Communist Chinese Military Representing Asians?

The far left in the United States has learned a few tricks from the Communist Party, which is to string together things that are otherwise unrelated and engage in nonsense and labeling. For example, one far-left politician said that the refugee smuggling border crisis in the southern United States was caused by climate change. Some states in the U.S. are now passing election laws requiring voters to show proof of identity, also accused by the leftist media of discriminating and attacking the voter rights of African-Americans.

If you think about it, the logic doesn’t make sense: the climate in South America is not warming up, and because it’s a degree or two warmer, you have to risk your life by smuggling people into the U.S. in a caravan? The left media called out the state for changing the law to require voters to show their IDs as discrimination against African-Americans, not implying that they are so stupid that they don’t even know how to apply for an ID. Speaking of discrimination, is there a greater discrimination than demeaning a person’s intelligence? Besides, if a person without an ID goes to a left media institution, does the building gatekeeper let them in?

But as absurd as the far-left inanities and hatchet jobs in the U.S. are, our Canadian Prime Minister has learned exactly what he’s talking about and recently popped up famously: anyone who accuses Chinese Communist military personnel of entering Canada’s highest-security biological research lab is discriminating against Asians.

What happened was that it was recently revealed in the media that seven academics at Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg had worked with Chinese Communist military researchers for years on research on Ebola, Lassa fever, and Rift Valley fever, and published a series of reports from early 2016 to 2020. In response, the former Canadian security intelligence officer described the collaboration between the highly classified Canadian lab and the Chinese Communist military as “insane.

After the story came to light, some MPs asked Trudeau if he would ban the Chinese Communist government and military from sending scientists to sensitive research facilities in Canada, and Trudeau said he “won’t accommodate and give in to anti-Asian racism. Everyone, including the Chinese MPs, was baffled by this statement. When did the Chinese communist soldiers become the representatives of Asian Canadians? When Chinese military personnel are allowed to enter the biological research labs that Canadians have to triple-check and quadruple-check, they are supposed to be safer than Canadians and less likely to endanger Canada’s national security?

So be it. How is it that Communist soldiers are now representing Asians in Canada and asking what’s going on is now racist against Asians? I am Asian, I never wanted any CCP military to represent me, I don’t think investigating this would make me discriminated against, and I don’t think CCP military has the right to be in a classified research lab in Canada. Don’t forget that the purpose of the Chinese Communist military is to destroy the West, including Canada’s democratic and free system, and to plant the red flag of proletarian revolution all over the world and impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The Trudeau government’s epidemic prevention and economy are in shambles, while many states in the South have been unsealed, the economy is starting to recover, and the epidemic has slowed down dramatically, while we are still in lockdown everywhere, and the mutant virus is still going around. Wouldn’t Trudeau like to learn from the US? Of course he wants to learn, and he wants to be “better than blue”, but this duck head is not that girl, what he wants to learn is the extreme left’s hatchet job and nonsense, connecting two unrelated things to deal with political enemies, not how to open up the economy while controlling the epidemic. Don’t you dare question the Chinese Communist military into a classified biological research lab? Then I’ll say you discriminate against Asians.

This tactic of labeling may be new to Westerners, but to my generation, who grew up under the Red Flag, it is really an old tune. For example, “capitalist”, “counter-revolutionary”, such as Lin Biao and 2000 years ago, “Kung Lao Er” how to collude against the great leader, pull the flag to do tiger skin, etc., there are more tricks. Trudeau learned from the U.S. far-left this hatchet job, compared with the Chinese Communist Party has a hat factory, only learned a little skin.