“Scared” Beijing appeared loud thunder, the capital airport canceled more than 100 flights

Early in the morning of May 31, loud thunder was seen in Beijing, and netizens have said it was scary. Beijing Capital Airport has canceled 148 flights due to the thunderstorm.

According to CCTV news, flights to and from Hohhot, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Changsha in Beijing were affected to varying degrees by local thunderstorms and weather at outlying stations on May 31, and 148 flights have been canceled at the Capital Airport as of 12:00 noon on the 31st.

When a reporter from the Epoch Times called the hotline of the capital airport, the staff said that some flights were indeed cancelled, but it was not convenient to disclose how many flights were cancelled.

Earlier, netizens in Beijing on the mainland microblogging site left messages saying that they were “scared” by the loud thunder in Beijing early this morning. The news from the China Weather Network also said that there was loud thunder in Beijing this morning and it started to rain afterwards.

“The thunderstorm in Beijing also made it to the Weibo hot search list. One netizen said, “This is a special call up service on Monday? The thunder is a special service for Monday? “The thunder in the morning really scared me.” “Beijing thunder, I naively thought that the earthquake, the ringing is not heard on their own vibration.”

“The thunder in Beijing this morning was really big! Ear plugs didn’t save me…” “I’ve always felt that rainy days are especially good for sleeping, until this morning when the thunder woke me up three times…” “There was a huge long-lasting thunder just now, and it felt like the sky was going to split open…”

“Do not close the window to sleep special wake up service, in the morning I thought it was what blew my window out.” “The original really is thunder, ate cold medicine to sleep confused thought it was a bomb mountain, woke up to think that this place is flat and there is no mountain can blow …” “tiger body a shock, the New Year? The thunder is similar to the New Year’s fire… Haidian tremors are strongly felt.”