Medicine is one of the social sciences

The internet has gone crazy and there are very few side effects of vaccines as thrombus.

The former is the result and the latter is the process. The former is the result and the latter is the process. The one who studied and discovered the cause of thrombus was a 19th century German medical doctor named Rudolf Virchow. He identified the three major factors of thrombosis, medically known as Virchow’s Triad, reflecting the reverence of the Western medical community for this pioneer.

Yet Virchow was more than a medical man. Outside the laboratory of the West in the nineteenth century, Napoleon III, the Communist Manifesto, the Paris Commune, the Franco-Prussian War, Nietzsche, anarchism, nationalism, there were all sorts of germs and viruses of extreme ideas in vogue.

Instead of looking down and studying medicine and looking up and looking coldly at life, Virtue Chow issued a famous warning: “Medicine is a social science, and politics is just another broad meaning of medicine.” (Medicine is a social science, and politics is nothing more than medicine on a large scale.) He was involved in political affairs and opposed the military expansion of the British and Macedonian.

The zombie (Zombies) theme popular in today’s Hollywood and Korean films is the rapid spread of some extreme virus either by accident or by man-made, the image of people turning into zombies at first is very shocking, one devouring and spreading widely in geometrical numbers to thousands, or collective bursting of the carriage, or mass demons over the wall, becoming a shocking metaphor (Metaphor) of the group of hooligans (Mob). Extreme ideas, spread among ignorant groups, are like a plague.

The United States, with its allies, began a thorough investigation into the source of the alleged new coronavirus, which gradually became clear to China and to an American disease ecologist, Peter Daszak, who was allegedly close to the country. Daszak’s name was revealed to have been used by his organization to fund the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research with U.S. government funds, and then to plan a bullying campaign that led the way in the scientific community and put the “lab leak theory” into a conspiracy theory that mainstream Western scientists dare not question.

Datsyuk colluded with White House medical advisor Fauci to conceal this, as evidenced by emails. The head of the WHO, Tan Desai, concealed the cholera epidemic in Ethiopia and appointed Mugabe, a butcher, as “WHO ambassador”, and his low character has been exposed.

The network is rapidly spreading due to extremist ideas and necrophilia, showing the medical and pathological characteristics of sociology. With Tandusse in the foreground and Datsyuk behind the scenes, when Trump raised the issue of the lab, there was a mainstream media in the US that denounced it as a “conspiracy theory”. Sure enough, after the vicious political invasion of medicine, and make medicine into a “social science”. This, a hundred years ago, Verhoeven saw through.

The Biden administration, which has always been pro-WHO, did not dare to choke, and announced that the Intelligence Bureau would conduct a thorough investigation. The U.S. mainstream media, and began to change their mouths, no longer scold Trump conspiracy theory, follow the tail of the Trump team’s mouth, instead of scolding China. This is a toss-up, the United States reimbursed 600,000 lives, the global population, not counting China, 3.7 million deaths a year.

Is this Pearl Harbor or 9/11? No. This is the stupidity of the Americans themselves. The only positive way to look at it: global carbon reduction, stopping pollution, depends on a sharp drop in population and a slower extinction of natural species. A bad thing has turned into a good thing, and this precious opportunity has come. As a Darwinist, I would like to sincerely thank the American left gum and Tandusse. Good.