Anhui Anqing burst random murder case has been 5 dead and 15 injured

Mainland China again occurred in the street random beheading incident. A maniac in Anqing City, Anhui Province, armed with a knife on Saturday (5) afternoon in the downtown area will be chopped, resulting in five deaths and 15 injuries. Some people suspect that the motive of the murderer is “revenge society”.

The murder took place on Renmin Road Pedestrian Street in Anqing City, the most prosperous neighborhood in the area. The video circulated online shows a number of injured people lying on the ground, stained with blood and waiting for help. A man wearing a white cloth on his head was pinned to the ground by a number of police officers and then escorted to a police car. The street was piled with onlookers.

A witness said on Weibo that the murderer had no specific target and “stabbed people on sight”. Among the dead and injured were sanitation workers, and delivery workers. A number of netizens claimed that it was a “gang crime”, and that two of them fled in different directions, and only one was arrested. However, there is no official confirmation. Some netizens also called for “disbelief, do not spread rumors, waiting for the official notification.

The men involved have been arrested by the police, and a number of injured people have also been sent to hospital for rescue, the case is under further investigation

The Anqing Red Cross Blood Center released a news release saying that due to the tight blood stock, it is now urgently recruiting people of the right age to participate in blood donation. Thousands of people are reported to have flocked to the blood pumping stations to donate blood.

The mainland media reported that the case occurred at about 4 p.m., when many people were shopping, a man suddenly ran in the street while holding a sharp knife about 30 cm long stabbing; witnesses described that there were no police officers on the street, the man also no specific target, running hundreds of meters still no one stopped, and “laughing while cutting”, “stabbing”. “The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Another netizen blamed the murderous man “cold-blooded and cruel”, estimated that the incident is “revenge society”, and questioned the police handling, that the police should be killed on the spot, and criticized the slow response of the police, denounced “downtown even no Police”.