JBS Foods, which is under import ban by China, suspends some operations due to cyber attack

JBS Foods, the world’s largest supplier of meat products, was forced to interrupt its operations in Australia and North America on Monday (May 31, 2021) after a cyber attack over the weekend. Authorities said they were dealing with the fallout from the disruption of operations.

After the cyber attack, the company took immediate action to disrupt the affected computer systems, notified the authorities and activated the expertise of the company’s information technology staff and other specialists around the world to deal with the problem, Reuters said, citing a statement provided by JBS Foods’ U.S. subsidiary.

The company’s statement said that some business with customers and suppliers may have been delayed, but there was no evidence that personal data of customers and suppliers and their staff had been stolen, nor that the company’s backup computer systems had been attacked in the “organized cyber attack.

Australian media reported that the cyber attack temporarily shut down Australia’s largest meat company, raising concerns about supplies for domestic and export markets.

JBS Foods, which operates 47 facilities in Australia and employs 11,000 people, is a major supplier to supermarkets across the country and exported $4 billion last year.

Previously, JBS Foods had to close some of its processing plants because of the New Crown outbreak and also fought a ban imposed by China on its exports. As part of trade sanctions imposed on Australia, China imposed an import ban on beef and lamb produced by the company.