Tiananmen Mothers Ritual: Our faith and perseverance will never change

“As the 32nd anniversary of the June 4 massacre in Tiananmen Square approaches, the Tiananmen Mothers, an organization for the families of the victims, has issued a tribute to the students and citizens who fell at the gunpoint of the Chinese Communist forces, and urged the Chinese Communist authorities to “bravely to set things right and take responsibility for the massacre”.

The “Tiananmen Mothers” tribute said, “The relatives and families of the victims have experienced the most painful sorrow in the world, and there has been no joy in their hearts ever since! The parents who lost their sons and daughters have grown gray from middle age to the present, and they hope to see fairness and justice in law during their lifetime.”

From the late night of June 3 to the early morning of June 4, 1989, the Chinese Communist regime sent the military to forcibly clear out the students and people who had been demonstrating peacefully in Tiananmen Square for days, and multiple versions of the death toll indicate that thousands, or even tens of thousands, may have died in the military massacre.

For 32 years, authorities have taken draconian measures to forbid people from mentioning the June 4 incident in an attempt to completely erase this major event that shocked the world from the memory of Chinese people.

Two more mothers of victims died last year, said the Tiananmen Mothers, “As the years pass, our group’s parents are growing old, and some of the elderly have left us forever, but our faith and steadfastness will never change.”

There are 122 relatives who signed the 32nd anniversary tribute, and another 62 relatives who have passed away are also listed because they signed the tribute in previous years.