Is lying flatism dangerous?

The centenary of the founding of the Party is approaching, and General Secretary Xi is preparing for his successor in the 20th Congress, and suddenly there is a “not three or four” “lying flatism”, lying flat, as the name implies, lying down with no desire, which is said to be in contrast to another word that was fashionable before The “in-roll” is said to be the opposite of the previous fashionable word. However, this “lying flatism” makes the authorities vaguely uneasy.

The manifesto is simple: it calls on young people to “not buy a house, not buy a car, not get married, not have a baby, not consume”, the six no’s, “maintain a minimum standard of living, refuse to become other people’s money-making machines and exploited slaves. The term “laying flat” was first used in the early days.

The word “lie flat” should first come from a post titled “lie flat is justice” that has been deleted from Baidu’s posting bar, which reads, “Since this land has never really existed to exalt human subjectivity, I can make my own to I can make my own to myself, lie flat is my wise man movement, only lie flat, talent is the measure of all things.” Douban later set up a lay flat group, but the lay flat group has now been deleted.

The lay flatist manifesto is more or less cynical, but it has attracted unimaginable resonance, and one explanation is that standing up is not possible, but not wanting to kneel, there is only lay flat. Stand up, because the cost of living is too high, the pressure is huge, high housing prices, high prices, hard to find a job, not to mention marriage and children. Can’t stand up, kneeling to survive, okay? No! Many young people are still unwilling to lose their personality and dignity. What is left is to lie flat and maintain a minimum state of survival. Lie flat is a kind of helplessness, lie flat is also a kind of unyielding.

After the word lie flat came out, there is lie flatism, lie flat philosophy, WeChat circle of friends also circulated the Chinese lie flat poetry genre exhibition, the beginning is: “Today, do you lie flat?” Called “I lie so I am”, “lie flat together, love together!” One of the first written: lie flat, is not to bend / lie flat, is not to kneel / lie flat, is the lateral stand / lie flat, is a straight spine. If it is like what is written in the poem, it is still quite a bit of pride!

There are various expressions about lie flat, there are also people who look at lie flatism from another angle, lie flat is not to lie in bed and do nothing, but to reduce the desire, no longer over pursuing, return to the most basic life.

Online debate, some people criticize that instead of lying flat decadence, why not stand up and take action, some people think that today on the reverse, the Cultural Revolution 2.0 re-emerged, political pressure is pervasive, in this case, lying flat is not decadence, but a negative non-cooperation, has its own value. Former Central Party School professor Cai Xia believes that the CPC Politburo meeting decided to let two leeks give birth to three small leeks! Originally not allowed to have children, now the sickle found that the leek is about to break the root, and hurriedly snubbed more children. Network booming thunder indicates that the leeks are just lying flat!

In high consumption, heavy luxury, more than broad than difficult to breathe, “inwardly rolled” Chinese society, lie flatism suddenly let people understand actually do not have to do anything strong, it is said that at the beginning there is still official public opinion on these people lie their own pour also do not care, and even expressed respect for their choice of attitude to life, but lie flat trigger resonance sound big shock,. The situation has changed a bit. The “Southern Daily” recently released a report entitled “lie flat shameful, where is the sense of justice?” It called on young people to resist negative emotions. On May 28, the Global Times said sarcastically, “Young people who claim to be lying down are always woken up at dawn by the alarm clock they set for themselves. The official media also issued an article warning that “it’s okay to resign to fate, but not to lie flat”, denouncing lie flatism as a very harmful “poisonous chicken soup”.

Why the official media said so, some people analyzed that this lying flatism, clearly reveals some non-cooperative thinking, “lying flat is awakening, but also non-cooperative, awakening, non-cooperative, China will have hope”. The dictator is most alert. Others think that for the sake of maintaining stability, the CCP is of course happy to see the negative and inactive ants prosper, but if it jeopardizes the socialist demand for cutting leeks, it is another story. In order to achieve the dream of a hundred years of rejuvenation, you lie flat there is not counted, but also to encourage a group of people to lie flat, the official will not let go.

Some people believe that the emergence of lying flat actually in a way challenge the official values, in the party state unified China, any signs of disobedience, or may breed a kind of opposition or even the germ of resistance, the official are very vigilant.

The lie flat group on Douban was blown up, the page no longer existed, still left a line of group introduction: lie flat is a philosophy. Laying flat is a kind of art. In this noisy era, to stay the same in response to all changes ……

Lie flat group was blown up, lie flat people scattered, everywhere, there is a widely circulated video on the network, a lying young woman is saying: “young people lie flat in the end to mess with who, how unlucky is our generation of young people’s life!” “Young people do not lack the determination and confidence to struggle, young people lack the light on the road of struggle.”