Biden reiterates defense of U.S. values, warns China, Russia in National Day of Mourning message

Biden spoke at a National Day of Mourning ceremony in Delaware on Sunday, May 30, in observance of Monday, May 31, which is also known as National Day of Mourning. He reiterated the Biden administration’s commitment to upholding fundamental American values, while warning Xi and Putin that the United States will not allow them to abuse their power to violate human rights.

Biden attended the fallen service members memorial on Sunday, hosted by the Delaware Commissioner of Veterans Affairs. While Biden has attended the event frequently before, this was the first time as president that Biden attended the memorial service. In his address, he said that America is unique because of the sacrifices made by its fallen soldiers, and that America must remember “the price we paid for our freedom” and “who we are. He urged Americans that as they commemorate Memorial Day, all living people have a responsibility to uphold fundamental American values.

Biden said America’s founding ideals are worth fighting for and dying for. We may have many obligations to this country, but we have only one truly sacred responsibility, and that is to equip those who serve with everything they need,” he said. Whether we can take care of them and their families when they are able to return home or when they are unable to return home.

“In their honor, all of us who are still alive have a responsibility to reaffirm our commitment to the fundamental values of this country that have encouraged generations to serve in the military and so many more to die in defense of those values.” Biden said.

He also mentioned that the administration he leads cannot allow the Chinese Communist Party and Russian authorities to abuse the power at their disposal to violate human rights. He said, “I recently had a two-hour-long conversation with Xi Jinping. I made it clear to him that we will only speak out for human rights in the world, because that is what we (stand for). I will be meeting with the (Russian) president in Geneva in a few weeks. At that time I will also make it clear that we will not stand by and let him abuse his power.”

Biden also spoke about how they were very adamant about holding this year’s commemoration, even though it comes during an epidemic and is the first big event in Delaware since the home-based order was implemented last March. He said, “This is because we want to honor these fallen generals and celebrate these men and women who risked the greatest sacrifice for our country in every way, because this country must always remember …… we must remember the price they paid for freedom and we must remember the people who paid those prices and their loved ones’ owe.”

He also said National Day of Mourning is also a very sad day for his family, as they will remember his eldest son, Beau Biden, on that day. Biden. Although Beau Biden did not die on the battlefield. Biden died of cancer in 2015 rather than in combat, but he had served in Iraq in 2008. Biden recalled that the year after Beau’s death (2016), Gen. Frank Vavala, adjutant general of the Delaware Army National Guard, invited him and his wife, Jill Bidden, to a ceremony at the Delaware National Guard headquarters named in Beau’s honor.

We decided to (go to that ceremony) and were very honored, but that day also brought back all the memories (of being with Beau) and therefore caused us pain,” he said. Many years have passed, but you all know better than I do …… That was the saddest moment of our year …… Our (fallen) sons and daughters live in our hearts and in the hearts of their children, and we must go forward without them. I know how hard this has been for you, so thank you for allowing us to mourn them with you today.”

Bo. Biden previously served as Delaware’s attorney general. Biden has previously suggested that Bo may have developed the cancer as a result of exposure to toxins while serving in Iraq through military burn pits.

Biden concluded by urging Americans not to forget who they are as they honor the fallen and to be able to unite across differences. He said, “Throughout history, we [the United States] have been unique. It is because of our fallen soldiers that we are able to stand here. We can’t joke about that, so I hope today our country can come together. We are no longer Democrats or Republicans, we are Americans, and this is a time for us to remember who we are.”

Memorial Day, observed on the last Monday in May, is a day for Americans to honor the memory of U.S. soldiers who died in the war, also known as “National Mourning Day” because of the national mourning.