There are always some things that remain the same


There are many things in this world that we can’t do anything about.

For example, old age, sickness and death and always wilting flowers, such as wearing a jade pendant for several years suddenly disappeared, such as the little prince can not be with the fox. For example, once thought to be able to last forever someone one day left you and left you, for example, he does not love you.

But there are many things that do not need a reason.

For example, the blue of the sea and the serenity of the sky, such as suddenly into the mind want to stay away from the idea, such as in the crowd to meet a confidant, such as always reluctant to open up your heart but you are willing to someone without reservation, for example, you still love him.


There are many things in this world that can change.

For example, the potted plant placed in the window is watered every day for two weeks and then no longer blooms, such as the once close friends eventually become strangers, such as the alley is gone, can no longer be found, such as the quarrel after the kind of feeling for him gradually disappeared.

But there are always some things that remain the same.

For example, the sky above your head has always been with you, such as sad when you can call the person who wants to talk, such as the dark night will eventually dawn, such as watching the dunking master digital baby when the surge of memories, such as you never put him down.


The people who have nothing to do with you, just nothing. From the first day, you actually know. Even if you smile sweetly, even if you try to manage the relationship. And those who are related to you, is related to you, can not escape, even if you have only met three times, three years to take care of once, even if you are separated by a hundred thousand miles. Some people are destined to be a cancer in your life, while others are just a sneeze.

In fact, you knew it from the beginning.

You know that feelings are never you are good to him he will be good to you, you know that now love who are not good men and women, who have more or less suffered a mountain to see so many betrayal, who will not just fall in love a week without fear of emptying his heart.

In fact, from the beginning you know.

You know that the person may not like you so much, you know that sometimes friends will talk badly about you behind your back stab you, you know that sometimes even if you try harder you can’t please everyone, can’t return the feelings of rejection no matter how good it sounds, it will be a hurt.

In fact, from the beginning you know.

You know that some words are just excuses, you know that maybe your romance is just an impulse to last but a summer afternoon, you know that your feelings may not have so a good result, you know that in fact, your friends around you do not have many people to look at you.

In fact, you knew from the beginning.

You know that not all dreams can be realized one by one, you know that some people are good to you today to comfort you tomorrow may run to others to say just because maybe you, you know that one day we will all slowly become immobile adults.


Yes, many times in the face of a friend’s questioning, you can not say which point in the end like him. Maybe you don’t believe in longevity, but you want to hear it from that person’s mouth.

If we had been told the ending from the beginning of the theater, you would have torn the ticket and turned away, or would you have looked me in the eye and said, “It’s okay, I’ll still choose to be with you.

I knew from the beginning, I knew that one day I would forget you and you would remember me and go on to love someone else. I just knew it.

Just because some people are worth the gamble, just because you don’t want to let go and let him go, yes, friends say you’re pretentious and say you’re childish, but so what.

What you want is now, want to go to him to see him while the world is still not very crowded. The world is such a person, he suddenly appeared in your life, so you instantly identified him, so you feel that all your previous waiting is worth it, so you will want to be together even if the future separation. Because this is your life, the only chance to hold the hand of the person next to you.

It’s just that our encounters are not meant to be missed.

In life we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love.

In life we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love.