B.C. doctor who told of Modena vaccine complications suspended from emergency care, income cut in half

The True North Centre for Public Policy (Canada) reported last week that Charles Hoffe, a family physician in British Columbia, was disciplined by health officials after claiming he spoke out about complications of the Moderna vaccine while giving it to a patient. He was suspended from his position on the emergency shift at St. Bartholomew Health Centre (St. Bartholomew). However, authorities were unable to find a suitable doctor to replace Dr. Hoffie, causing the emergency room to be closed for at least two weeks each month.

Dr. Hoffi told reporters, “At the end of last month, Health Canada suspended my clinical privileges for the crime of “vaccine hesitancy” for speaking out about the side effects of vaccines. I am currently confined to private practice and have lost about 50% of my income. This is the price I pay for telling the truth to my patients.”

In April, Dr. Hoffie published an open letter to BC health officials in which he claimed to have seen “numerous allergic reactions,” one “sudden death” and several “persistent and disabling neurological deficits” after administering 900 doses of the Modena vaccine to members of a nearby First Nations community. But Dr. Hoffie’s allegations were dismissed by the Crown.

More recently, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia issued a warning that any doctor found to have “violated public health orders and guidelines” would be investigated and potentially regulated.