British media exclusive: U.S. UFO report out next month, Britain intends to restart the UFO hunter search for extraterrestrial life

Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported May 31 that a senior defense source revealed that the British government may restart its UFO hunter team, which comes as the U.S. Congress will receive a report on the Pentagon’s UFO work next month. The report, which includes UFO evidence collected by the Defense Department’s UAP working group, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONA) and the FBI, has been described by UFO experts as a watershed moment.

Since the UK Ministry of Defense’s dedicated UFO office was disbanded in 2009, there has been no body responsible for monitoring UFOs over the UK, and any subsequent reports of potential UFOs must be filed with local police.


In August 1954, someone claimed to have seen a flying saucer on the roof of Smethwick in Birmingham from his bedroom window, a UFO he drew from memory

The department that once investigated alien sightings in Smethwick and north London may be reactivated after the Pentagon report, the sources said. The sources stressed the evolving nature of emerging science and technology, and that UFO investigations “could suddenly open up a whole new world.


This is a colorful sketch sent to the Ministry of Defense by the British public, depicting a spacecraft making a Wheatfield circle around 1988

Mr. Nick Pope, who once investigated UFOs for the British Ministry of Defense, believes that “it was a huge mistake to stop investigating UFOs at that time” and that the British government’s failure was to treat UFOs as “some science fiction to raise a laugh”; while the United States treated UFOs “as a serious defense and national security issue, and the American idea was spot on.