Woman fled after hitting a parked luxury Bentley owner: repair costs of more than 100,000 netizens hot debate

In the early morning hours of May 24, a woman riding an electric bicycle playing with her cell phone accidentally hit a luxury Bentley parked on the road in front of Times Square in Zhaoqing, Guangdong. Subsequently, the female owner ran away from the scene in a hurry. After the Bentley owner found the vehicle was hit, it was verified that only the repair cost would be more than 100,000 yuan, so the surveillance video was posted online and the whole network searched for the female owner of the car. The Bentley is suspected of illegal parking, while the female owner of the e-bike is suspected of hit-and-run, repair costs of more than 100,000 yuan, how exactly to divide the responsibility? A large number of netizens are discussing this.

Woman riding electric bike hit Bentley in the early morning and fled the owner: repair costs are expected to be more than 100,000 yuan (source: ~)

The woman hit the Bentley with her bicycle

Woman hit Bentley with her bicycle

Woman hit Bentley with her bicycle

In the early hours of the morning, the woman cycled into the luxury car Bentley

The Purple Niu News reporter saw on the surveillance video of the incident, which occurred at 2:24 a.m. on May 24, when it was still dark, and all the streetlights on the roadway where the incident occurred were on. From the picture, there are fewer vehicles on the street, the view is open. Then, a two-wheeled electric bike with headlights on came by quickly, without any sign of turning or braking, and hit the Bentley directly on the lower left side of the rear, with multiple small pieces flying out instantly. Because of inertia, the woman flung herself from the car seat onto the trunk of the Bentley.

The woman then slid off the trunk. Because the front wheel of her electric car was stuck under the rear bumper of the Bentley, the woman twice tugged hard on the front of the car, which pulled the front wheel out. The woman barely hesitated, and didn’t even look at the vehicle in front of her, before driving her electric bike away from the scene. At this point, there were four or five pieces of black debris on the ground, not knowing whether they were left by the e-bike or dropped by the Bentley.

One detail shows that the woman was trying to hold the front of the car with one hand, and the other assisted in pulling it outward. And the other hand actually held a cell phone, in the night can see the phone screen glowing. In the end is in the rear-end collision after touching the phone led to the screen glowing, or cycling in playing with the phone, one of the two must live, but it is not yet known.

The owner sent a video looking for perpetrators

The online video was sent by the Bentley owner, and the monitor is next to the store. The owner of the video said that the Bentley rear bumper and connected to the car was broken, the damage is very obvious. Multiple debris on the road, suspected of falling after the rear-end of the electric car.

“I hope the other party can contact me in time after seeing the video, running away is not a solution to the problem.” The owner said that the roadside stores are more, and are installed with a shooting head, he has called the police. After the incident, the Bentley owner may have contacted the vehicle 4S store, the preliminary determination of repair costs of more than 100,000 yuan. The owner said, because this is a new car, the license plate has not been done, so did not buy full insurance, repair costs of more than 100,000 yuan themselves to pay, his money is not picked up.

The owner said he hoped someone would help him find the perpetrator, “to find her not to ask for money, may be an apology to solve the problem. Just so run away, angry.” The car owner said.

The reporter checked and found that the 2021 model 4.0T V8 Bentley Flying Spur sedan is currently quoted at a minimum local reference price of 2.51 million yuan, while the 2020 model 6.0T W12 Standard Edition has a local reference price of 3.06 million yuan. The Purple Niu News reporter contacted the local traffic police department in Zhaoqing, Guangdong to try to cover the matter, but did not receive a response.

For who exactly belongs to the responsibility, netizens have been discussing, but it seems that more netizens believe that Bentley parked illegally in the first place, it seems to bear the main responsibility:.

Some people say: since it is illegal to park, is at fault in the first place, then what is the basis for compensation?

Others said: the woman crashed the car and fled, taking full responsibility.

Another netizen replied with a post: hurt by the car parked on the road, but also can not go?

Other netizens also said: the owner of the car parked at the intersection of the road from wide to narrow, creating a serious traffic hazard! Whether the woman walks or not should not be responsible!

A netizen said: is a luxury car can be full of streets are their own parking lot? If it is the elderly, children, blind people were bumped by illegal parking vehicles, how should the responsibility be divided? There is a first and a second for parking violations and accidents. Vehicles parked at night, and the view is not clear there may be an accident, there is this hidden danger, just who touched the problem.

Other netizens said: I see not only illegal parking, it seems to stop or non-motorized lanes, why non-motorized main responsibility? In itself, illegal parking and occupy the non-motorized lane responsibility is greater, right!

A netizen said: say a real (thing), a friend of mine in a small alley illegal parking, open the door when an old man riding an electric car passing by. Hit the door on the car, it was fine, the night people died, and later forensic identification, the old man’s own heart is not good, hit the door is the cause, on the two words cause, my friend lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.