Advise the poor to borrow money chicken children, training institutions are black at heart

The anxious Tian Yulan, the anxious Tian Yulan of the annual chicken-and-boy drama “Little Shedder,” is breathless to watch, and in reality, parents inevitably become Tian Yulan again. But compared to the middle-class Tian Yulan, the plight of the clockwork family deserves more attention: the collapse of their daughter, Mi Tao, may be the truth about education.

The generous support of two to six wallets is behind the middle class’s fervent “chicken child” campaign.

Tian Yulan is married to a rich second generation, she enrolled her son in three extracurricular classes, but in order to add a boutique math class, just to the teacher through the door to send gifts, or put together most of their own wages; another heroine Nan Li itself is well-off, taking the Buddhist route, but in the parents around the drive, no remedial classes Huanhuan performance was forced to regress, and finally, Nan Li also spent a lot of money to plug the child into the remedial classes.

So, what can ordinary families who cannot afford to support their children’s education do?

Forced into the city into the education of the volume of rice peach family, the most heartbreaking.

The story of the poor family coming out of the noble son, in the industrialization of education now can continue?

In the TV series, there are teachers who cherish talent, because they love Mi Tao, the teachers of training institutions gave her a fee waiver, but what about in reality?

But what about the reality? A training institution without a heart will only advise you to open a debit account.

Yes, there were poor students paying for cosmetic surgery, poor kids paying for bride price, and now, poor parents are also caught in the “training loan”, “online class loan”. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

The new way to get customers is to take out loans to buy classes

The douban netizen “Yang Sir” shared this story.

In a certain online tutoring institution, after the trial class, the course sales need to call for renewal recommendations. This institution’s course is not expensive, a year down to sell 2600 yuan, but there are still parents still look difficult, saying that they do not have enough money in hand 2600 yuan. After hearing that, the sales felt a bit bitter and gave up on the single, but a 99-year-old supervisor was upset when he found out.

The supervisor took over the job and told the parents that “children’s education is very important” and “a few dollars a day is not enough. “The other party also said the money was not enough, but the supervisor was obviously much bigger and taught the parents step by step how to open and pay the tuition, and after completing the order, he said to the salesmen.

“There is no one who can’t get this money, let them borrow it. “

Although I don’t know where the judgment that “no one can’t get the money” came from, the supervisor is said to have encouraged migrant families and persuaded the parents of left-behind children to do so. Parents of children left behind.

This kind of behavior, which makes people who can’t afford to pay 2600 to take out a loan, makes many people want to ask one more question.

Is he selling classes, or is it anxiety?

Is online class an education or a business?

It sounds like a story of “I have a friend”, but in fact, this kind of “I don’t have enough money, so I’m going to take out an online loan”. But in fact, this “if you don’t have enough money, you can take out an online loan” routine is the most common daily tactic in online education, and even in the education industry.

“We support X chanting installment to reduce your stress”

“It’s only ten dollars a day, it’s not much at all.”

“Look how much your child likes our classes, it’s only right to overspend a little.”

Thousands and thousands of dollars of lessons is a lot of money, but the sales have thoughtfully broken it down and “a few dollars a day” is affordable and sounds like a gift. It has a comforting and confusing quality.

After years of practice, k12 education has now formed a complete and mature system. You can find “9.9 yuan”, “19.9 yuan”, and “19.9 yuan” everywhere on major websites. 19.9 yuan” low-cost open class ads, thereby attracting most parents who want to; after enrolling in the class, paying for it, downloading the course app, and leaving their contact information, parents will be pulled into a large group by the assistant teacher.

After the low-priced trial class, the next step of course sales is to convert the parents attracted by the low-priced class into the user group of the high-priced course. In order to complete the kpi, course sales will call, bombard with messages, and lobby repeatedly, and at this time, sales is not something you can refuse by saying “I don’t want to consider” once. If you say “I don’t want to consider it” once, you can’t refuse it. The only child left in the trial class is not renewed”, step by step to lead people into enough.

At this time, if a parent says that he or she cannot pay the full amount, the sales will be very considerate to help you out for the sake of performance, and come up with “open flower” and “installment” for you. The money can be loaned, but the class must be attended.

Perhaps in the eyes of people in first-tier cities, a few thousand dollars of classes are not expensive, but the 99-year-old supervisor said “who in the world can not have 2600 dollars”, just like Emperor Jin Hui asked The irony of “why not eat minced meat” is as cold.

There are rural families who still have not installed flush toilets, there are many people who have never flown in their lives, and naturally, there are many families who just can’t afford to pay $2,600 in tuition.

What’s more, enrolling in a course with a loan is itself a very risky thing, if the Internet has a memory, some people will recall that the room of eggshell residents have not yet gotten the money, this room of the old tutoring institutions “learning to be a king “something big has happened again.

Like eggshell apartments, Xuehuajun in the early stages of recruiting customers, encouraged people who could not afford to pay tuition fees to use third-party loans to pay tuition fees first, the front foot to cheat parents “enrollment for “The first step was to trick parents into applying for a loan, but the second step was to turn their backs on them and refuse to refund their fees.

Now, the “school bully” collapsed, there are still a group of parents of loans pending – today to persuade The parents who can’t afford to buy a class to do the loan will not think about it at all, they will not go down the same road of education mines.

And once the lightning strikes, what will happen to the parents who have no risk tolerance?

Selling non-essential courses, must advocate anxiety

Online education” is like a mythical demon king, few people really understand it, but no one can escape its palm.

As a result of the epidemic, the online education model is becoming more and more accepted and is beginning to grab the throat of a new generation of parents.

“Master teachers”, “small classes “, “and big cities enjoy the same educational resources” The wording is so painful that some people insist on following the wind even if they don’t want to or can’t pay the relatively high price of the course, so that their children don’t “fall in the tide”. After that.

“I bought this class for my child, but I didn’t expect him to learn anything. “Beijing’s Ms. Wang’s child in preschool, and many parents, she also gave her child enrolled in a preschool online education institutions of two courses.

Her biggest feeling is that “the class is like playing”, the animation on the screen attracts the child’s attention, when the language class, the child can watch the animation while learning poetry, learning During the language class, children can learn poems, Chinese characters and traditional culture while watching the animations; after one class, children say they like it very much.

Compared with the traditional duck-and-egg teaching methods we have experienced, this kind of combination of entertainment and learning through modern means with images and sound and light is certainly more interesting and more acceptable to children in their early years, and will also increase their interest in learning.

But on the other hand, this kind of soft paid education course is not indispensable.

While you can buy a colorful, professional preschool program designed by a master teacher that meets the psychology of young children for $2,600, there are also “affordable alternatives” for families on a budget. There are also “affordable alternatives” for families on a budget.

Just like our parents did when we were kids, buy a good story book, idiom book, mom and dad sitting in front of the children hand to hand to tell them stories to listen to, let them learn, may not be as bad as the effect.

After all, across the industry, according to a study, in the feedback from parents involved in online education, the corresponding “developing mindset” and “improving interest in learning” are the most important factors. The biggest advantage of “improving interest in learning” is that ” Poor learning outcomes” has been the weakness of online courses.

“Not completely useless, but certainly not immediately”, this is the consensus of many parents, so in the case of budget shortage, parents rather than trying to tighten their belts Overspending, it is better to be a really good teacher for your child for once.

What’s more, many times the sales blow up the curriculum, and the actual situation compared to the “buyer’s show” and “seller’s show” also have a “buyer’s show”. The “seller’s show” gap.

A preschool’s English claims that “at the age of two or three, children can catch up with native speakers of the same age group”, and the sales teacher of the course must say “Enrolling in classes allows children to sharpen their ears” and “develop an English environment “, in fact, a lesson is only 15 minutes, and only five days a week – this learning time, catching up with the United Kingdom exceeds the United States slogan, in the end, most of the only slogans.

And the so-called “one-to-one teacher” course evaluation, many are copy-and-paste templates, there is nothing to refer to the advice, let alone see the heart; at first said The class teacher who said “will always be with you” may have changed three or four times in half a year.

Some people have even found out that the so-called “master teachers” of the institution are not verifiable at all. There is even an old lady who claims to have “taught math all her life” in this advertisement, and the next one turns out to be The next ad changed to “40 years English teacher”.

In the sales process, in order to make parents feel a sense of urgency, each group will be infested with “trustees”, usually silent in the group without saying a word, in the time of registration The first thing you need to do is to pay for your registration quickly and boast about it – but if you look closely, you’ll see that there’s often something fishy going on.

And once you’re in the middle of an educational arms race, the atmosphere around you can often be disorienting.

Some parents, even though they know they may not be able to afford it, will still make some “bite the bullet” decisions due to peer pressure and sales talk. As a parent, you want to do your best to provide your child with the best resources you can, and you want to be one step ahead of your child because you are already behind.

It sounds like the right reason to take out a loan for the sake of your child’s learning, and it’s even a little touching when you say it: to overspend on your future for the sake of your child now. The original book, “Little Shed”, was written by the author of the book.

In the original “Little Shed”, Mi Tao ended up with depression and had to return to the countryside. The original cheerful and hardworking Mi Tao has been depressed since her parents enrolled her in a 20,000 dollar extracurricular class.

In particular, her parents would always talk to her, “Our family out of the farm, but it depends on you. “

This heavy love gave too much burden to the rice peach, but prematurely “fallen”.

In fact, what the child needs most is just to be able to communicate with his parents at the right time when the emotions are out of balance.

The trend of “chicken children”, more and more anxious parents

Perhaps some people have already discovered that after the reduction of education, elementary school students who have lost lessons in class, and make up for it outside of class – and from free to paid.

Many parents who have accidentally given out their cell phone numbers are faced with endless calls from extracurricular teachers urging.

That if you don’t learn English at age two, you miss out on sensitive periods.

If you don’t learn programming at age four, your mind won’t be able to keep up and fall behind for the rest of your life.

If you can’t write an essay with the five senses method, your lack of expression will affect your life’s fortune.

The most extreme sales pitch is this, “If your child is involved in early education from the third day of life, he or she is already two days behind the others”.

Educational anxiety is like a balloon that is getting more and more inflated, a little bit blown up by parents, businessmen, and onlookers. When all the children around are out for extra lessons, not taking extra lessons is equivalent to skipping school; when the first child learns phonetics ahead of time in kindergarten, then there will be children who recite the nine-nine multiplication table.

Once the majority of people on the track start to fly, then all the evenly moving forward is equivalent to falling back sharply. All those who are in a position to do so, are in addition to all the things to do crazy “chicken children”, children to attend more and more classes, ahead of the rush to run faster and faster.

There is such a not so new joke. A netizen asked a four-year-old child to master 1500 English words enough, there is a reply, “Enough in the United States, but certainly not enough in Haidian. “

Other netizens shared their experiences: they were in the Arctic for scientific research and saw a group of Chinese children in the town, and when they inquired, they found that it was a graduation trip for an elementary school in Beijing.

Sounds downright frightening, even China’s education resources super first-tier Haidian children, Chaoyang children are leading by example to start inwardly rolled, no umbrella children do not run hard, do you wait for the front-runners reverse propulsion?

In such an overall anxious environment, and children behind compared to no money is actually the most worthless problem.

Other people just need to say “this 2600 class is enrolled in the child’s classmates”, not to mention parents who can’t afford to buy the class to open the flower, even if it is to sell blood and sell life, this The class also “has to be”.

The common people have the common people’s volume method, the super first-tier middle class also has the super first-tier middle class volume method. The actual fact is that you can’t afford to buy 2600 dollars of online classes, but you can afford to buy tens of thousands of dollars of boutique classes one-on-one? Have the heart to train children equestrian, go, pipe organ? Can you afford an extra set of school houses?

All parents want to raise “outstanding” children, so they need to blindly catch up, just like in the concert hall, when the first person stands up, it means that everyone must When the first person stands up in a concert hall, it means that everyone must stand for the whole concert.

In this “for the children” event, it is the anxious parents who are on stage, the commercial organizations who are performing, and the children who are the real protagonists, but no one cares what they are thinking. No one cares what they are thinking.

All the efforts seem to be very hard, but what is the result?

The “cow child” in other people’s mouths was mothered to the point of mental disorder, the little princess who loves literature and art made up for her lessons until she ran away from home, and everyone collapsed, in this endless education In this endless education war, no one really gets what they want.

As a matter of fact, the remedial classes and extra classes are only ways to solve the essence of educational anxiety, but to give parents only need to do “investment” in this one action will not continue to The fact is that the parents only need to do “investment” this action will not continue to bother, as long as the money spent on the child will be able to get ahead, they can relieve the illusion of anxiety.

And who wants to hear the voices of children who are forced to recite pi without expression at the request of their families at the family dinner table?

The love parents have for their children is too good to exploit.