Harbin nurse’s revelation reaffirms Chinese Communist Party’s concealment of epidemic deaths

Recently, more than 800 emails from Fauci, the director and chief epidemiologist of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which were made public, have become the focus of public attention. Outsiders have noted that these emails reveal quite a bit of information, including.

One, Fauci and colleagues noted a claim in the early months of 2020 that the CCP virus (also known as New Coronavirus, Wuhan pneumonia) may have leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, although Fauci has always denied this claim and was only forced to equivocate at a recent U.S. Senate hearing, saying he “did not believe ” that the virus was naturally occurring, and said he supported an investigation.

The question that arises is: Why did Fauci outright deny that the virus was leaked from a laboratory without an investigation in the first place? Why did he change his story at the hearing? What was behind the change?

Second, Fauci had an email correspondence with Gao Fu, director of the CDC, who was interviewed by the journal Science in the spring of 2020 when the epidemic hit the world, and later reported that Gao Fu was “making a big mistake” by accusing the United States and other Western countries of telling people not to wear masks. Galford then wrote an email to Fauci on March 2 explaining that it was an exaggeration by the journalist and that he had not made the accusation, and Fauci replied, “I understand exactly what you mean. No problem”.

When Fauci was subsequently criticized by U.S. conservatives, Gauffo reassured him in an April 8 e-mail: “I saw some news (but hopefully false)” and “(you) are being attacked by some people. I hope all is well with you in this irrational situation.” Three days later Fauci wrote back to express his gratitude, saying, “Thank you for the kind words. Despite some lunacy, everything is still manageable.”

From the interaction between the two, they should have a good relationship, and Gough’s care and concern for Fauci also has a special meaning.

Third, Fauci answered questions from all sides, including Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

This article focuses on an email sent by a Jodie Dillman to Fauci on Feb. 17 last year. The email mentions a nurse in Harbin. According to the email, the number of deaths in Harbin was much higher than publicly reported, patients and health care workers who died in the hospital lobby were not counted in the death toll, health care workers had no protective equipment, and any patients who were not diagnosed before they died were not counted in the virus death toll.

This inside information from last February is undoubtedly significant at a time when the West is not yet widely aware of the danger of the CCP virus and when the CCP is deliberately concealing the outbreak. However, after receiving the email, Fauci ignored it and not only failed to forward it to others, but also failed to report it to the White House and others. And by this time, he had already been informed of the claim that the virus came from the Wuhan lab. Ignoring such important information and denying that the virus came from Wuhan, is there a connection between the two? What’s behind it?

According to the latest official figures from the Chinese Communist Party, the number of infected people in China so far is 91,194 and the number of deaths is 4,636, including 1,612 infected people and 13 deaths in Heilongjiang province. Not only do I want to ask Yuanfang: Do you believe the official figures of the Chinese Communist Party? Anyway, I don’t believe it. At least from the information revealed by this unknown nurse in Harbin, it is known that there are three categories of people who are not counted in the death toll: first, patients who died in the hospital hall, second, medical staff who died, and third, patients who were not diagnosed before they died. If the three categories were counted, the number of infections and deaths would surely climb to new highs.

With one Harbin so concealed, are there exceptions in hundreds of cities across the country? Guo Wengui, a wealthy Chinese businessman who lives in the United States, broke the news on this year’s Qingming Festival that 360,000 people visited graves in Wuhan in one day. A family member who runs an urn business in Enshi revealed that from January to August 2020, they sold 1.68 million urns in Hubei province alone, compared to about 20,000 in the same period in the past, how many of these people died from the CCP virus?

In addition, in January this year, Chinese Liu Jiaxin said in an interview with the Epoch Times that his friend who works at the local crematorium in Wuhan revealed that at the peak of the epidemic, at least 5,000 people died in Wuhan every day. He said, “Don’t believe the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda against the epidemic.” “The CCP touts at every turn that it has ‘saved’ many lives in order to trumpet the ‘advantages’ of its system and appease the people, but how come they don’t see how many people have died in vain as a result of the blockade. The good and the bad (some healthy and infected) all died.”

So many people died in one Hubei, what about the whole country?

Again, evidence to support the CCP’s concealment of the epidemic, the number of infected and dead can be found in the following.

One, in March 2020, there were pictures online showing thousands of people lining up in front of major funeral homes in Wuhan to receive urns. The sources stated that from March 23 to April 5, seven funeral parlors in Wuhan, each distributing 500 urns per day, for 12 days, totaled 42,000. Another Wuhan resident said he was notified to collect the urns after six months. How many of these died from the Chinese Communist virus? If this is true for one Wuhan, what about other cities in Hubei? What about other provinces in China?

Second, on March 19, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Communist Party of China announced the “Economic Operation of the Communications Industry in January-February 2020”, which showed that the number of cell phone users of the three major operators (China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom) decreased by more than 20 million in the first two months of 2020. Under what circumstances would cell phone users plummet?

A diary of Wuhan female writer Fang Fang may reveal the end: “What breaks my heart even more is that my doctor friend passed on a picture”, “On the picture, it is a funeral parlor throwing unowned cell phones all over the ground, and their owners have all been turned into ashes.”

Third, in March 2020, Zhu Crowen, the leader of the medical team of Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital to aid E, and vice president of Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University, couldn’t help but lose his voice and cry during an interview, saying, “There has never been a big city like this, no sound, no light, it’s a picture that only exists in fantasy movies.” How many people have died in a city that is still said to have 9 million people to be so quiet? To be sparsely lit at night? If only a few thousand people passed away, tens of thousands, is it necessary?

Fourth, on April 4, 2020, the day of Qingming Festival, the Chinese Communist Party held a national mourning event to mourn those who passed away due to the Chinese Communist virus. On that day, in addition to the national and foreign embassies and consulates lowering their flags to half mast, stopping public entertainment activities, and the public observing a three-minute silence at 10:00, the official media of the CCP and the homepage of major portals also changed to black and white tones, etc., Xi Jinping and other top Communist Party officials, also made a full appearance and observed a moment of silence in front of Huairen Hall in Zhongnanhai.

Such a scale of mourning is rare since the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, which undoubtedly indicates that the CCP authorities have acquiesced to the severe damage caused by the epidemic in China, especially the huge number of deaths. According to official figures, the number of people killed and missing in the Wenchuan earthquake was close to 100,000, while the official figure for the number of national deaths caused by the CCP virus was announced to be over 3,000. The same scale of mourning for the deceased with a huge difference can only send a strong signal to the outside world again that the number of people who died from the CCP virus was much more than 3,000, but tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands.

Fifth, according to an investigation report jointly published around June 2020 by scholars from the University of Washington School of Medicine and Ohio State University, the number of deaths in Wuhan was projected to be more than 10 times the number previously announced by the government, based on the operation of the Wuhan crematorium during the epidemic and the number of urns issued. The survey report conservatively estimated that by February 7, 2020, the death toll in Wuhan had reached 7,000.

Sixth, in late December 2020, a study by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that nearly 5% of the population in Wuhan may have been infected with the new coronavirus at one time or another. Based on the 9 million or so people who remained in Wuhan, nearly 500,000 people may have been infected with the virus that year. If true, this is nearly 10 times higher than the 50,354 confirmed cases officially recorded in Wuhan. Moreover, asymptomatic infection cases are not counted in China’s official case statistics.

  1. On the Qingming Festival in April, the Xiaoxiang Morning Post reported that 320,000 people visited Wuhan mausoleums, and that the chrysanthemums used for the festival were sold out at the Wuhan flower market. According to Radio Free Asia, information from the CCP’s civil affairs department shows that in the first quarter of last year, more than 150,000 people over the age of 80 (75 in the Shennongjia Mountains) in Hubei province disappeared from the rolls of those receiving benefits. What did they die of?

VIII. The data of the seventh census of 2020 was released in mid-May this year, and the self-contradiction of the data caused by its falsification has been revealed in many articles. One bizarre thing that many people found is that according to the official data on net population growth, the number of deaths in 2020 is 14.61 million, up from 9.45 million in 2019, a full increase of nearly 5 million people, also a record since the reform and opening up. How many of these 5 million people died from the CCP virus?

Obviously, the Chinese Communist Party’s falsification can fool for a while, but not for a lifetime. As more and more evidence comes to light, and as more and more people who know the inside story break the news, not only will the CCP’s falsifications on the epidemic issue be exposed one by one, but its lies from the day it was founded will also be restored. How can the Chinese Communist Party not be reviled by the Chinese people and the world if it is stripped bare?