The kid who didn’t get a seat

As a child in kindergarten, often play a game, children in a circle, the teacher selected six people to stand in the middle, only five seats. Everyone clapped and sang, the middle child ran around the seat, the music suddenly stopped, the six children have to grab the seat, there is often an extra person will come out, at a loss to stand.

When I grew up, I played “plastering” in gym class, and there were people who were embarrassed to be out. As a sensitive teenager, I would just watch these group games with a cool eye and do my best to find reasons to excuse myself. I didn’t like the cruel rules of the game, because one of them was destined to be extra, and even if I tried harder, I would be a loser.

“I give priority to my work at all times.” In order to get a job position, the college students sitting across from me passionately but childishly boasted their promises. Two days ago, I was the interviewer for the consulate’s recruitment of new recruits to our department, and hundreds of people applied, but only two were recruited. It suddenly occurred to me that no matter what we do and how big we grow, we can’t escape the game of “grabbing seats”.

I’ve always been curious, when the crowd focused on the laughter of the winners of the seats, those extra losers, where have they gone?

In the second year of junior high school, the teacher asked, “Raise your hand if you want to go to the senior high school!” The teacher on the podium nodded in satisfaction and said, “Those who rank in the top 100 in the grade have the hope to go, so let’s do our best.” I coldly thought, more than three hundred people, everyone wants to go, even if they try their best, there will be two hundred people left, where are they going to go?

When I couldn’t stand the pressure, and I was rebellious enough to think that I couldn’t stay in school, I escaped from school at noon to go to a hospital and said sadly to the doctor, “Uncle, what should I do? Things are hard, I can’t go to a major high school, I can’t get into a university, I’m a loser.” The middle-aged man patiently received me as a young girl with problems and said gently, “People around me, who are not all from key schools, are also working as doctors and living a good life!” He called my father to come and pick me up.

When my father showed up, he was surprisingly not angry; he seemed helpless to my adolescent daughter who was so willfully stubborn and determined to find meaning. He didn’t take me home straight away, but simply said, “Come on, let’s take you to a nice meal.” As I chewed my meal, sitting across from him, he said, “Actually, you don’t need to be very good, it’s enough to do your best.”

Almost ten years later, my father, who was not an educator, never explained to me what “doing your best” meant, but as I grew up, I reflected on my journey and found the real meaning of why I had to study hard: not to get a seat, but to have more power and courage to choose the life I wanted.

When I spoke fluent English, it had nothing to do with exams or IELTS, but rather the ability to truly work together to solve problems when communicating with foreign colleagues. When I learn a profession well, it has nothing to do with a paper certificate, but to achieve the target, I can minimize the time and human resources spent. When I treat people generously, it has nothing to do with a competition award, but people around me like to get along with me, and I am happy with myself and others every day at work.

The college entrance exams are about to be released, and there is a limit to the number of good universities and majors, so not all people who work hard can get what they want. But it does not have to be a stumble, because it does not mean that you are not good enough, think about it, the seats in that classroom are already limited, certainly not all want to sit there.

Every flower will try to bloom, but often some bloom early, some bloom late, but in the end, they can not escape the fate of withering. The same is true for youth, we will all grow old one day and send our children to the battlefield of the college entrance exam. When we stand outside the examination room, in the hot sun looking forward to the time, will there be a moment to be awakened, in fact, after the flowers withered, the fruit is born is the essence of a plant? The flowering period is too short, and then the beautiful bloom will one day be thankful, while the fruit, but the need for fertilizer and sunlight nourishment, as well as a long period of careful care, the sweetest fruit may not have been the most violent bloom of the flower.

The child who did not grab a seat, your life, will be thicker and more exciting than imagined.