A good policy to make a poem

Poetry and words, tears of joy, is the expression of human emotions. Once the good policy, the masses will be joyful, joy must make poetry, I saw a lot of masses, made a lot of good poetry. And all of them are good poems in the Red House format. The only good poetry in my life, I pick a few to comfort you.

Boundless Peachitis opened with a long poem.

The humble room is empty, when the nursery; decaying grass and withered poplar, once for the school district house.

A body three high tumor heart disease, lumbar spine early can not support the spine.

The second child is good, three children fragrant, do not see my head light, temples into frost?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

996, the cooling off period, dead and alive corpse cold.

I am sighing that his life is not long, but I do not know that I do not have two.

I can’t afford to marry my son because I need a house and a car; I can’t afford to choose a good son-in-law because I can’t afford to meet a wolf!

It’s funny that yesterday I thought there were too many people, but now I hope leeks will grow.

But the leek juice has been exhausted, no money and no housing.

It’s a mess, you’re singing and I’m on stage, why don’t you all come and lie on the ground?

It’s ridiculous, in the end it’s all for others to do!

I would rather say, do not marry, do not marry, the age of beauty will continue forever; Mo birth Mo raise, immortal life everlasting!


Married wife, the family business withered. The chicken child, the gold and silver scattered.

Lie flat, back from the dead. Unbelieving, clear retribution.

The roll of people, eventually be rolled. The hard work, can not be cut.

The injustice is not light, the separation and reunion are all predetermined.

If you want to know that your life is short, it is a fluke that you will be rich in your old age.

Those who see through it, lie flat immediately. Those who are obsessed with it will lose their lives in vain.

It is as if the birds have eaten all the food and thrown themselves into the forest, and the land has fallen white and clean!

He Lan Doves.

Everyone in the world knows that lying flat is good, but only the birth of a child can not forget.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

The masses live in the 90’s nk Throwback.

The house, car, marriage and childbirth are all learned, the inner volume lying flat that article. The first thing you need to do is to get rich. Cloud Ding may not be Ding.

Poor leek quality, finally trapped in the sickle. The machine is too smart, but let the old Hu reputation.

The editor-in-chief’s heart is broken, the reporter has left the capital. Suddenly see the new party Jin, faint and miserable into the public knowledge of the essence.

Oh! A happy and suddenly sad. Sigh Frisbee, it is difficult to determine!

Gishang Kado Amazing.

The life of a child is too clever, but the life of a child.

Before the birth of a male baby, after the birth of unfair, long term eventually there is no daughter-in-law blind fuss.

I see you are too happy to rush, ask you can cut off the daydream?

Suddenly like a bubble net, faint and miserable to hear the chicken again, ah! I don’t want to get married or have children, but I’m sorry that it’s so difficult to decide on a decree.

When the camellia is over.

The situation is good, it is good to have children, but in fact, the carriage house marriage, as dangerous as the eggs, pile pressure on the backbone.

The master’s feet are high up, but blame the people’s short-sightedness, a little responsibility is not said.

The cocoon of Icarus.

The 360 days of the year, the rush to marriage and birth of strict forced.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

Love is easy to see the marriage is difficult to find, before the steps of the worry to kill the social animal people.

I leaned alone at the workplace tears spilled, in the 96 to see blood marks.

Princess potatoes.

One end is four parents, one end is three small children.

If I say I have no money, I have a lot of loans, if I say I have money, how the salary is not enough to spend.

Thinking about it is in vain contempt, lumbar vertebrae have been empty labor tied.

The struggle is the moon in the water, the middle class is the flower in the mirror.

I think how many leek seedlings there will be in the future, how can we not be cut from autumn to winter, spring to summer.

The point of water gathering stream.

The people in front of the production and education hall are dancing happily, forgetting for a while that the road ahead is difficult to find.

Mother and father are always looking forward to it. What is the fate of your son?

I have not yet changed my ambition from my childhood, and I have been able to survive in public.

I will proclaim my will in my mouth and be laughed at, but a mustard seed in the ocean is not a human being.

Red Feathered God Crow.

All adults say it is good to have children, but only business can’t be forgotten.

In the past, only one child was still too many, but now the baby is being urged to run away.

Adults say that it is good to have children, not grounded people drifted; twelve homework all need to test, the wage is not enough.

All twelve subjects need to be tested, the salary is ashamed to see the price of goods.

Adults say that it is good to have children, when you are old, your children will be old.

The 996 blessings are still at that time, who brought the baby in infancy.

Mountain ghosts and lanterns.

I only think about the holidays and double breaks.

I’m just thinking about the holidays.

I have never forgotten that the freedom of the land is good.

Sigh, the world, every cent is taken now believe.

Even though it is abstinence lying flat, in the end, it is difficult to peace.

In the Royal Yui.

I have seen, jinling jade hall baby cry dawn, unemployment early education hair white early

Who knows that the policy ice, see him spell male baby, see him give birth to three children, see him live less

That elementary school kindergarten, I had paid the tuition


When will we stop having children? Early to rise and late to sleep is not free!

When I was pregnant with my oldest child, I thought about my second child, and then I had my third child.

I’m only worried about food and clothing, why should I be afraid that the king of hell will take the hook?

The second child has three children, but no one is willing to turn back!

Mr. Yunkong.

Today, the poetry club of leeks has a strong voice.

But look at the new political chaotic language, education is not distinguished from illiteracy.

A man like a flower.

Do not dare to give birth, do not dare to raise, raise the job can not keep, do not work as a housewife.

The woman who is a housewife is in a miserable mood, and the man who turns around dislikes her.

He spent the day I dare not say, no one to rely on and no money.

I am out of touch with society, the fertility machine is finally a condolence.

Super Sugar Ball.

The leek also knows the sorrow, Shaohua even white head.

The road ahead, hard to give up, hard to collect.

I’m going to go with the flow and eventually collapse.

Yan Zhitui does not move.

The three children’s benefits are boasted by the crocodile tears.

The leeks are in full bloom under the sickle, but I didn’t expect to see them all down in the blink of an eye, naked and unattached.

If we are accused of lying flat and lazy and not enterprising, I do not blame you for jumping up tomorrow to hang you on the street lamp ….

Linley ML.

Want to lie flat on the good, hate three children again to.

Eyes open, the money all thrown. Swinging around, leek soul roll depletion.

Look for the garage, the road is far away from the mountains. Therefore, I would like to tell you that I am looking for you in your dreams.

My life has been into the yellow spring, marriage and childbirth, ah, must step back to withdraw early!

Qin Tang szd.

The morning dressing, silver and add a few lines

Half a lifetime of poverty, sickness and work for who is busy

The building is stacked up, but none of them are leek houses

And look at the “bricklayer” in the hall, shouting: young people are short of ambition

The eyes do not look at the current situation of the people’s livelihood, the heart has no family plans long

Three butterflies.

The three children are released in 1996, and the inner volume is rolled evenly.

The two children and three children are in chaos. How many have lived for themselves?

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good reputation. The most important thing is that you can’t change the policy. The company’s business is not a business.

No child is light, send me to the clouds.


The end of the day, where can I put leeks? I would like to lie down and raise my bones, and I will be more graceful in this life.

One is born and one goes, better than being caught in the mouth of a sickle.

Grey bird hair.

The three children are recruiting people to raise, in the hope that there is a large factory. The savings is like shallow water, the road ahead is also sorghum.

A field of spring leek green, ten capital fragrance. The company’s business is a good one.


Lying flat lattice mound, leek residual sickle mouth. A lock is cut away.

Lying flat is also helpless, do not marry and breed, life preservation.

The chickens also know the sorrow, the tiger mother even white head. Sigh old age, hope leek friend.

Unfortunately, the old age baby does not care, according to your birth, 996 ~

I hope that the entertainment industry is no longer a big melon ball everyone.

Yesterday the cliff pushed his wife into the valley, this evening in the septic tank lying bride.

I am sighing that her life is not long, but I did not know that I was in the refrigerator.

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you are doing.

The other side is career planning, the other side is parents rush children.

If you are not going to work, why did you have to be a student back then?

If you want to go to work, how to plan to have three children?

Adeline Baichuan.

When I was a child, I heard that it is good to be an only child and that having fewer children is a treasure.

The family has no siblings, the neighborhood is also quite good.

I’ve been studying hard for twenty years, and I’ve reached middle age in the blink of an eye.

The dream has changed, but the second and third child is good

I have worked hard all my life, for the sake of my family and my treasure

Why don’t you give up your earthly worries and see how beautiful the mountains and rivers are?