Continental apple prices plummeted stagnant sell 1 catty loss of 1 yuan

The price of apples on the mainland has been falling since April, and has now reached the point of losing 1 yuan (RMB, same below) per catty (500 grams).

According to CCTV Finance on May 31, the price of apples on the mainland has been falling since April this year, and the price of some wholesalers has even dropped to less than one yuan per catty, with both farmers and fruit traders in the dilemma of losing money. In the price fell at the same time, apples are also facing stagnant sales.

Some fruit merchants said that last year, the purchase price of apples in a catty between 3.2 yuan to 3.5 yuan, now the warehouse price between 2.5 yuan to 2.8 yuan, plus various costs, such as a loss of 1.2 to 1.3 yuan per catty.

Shao Jing is the main production area of Shandong Yantai apples Qixia City, Tao village town of fruit farmers, Shao Jing’s family sold a third of the apples when the price was good, and now there are more than 10,000 pounds in cold storage, the face of the trend and price quotes can only dry anxious.

According to the estimates of the fruit merchants, due to low prices, slow out of storage, there are still more than half of the inventory in Qixia City. Fruit merchants said that this year’s apple sales suffered the most serious market in history.

Some fruit merchants say that both international and domestic factors have led to stagnant apples and plummeting prices this year.

According to reports, international exports have been hampered and mainland apple exports, mainly concentrated in Southeast Asian countries, account for more than 90% of apple exports. Since the Yellow New Year, the plague has been severe in Southeast Asia and apple sales have been hampered.

At home, when apples were picked last year, some rumors of reduced production and bad quality directly affected the apple harvest. Apple merchants rush to buy apples, prices are raised, and farmers appear to be shy to sell their own into storage. This rush to storage, shy of selling the mood spread to the country’s various major apple producing areas.

Some fruit merchants believe that with the massive listing of southern fruits and the gradual listing of seasonal fruits in the north, the outlook for apple sales is even less optimistic.

Some netizens said that if the apples are not cleared in May, it is inevitable that farmers will lose money. Hangzhou netizen “lovely Ye Lu_220_841” said: “Apples should be emptied of inventory before May, once the market changes in May, a loss is inevitable, June early apples will be listed.”

But Changsha netizen “Dandelion 614” said, “The price on the apple stand downstairs is not low.” A Hunan netizen said, “The price of apples in fruit chains in the 5th tier cities has not dropped. It seems to be the middleman’s purchase control price.”

Regarding the stagnant apples and the precipitous drop in prices on the mainland, commentator Wen Xiaogang said that the fall of a leaf is a sign of autumn, and the stagnant apples on the mainland reflect the difficulties of the internal circulation engaged by the Chinese Communist Party. Southeast Asia, where 90% of apples are exported, has reduced imports because of the plague, causing the price of apples on the mainland to fall and stagnate, showing that the mainland needs the world market, not that the world cannot leave the mainland. This is true for apples alone, not to mention the foreign trade enterprises that rely on foreign trade orders.

According to Wen Xiaogang, the CCP’s shouting of relying on the internal circulation to do the economy is a fantasy, the CCP simply can not leave the world environment, and the mainland people now due to the economic downturn income reduction, consumption power decline, simply can not get up the internal circulation, this is the CCP in the face of the United States under the decoupling and sanctions, to fool the people’s rhetoric.