Local new coronavirus transmission has increased greatly Guangzhou requires all departures to show proof of negative test

Authorities have begun imposing new controls on people leaving Guangzhou, China, after the new crown outbreak took a marked turn for the worse and local transmission climbed significantly.

The Guangzhou City Epidemic Prevention and Control Command announced on Sunday (May 30, 2021) that all travelers, private car drivers and passengers leaving the Guangzhou jurisdiction must have a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 72 hours before they can leave, starting at 10 pm on Monday.

Throughout the day on Sunday, 20 confirmed cases were added daily across Guangdong province, including 18 cases in Guangzhou, most of which were regionally transmitted and three imported from outside China, health authorities said in a notice Monday.

The day before, the national health department said Guangzhou had two new cases of local transmission throughout the day, while the 14 new cases in other areas came from outside China.

Guangzhou has a population of 15 million. Although the number is insignificant compared to the thousands of new cases in India each day, it has alarmed Chinese authorities who thought the new crown outbreak was under control.

Authorities reported that as of 24:00 on May 30, the cumulative number of cases in Guangdong province included 2,455 cases of new crown, including 1,033 cases imported from outside the country. Officials said the cumulative number of people infected nationwide was 91,061, with 4,636 deaths.