The plot of pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger is the most attractive

Fishing video, the fire may not be fishing, the essence of the fire is the drama of pretending to eat a tiger.

You may remember that a few days ago I posted a fishing video.
Simply put, these days, fishing videos frequently appear on everyone’s home page, Deng Gang, Zeng Daben and other professional fishing players easily catch a hundred pounds of fish video to dazzle everyone.

At first, I think these fishing videos burst fire, may be with everyone Buddha lie flat, fishing such a casual some of the middle-aged and elderly sports began to enter everyone’s view.
However, two days ago and flash and other partners live with the discussion, I have a new view.

Because we suddenly found that before the fishing video, in fact, there are several explosive video has a similar logic.
At first, it should be last year, a chess blogger called Wang Tiehammer, her video content is around to challenge the roadside chess playing grandpa.
Because many chess playing masters often feel that young girls do not know chess, said little girl I let you.
But a bunch of big words, Wang Iron Hammer came up quickly all the way to the grandparents will be whacked, sometimes the grandparents are not convinced, will be even hammered three ~
This video soon exploded, when everyone flirted, the video is very interesting, that is, shoot up special “Fei moncler”

And after Wang Tie hammer, is the national team of table tennis players to play ping pong series in Chaoyang Park.
At first it was the lesser-known national team players, disguised as passersby on the field, and then the ping pong grandparents beat the people.
After the fire, well-known world champion players like Zhang Jike went to the park to play with the grandparents, and the program was full of effects~.

In fact, the level of the Chaoyang Park grandparents is very high, such as in the first video, someone immediately recognized
“This level, the absolute national team, the provincial team players are not possible to cut my bald head”
However, in front of Zhang Jike and the national team players ~ moncler outlet online basically no chance of winning.
After Zhang Jike, Lin Dan also joined this “Fei moncler” series ~

And now the fishing video, our understanding is
The essence of this is actually a disguised “world champion disguised as a passerby, pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, hiding his work and name” plot ~
Only the protagonist from professional chess players, the world champions, replaced by a fishing master.

Deng Gang’s video, the plot is basically
Heard a fee is quite expensive “black pit” fish pond, that today take everyone to see.
At the beginning, put on the mask to pay the entrance fee to start fishing, the boss did not feel anything, and even feel that another to play.
As a result, with one fish after another on the hook, the boss’s expression, from relaxed, to serious, and then surprised ~ only less than an hour. Finally tend to stand with a dumbfounded face beside Deng Gang to observe how many fish he had caught.
“There is such an expert in the world.”
“This son fishing skills, if you look at China, that is also a phoenix-like existence, horrible as this!”

Finally, there are eyes that do not know Taishan boss may finally recognize that
“Ah, so, he is ~ 800,000 air force chief instructor, Deng Gang [is not simple] ~”

A short video, within half an hour, showing both the fabulous threshold fishing techniques, which is not enough.
He also stuffed in such a short video pretending to eat a tiger, there are eyes do not know Taishan, and “the world who does not know the gentleman” and other classic cool text routine, the cool point is extremely intensive ~, this content is not fire simply no reason.

I later thought, this is not the Kangxi private visits ~
You can see that this TV series can shoot so many seasons is really justified ah.

So, instead of fishing video fire, it is better to say that these professional anglers who have mastered the rhythm of the new generation of short video narrative fire.

PS: One supporting evidence is that I went through the pure fishing science video of the small broken station, the data did not have any big growth ~ ~ ~ ~.
It can be seen that not fishing this track fire, but these creators found a way to do their own cold industry fire.

There is also a very interesting point is that I remember a few years ago, foreign, Owen dressed as the old man to go to the field abuse video, is also a fire.
Perhaps, regardless of Chinese and foreign, the audience love to see, each other bullying your teenager poor, not expecting the teenager is the king of the dragon, easy to write a meal abuse, the matter exclaimed that it was him ~ ~ the story [sad] [sad]

You may also want to think about your industry, want to shoot the classic cool drama, how to arrange the story, maybe you found their own wealth code.