into very good universities.

Nowadays, schools are so much better than before, hardware-wise. But the teacher, more than anything else, feels like a leader with an arrogant attitude that you find for your child, while leading you. Which teacher is in the WeChat group, not the teacher gives orders, parents are terrified, slinky. If the Ministry of Education requires the dissolution of all homeschool groups, it may be able to somewhat enhance the willingness to have children now.

The wife finally finished receiving the teacher’s lecture when I asked which teacher this was and how such a lecture method, she said. This language teacher is considered good, other more powerful.

Well, the second son was born, I do not regret, watching the little one grow day by day, remembering his eyebrows I am happy, but also appreciate the huge differences between the two children innate.

But the third child, it is not possible

Chen Sheng Da Wang.

Some middle-aged friends always like to teach young people to struggle, do not lie flat, you lie flat is to let others win. As if the pain of youth just comes from laziness, and there is no social roots.

Today I saw a blogger calculate, even according to 2.5% inflation, and so on 30 years after retirement, you want to maintain a standard of living equivalent to 5,000 yuan a month now, you need to prepare at least 5.4 million, if you live in a first-tier city is more than ten million.

This amount, you also need to aging completely not sick, no travel, no socializing, children do not nibble.

Can you prepare 10 million when you are 55-60 years old. I think of the anxiety that has begun. We have been running desperately, elementary school for junior high school, junior high school for high school, high school for college, college for employment, one after another, everything for money, a moment can not rest, as if until death, there is never a day of peace.

The best way to manipulate the youth is to put him in the position of struggle, show him the future pie, and make them compete with each other.

So the mere desire for a decent life can make work incredibly stressful and housing prices soar into the sky. Sitting down and chatting, I find that no one is living an easy and relaxing life, the network is full of sticks and sticks, and I can’t see any direction towards the front.

This is not the life I want. The pace is so fast, everything is so fast, and I’m so tired. Even if despair is a form of narcissism, please let me give up for a while.

I’m really tired. I want to experience the pain of love and separation, I want to go see the clear wind and moon, see the clouds roll, I want to lie on the grass and fall asleep.

No matter if I can get up again later, at least let me lie down for a while now. When I am tired and helpless and in pain, please also put away your mighty face.