Candles of Conscience

This year, June 4 passed without the images of the candle sea in the garden.

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to erase the memory of the Chinese people, but unfortunately memory is not just words, images and images, it is the brain and the heart.

History is abstract, sometimes incomprehensible, sometimes disappointing, no one can influence the course of history, but history has a body temperature and a feeling, history has a logic of cause and effect, it has its own trajectory, history has a sense of justice, history is following the justice of the earth. No matter how many turns history takes, how many ups and downs it goes through, eventually it will return to the track of justice.

In the history of the world, in the history of all countries, in the history of China, for a thousand years or less, what is unjust that will permanently occupy the mainstream position in history? Even if at a certain time, injustice prevails, history itself will eventually set things right. Because history is written by the people, and when the people have justice, history has justice.

The June Fourth Incident will definitely be vindicated, not by the Chinese Communist Party, but by something else as well. Just as the anti-rightist movement was vindicated, the Great Leap Forward was denied, the three-year famine was not denied, social education was vindicated, and the Cultural Revolution was totally denied. All historical processes that go against the will of the people and harm the interests of the people will eventually have a “statement”, not the dictator’s statement, but the people’s statement.

As long as the 4 June incident is not vindicated, the Chinese people will not be at peace, and there will be unjust souls wandering on Chinese soil, and historical justice will not be done.

No matter how long the regime lives, it is not as long as the people’s hearts, and no matter how powerful the dictatorship is, it is not as powerful as history. No matter how cruel the political reality is, the human heart is inalienable.

Back then, the statue of the Goddess of Democracy in Tiananmen Square, a plaster statue less than a foot high, I stored it for decades and kept it on my desk every day, looking at her and seeing the square back then. Even without the Goddess of Democracy statue in front of me, I still have a Goddess statue in my heart, a statue that can accompany me to the end of my life, and then accompany my children and grandchildren.

There is no Victorian garden full of candles, everyone has a candle lit in their heart, and no one can blow it out. It would be better for someone to make a website with a map of China as a meadow where anyone can go and light a candle: a Victoria Garden in the clouds that can last for days and days.