U.S. media: the Chinese military already had a virus attacking the U.S. and Taiwan map in 2016! Pointing to adenovirus research

President Joe Biden, for the first time since taking office, is facing up to the possibility that the Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) virus may have originated from a “laboratory leak”, bringing back to life what the Trump administration has constantly referred to as a “conspiracy theory”. Now it has been revealed that as early as 2016, Chinese military researchers mapped epidemiological models of virus transmission to the United States, Taiwan and other places, and the asymptomatic nature of the spread of martial lung is suspected to point to the PLA’s adenovirus research.

The U.S. conservative website Gateway Pundit reported on May 31, citing Lawrence Sellin, a state-U.S. biologist, that an outbreak of respiratory infections due to adenovirus type 7 in a unit of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 2016, in which adenovirus asymptomatic infection, drew the attention of Chinese authorities and opened a case for research , the findings of which were published in the PLA Journal of Preventive Medicine in March 2019.

Citing a paper exposed by a tweeter, Selin showed that the project was led by Wang Changjun, an officer in the PLA’s Nanjing War Zone, and others, and was funded by China’s National Infectious Disease Major Project, the Army Logistics Research Program Project and the Jiangsu Province Social Development Project, among other funds.

Wang Changjun mapped a model for spreading the virus to the United States, Taiwan, and other places back in 2016, and Wang Changjun’s research on asymptomatic transmission of adenovirus corresponds to the biological weapon properties of asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19, the report said. Wang also allegedly isolated the Zhoushan bat virus “ZC45” and “ZXC21” independently, giving the virus asymptomatic transmission, a key feature of a biological weapon. Dr. Yan Limeng, a whistleblower who successfully escaped from China, said that the Wulong virus was modified by the PLA based on these 2 harmful viruses.

Selin noted that COVID-19 has many biological weapon characteristics, particularly high infectivity, low lethality, and high asymptomatic transmission rate; another important feature is the ability to conceal the source of the virus, that is, to evade responsibility for a biological warfare attack by designing a virus that can be attributed to a natural outbreak.

In September 2020, Wang was awarded the “State Medal and Honor” by Xi Jinping for his role in COVID-19. “.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the U.S. intelligence community has revealed that three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research suffered from unspecified pneumonia before the city was sealed off in Wuhan, raising suspicions. U.S. President Joe Biden has ordered the intelligence community to issue a report within three months to investigate the source of COVID-19, including the possibility that the virus was leaked from a Chinese laboratory.