Indian variant of the virus is spreading rapidly in the U.S. The percentage of new cases rose by 6 percent in one month

The United States has recently reported the rapid spread of the Indian variant of Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) in the country, with a total of 7% of all new cases of Wuhan pneumonia in the United States caused by the Indian variant.

According to data released by, the first case of the Indian variant of the strain “B.1.617” was detected in the United States on March 16; this variant accounted for only 1% of new cases in the United States in early May, but rose sharply to 7% on May 26.

According to Reuters, the World Health Organization on May 10 listed the Indian variant of the strain “B.1.617” as a variant of concern worldwide, with experts speculating that the virus has a 60% higher transmission rate than the general virus and calling for increased tracking and analysis.

Maria van Kerkhove, a leading WHO epidemiologist, pointed out that the Indian variant “B.1.617” is the fourth variant of the virus to be classified as a global concern, and there is a lot of evidence to show that this strain is highly infectious.