The old total is not as good as the white snake spirit

The vaccine war that is being opened globally is a demon mirror in Taiwan or internationally, shining a light on the international law of the jungle, where the strong bully the weak and the UN WHO is like a waste, and even more so on who really loves Taiwan, and also on the country’s technological bottom line, so that we find out that the rise of the old communist great power is only an illusion.

In the story known to all Chinese folk, the White Snake Spirit, in order to help her lover, Xu Xian, she cast a spell to poison the people of Hangzhou, making the old and young busy running to the toilet, and then let Xu Xian come out to sell the antidote, and indeed Xu Xian earned a lot of silver. Brazil was the first to cooperate with the old Communist Party on vaccines, and now it is the most cursed.

The reason why the vaccines made in China cannot be used is not anti-communist ideology, but science, the Chinese Communist Party’s State Pharmaceutical and Kexing Vaccine, established in 2000 under the policy of vaccine state manufacturing, in an attempt to get rid of Western countries to control vaccines, currently Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group owns 32% of State Pharmaceutical, so you can imagine that this company is controlled by the old Communist Party, the Chinese vaccine and the Russian Sputnik vaccine, commonly known as (inactivated vaccine), from biochemical technology Although the old Communist Party claimed to have 50% protection, the virus mutated so fast that the old virus in the body could not produce resistance to the mutated virus. The WHO, under pressure from the Communist Party, granted emergency authorization, but the Shanghai CDC also admitted that the vaccine was ineffective, not to mention the problem of side effects.

Of course, Taiwan’s (Red Local Collaborators) know that it is impossible for Taiwanese to accept the old communist vaccine, so they first sang the praises of AZ (AstraZeneca), a collaboration between the UK and Sweden, to pave the way for the red vaccine. This vaccine is commonly known as (adenovirus dysbiosis vaccine), and is derived from a rare chimpanzee vector, proving that the British Cambridge centuries of work in tropical epidemiology, more than a hundred years in China and Russia, Jiao Sheng vaccine manufacturing and AZ, the same, more stupid is Taiwan’s blue politicians, neither medical background, not to work hard, but also lazy to look up information on the Internet, only by loudly scolding people, want to use the vaccine to combat the DPP, taking advantage of the opportunity to earn extra votes, really let me this semi-medical people can not look down, vaccines The vaccine has become a living demon mirror for blue camp politicians.

Last March, Trump found Modena to start the development of vaccines, using the most advanced mRNA process, Chinese translation (messenger RNA), the government spent a lot of money to build the cold chain infrastructure, hoping to seize the opportunity in the vaccine strategy, now it seems that the United States has seized the first in place.

mRNA is actually the abbreviation of the name of Modena, founded by American stem cell biologist Derek Croce in 2010, mainly developing cancer autoimmunity, as well as rare disease drug development, and in 2016 Modena was internally reorganized to focus on cancer vaccine research and development, and the results were affirmed by Harvard Medical School, so it was approached by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and the Institute for Advanced Biosciences as a partner. It is evident that the U.S. government is leading in biochemical science and technology.

But the study of stem cells is not exclusive, the German BioNTech, or BNT for short, founded by Turkish-German couple Sasin and Tulecki, the couple, also a long-term research cancer vaccine, established Gaymed Pharmaceuticals in 2001, later sold to Japanese companies, and then established BNT in 2016, after the outbreak of the Wuhan plague, BNT began to develop vaccines, and Modena also used cold chain RNA process, last March, Pfizer and Shanghai Fosun with funds to join BNT, the United States Pfizer also obtained the right to manufacture in the United States, now the controversy is whether in the end Shanghai Fuxing obtained the transfer of technology from Germany BNT, can be manufactured in China, the second is whether China has the ability to manufacture cold chain technology, the third, Fosun obtained the agency rights in China, but also deliberately into Taiwan, it is clear that political factors, recently German BNT declared that Fosun only sub-packaged the vaccine and changed it to (Fubitai), all vaccines are still made in Germany, this declaration is more credible, even if BNT technology transfer, I think there are still many bottlenecks in Chinese manufacturing level.

Parallel internal and external purchase to fight the virus

Although China has approved the sale of Fubatide to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong people are now choosing Kexin or Fubatide in a 50-50 wave, the administration rate has come to 20%, but Fubatide is still not used in China, and the old Communist Party is not issuing the drug certificate, so it is likely that it is provided to Party officials to administer secretly, after all, Red officials still do not believe in their own developed vaccines.

Last August, Taiwan has obtained the vaccine design provided by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the problem is stuck in the technology, if the cold chain process, Taiwan’s strength is not enough, and finally chose (recombinant protein sub-unit vaccine), the current flu vaccine process, is the use of protein vaccine, Britain Glaxo, France Sanofi are the same as Taiwan, from uncontaminated raw egg culture, because the human flu initially infected The source is birds, Sanofi is the world’s first bacterial research institute Pasteur-owned enterprises, Glaxo early in World War I Spanish flu outbreak, the development of the first flu vaccine, made a lot of money, the disadvantage of this protein vaccine is the development of a long time, so will be later on the field, the advantage is less side effects, Taiwan technology and these two companies can be tied, is the glory of the Taiwanese, the government in order to combat the epidemic, to adopt the internal system of external purchase Parallel strategy, this policy is absolutely correct, take this opportunity to enhance domestic biotechnology, most likely, Wuhan pneumonia virus will continue to mutate, administering vaccines will be the normal work of human beings, Taiwan’s own research and development of protein vaccines can come in handy, no need to be controlled by foreign countries, especially the old communist who is hostile to Taiwan.

At present, Modena and Pfizer is to complete the third phase of experimental vaccines, the CPC vaccine is also an emergency authorization, simply put, in order to rush, the United States to purchase 2.6 billion doses, only 300 million doses came, Japan to purchase 300 million doses came to 30 million, Taiwan to purchase 30 million, only came to hundreds of thousands of doses, this is normal, there are politicians chanting to sparse money to buy vaccines, the problem is solved, this is nonsense, thanks to him is a famous doctor Mayor, really poor ah!