Lying flat and forcing me to have a baby?

The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee announced that China will implement the policy that a couple can have three children. This is a clear abandonment of the decades-old family planning policy. Some time ago when China’s census statistics were released late, didn’t the CCP swear that there was no problem with its own statistics and that China’s total population was rising? Immediately, it was smacked in the face by this three-child policy. Anyone who has lived in mainland China for a few years knows that the CCP’s statistics are all in the service of politics and can be falsified at will. Sadly, the Western media and political circles still take the CCP statistics seriously and quote them at every turn until today. With such stupidity, it is no wonder that they are being played by the CCP.

The three-child policy released now is also very CCP – the leaders patted the head, the whole country swarmed, and did it quickly. It’s just that having children is not like “learning from Dazhai in agriculture and Daqing in industry”, where you can make screws by turning on the machines. The problem is that the young people of the e generation are not the foolish people of the past who would respond to the policies of the Chinese Communist Party. On the contrary, young people now have the ability to think independently. They will not openly rebel when their own interests are not involved, but they will never stick to traditional thinking either. The ideological basis for allowing young Chinese to have three children has long since disappeared. Who believes in the idea that there are three unfilial children, and that raising children is a way to prevent old age? The declining fertility rate is a characteristic of modern society, and the more economically developed the region, the lower the fertility rate. This is the law of the world. And China’s decades of family planning policy has fundamentally changed the concept of fertility in China. So while China today is not quite a developed country, its fertility rate is already lower than some developed countries. China’s shrinking and aging population is a fact that even the Communist Party’s National Bureau of Statistics cannot hide.

Just recently, young people in China have begun to adopt the “lie-flat doctrine”: spending the minimum amount of labor to maintain their current standard of living, downgrading consumption, and zero social interaction. The Communist Party of China (CPC) is facing this as if it were an enemy, and the official media is criticizing it with full force, while the Internet is doing its best to delete posts. This is very ironic.

You know that the CCP is a party that encourages frugality. At least 1/4 of its revolutionary stories are devoted to praising the frugality of its leaders and great people. So why is it that lay flatism, which also encourages young people to be frugal, even for sex, has become a thorn in the side of the CCP? None other than to endanger the CCP’s economic base. On the one hand, the new crown virus scourge the world, the Western world’s consumption power greatly reduced, the Chinese Communist Party’s export market becomes smaller. On the other hand, it’s graduation season again. 9 million college graduates will enter the job market this year, and the employment pressure is huge. The lay flatism of young people will add to the already low domestic consumption in China. This is of course a great challenge for the ruling Chinese Communist Party. Some people say that lie-flatism is the cynicism of China’s e generation. But we don’t see any of these young people daring to rant against Alexander the Great like Diogenes, the originator of cynicism: Please don’t block my sunlight. The cowardice of the Chinese people has left the Chinese style of cynicism without a backbone. But in any case, this lying flatism is a way for young Chinese to express their dissatisfaction with the status quo.

After forty years of reform and opening up, the Chinese Communist Party has simply built China into a sweatshop. To put it politely, the whole of China is a labor camp. If you can’t get into management, you are a slave: no human rights, only pay; get the lowest hourly wage, buy the most expensive housing; eat toxic food and be brainwashed by stupid people. In this environment, people with a little bit of thinking power will understand that how they toss and turn is futile. Since they have no guts to resist, they might as well lie flat.

The Chinese Communist Party is stuck in a revolutionary movement approach to governance

In fact, lie flatism has long been a way of life for some people at the bottom of American society, but American society has never taken this seriously. Because these lay flat people have free government food stamps, free health insurance, and even free housing. One could say that these people have achieved communism ahead of time: just reach out, don’t work. China’s lie-flats still have to fend for themselves, either by nibbling on their old age. Under such circumstances, expecting young people to have three children? This way of thinking of Xi Jinping is really nurtured by Liangjiahe University.

The Chinese Communist Party has been reforming and opening up for forty years, but it is still stuck in the Leninist Communist era on how to govern: the way of a revolutionary movement. Instead of prescribing the right remedy for the problem, they shoot their heads, issue documents and run campaigns. According to this way, the three-child policy will surely end up like the two-child policy. In the end, the Chinese Communist Party can only lock the people in concentration camps to make children. This is what the CCP is best at and most efficient at.