Persevering Hong Kong people! Wise Hong Kong people! Great Hong Kong people!

All day long, the Hong Kong police were on the brink of an enemy, and they were on guard everywhere. But the people of Hong Kong were so resilient and wise, and they commemorated this day in a variety of ways that were not allowed to be commemorated.

In contrast to the Hong Kong people, the clumsiness and brutality of the Hong Kong police are even more obvious, revealing how ugly their soulless faces are, driven by the authoritarian regime.

I don’t need to repeat how Hong Kong people of different ages and genders commemorate June 4, we all have eyes to see. It is just that there is a video on the Internet that captures a couple, Li Sheng and Mrs. Li, who were actually interfered by the police while they were waiting outside the church.

I don’t know what kind of profession Li Sheng and Mrs. Li are in, but these two are a very typical Hong Kong couple, they are very courageous, very strategic, very brave and very persistent. When the police came to interfere, Mrs. Lee argued strongly, and at one point four or five police officers surrounded them. One policeman was not enough, but four or five came, thinking she would be afraid, but she was fearless, one against five. Her reasoning was both adequate and clear, and in response to the police’s unreasonable interference, Mrs. Li had an offense and a defense, so that the self-righteous police were unable to take her.

During this time, Li Sheng as a man, but did not speak out. Why? Because men are not easy to control emotions, man to man, may cause violent conflict, once the scene is out of control, always the victims are themselves. So Li Sheng is very restrained to stand aside, the grain of sound not out, the scene therefore became a little “fun”, is a small woman alone tongue fight group of police, the police, a lady, and dare not too rough, reasoning and not make sense, so instead of being at the disadvantage.

Li Taiyi volume and high, and speak clearly and irrefutable, a time it seems that those police officers are justified, ashamed, no face to stay, one by one, and slink away.

Imagine if Li Sheng was eager to protect his wife, and the police to argue, the scene may get out of hand, then not only Li Sheng to eat the immediate loss, Mrs. Li will also be implicated, two people may be detained for trumped up charges.

I do not know whether this is Li Sheng Li agreed in advance of the strategy, or the tacit understanding between husband and wife that naturally manifested itself at a time of urgency, in short, this time and the black police encounter, very wise and strategic, in and out.

This is a very ordinary couple in Hong Kong, probably in their 30s and 40s, but when they present their arguments, they have such a calm attitude, have a strict logic, the tone of voice is not warm, attitude is not condescending, really in my mind the most ideal, the most intelligent, the most resolute spirit of a couple in Hong Kong.

I believe that couples like this are by no means a minority in Hong Kong. We meet many strange Hong Kong people on the street on a regular basis, and they all have such qualities and cultivation as Mrs. Lee. This makes me more convinced that Hong Kong people are really one of the most special groups among Chinese people. Hong Kong people have a fine cultural tradition, the concept of universal values has taken root inside us, and Hong Kong people are well educated and maintain the habit of independent thinking. We are extremely broad-minded, taking the world as our responsibility and the world as our stage. We are able to take care of ourselves, but we also care about Hong Kong, Taiwan and the whole China. There are some cultural qualities in Hong Kong people that not only many mainlanders do not have, but even some Taiwanese and overseas Chinese do not have.

I don’t know this couple named Lee, but I really admire them, I applaud them, I see in them the elegance of Hong Kong people, I see what makes Hong Kong Hong Kong what it is.

The Chinese Communist Party seems to be very powerful, the Hong Kong Communist Party seems to be very resourceful, but the only thing they have more than us is just power. Look at the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party today, all the senior officials actually have to ask a silkworm master Zhang Weiwei for advice on foreign propaganda, the Politburo members are even engaged in the foreign propaganda of the big “sounding miles and chattering”, abandoning their armor, a half-assed scholar to teach the way, what good tricks can be taught? And look at this class of mediocre officials in Hong Kong, talking and acting foolishly and incompetently, in addition to playing power, nothing to do a decent job, not to mention those who only have a brute force in the empty belly of the police.

Just look at the kind of people in the two camps, we should have full confidence in the future. We do not need to give up on ourselves, pessimistic and disillusioned, Hong Kong is full of such brilliant people, tomorrow must belong to us. The current predicament is only a great task that will come to us from heaven, only we must go through the trials and tribulations. As an ordinary Hong Kong citizen, I am very proud to have the opportunity to be born in such a troubled world and to experience such a life with Mrs. Lee.

I hope we can all be like Mrs. Lee, not only daring to struggle, but also good at struggling, not only to fight on a large scale, but also to see the opportunity to act, not only for a moment of righteous indignation, but also for a long time. There are millions of Li Sheng and Li Tai in Hong Kong, let’s see how much the Chinese Communist Party can do to suppress us.

With this short article, I would like to pay my highest tribute to Li Sheng and Li Tai, if we persist like this every day, we will definitely have tomorrow.