Lu Min received Kexin vaccine and now has sudden onset of neurological deafness (above)

The effectiveness and safety of Chinese-made vaccines have long been questioned by outsiders. The picture is a file photo.

The Chinese Kexing vaccine is being evaluated by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be placed on the emergency use list for faster global deployment. However, the safety of the Chinese vaccine has been questioned by outsiders. Recently, many cases of serious side effects after vaccination have appeared on the mainland’s microblogs. The Epoch Times spoke with three people who have had adverse reactions to vaccines to hear what they had to say.

A woman in Dalian lost hearing in her right ear after receiving the Kexing vaccine

Ms. Yihan (pseudonym), who lives in Jinzhou District, Dalian, received the first dose of the Kexing vaccine on May 6 of this year at the outpatient clinic of a local Chinese medicine hospital. She told the Epoch Times on May 28 that on the evening of the third day of vaccination (the 9th), her right ear “was particularly loud and felt full of blockage” and the following morning (the 10th), her right ear “became completely deaf.”

She then went to two hospitals (Jinzhou District People’s Hospital and Dalian Central Hospital) for examination and was diagnosed with sudden neurological deafness, “and registered with a specialist, but Dalian Central Hospital said the same thing as Jinzhou Hospital, that my disease was sudden neurological deafness and there was no medical conclusion. I said that I had taken the vaccine on several occasions, and that it was not caused by the vaccine, because I had been in good health, and the person said that it was impossible to say, not easy to say, and then I suggested hospitalization, saying that the probability of being cured was not very high, that is, one third.”

Ye-Han followed the doctor’s advice for a 10-day course of treatment, “I’ve been hospitalized for a week today, and I’m still completely deaf in my right ear, with infusions and hyperbaric oxygen. After the hospitalization, the doctor who examined my brain CT told me that I had no problems at all, that everything was normal, and that I could rule it out now. That is to say, my hearing loss is not related to my own body, it is sudden neurological deafness, doctors dare not say it is caused by vaccines, no one dares to say this.”

Yeihan said that after losing hearing in her right ear, she wanted to tell the authorities about the situation, hoping to get a reasonable explanation as to whether it was related to the vaccination or not, but ended up hitting a wall everywhere.

She said, “The vaccination site said that (they) only cared about the vaccination, and that they were not responsible for any problems. They gave me the phone numbers of the Dalian CDC and Jinzhou CDC, but the people who answered the phone all said, “We don’t care about this kind of thing, and finally gave me the phone number of the Health Bureau. When I called the Health Bureau, I was told that you have to have a hospital to issue a certificate that you are deaf because of the New Crown vaccine.

“I am now just hoping that the authorities will give me a record of this situation, and later say that there are more people who have had problems, or give an account or whatever. I’m not saying that I want to find them to claim their rights, but now no one is paying attention, I call do not know where to go to call.”

In order to find a better treatment, Yihan posted on Weibo looking for people with the same experience, the results were attacked by unknown people, “like my case, I want to see if there are people in a similar situation to me, to see how to better treat the good, to communicate with each other with what drugs ah. Then you say at a young age deaf, the impact is really great, (but) really did not expect to have a lot of people with me to buckle, attack me, I just said I suspect and this (vaccine) have a relationship.”

Yeihan said she did find a lot of people who are deaf because of the Kexing vaccine, “I entered a group, now it should be more than 50 people, all playing this vaccine ear problems. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

She said that up to now, she has spent nearly 6,000 yuan for the treatment of deafness, and the end of the 10-day course may cost 10,000 yuan. And it also affects work life, “I can’t go to work after I’m discharged from the hospital because I need to recuperate from this, and I’m alone in the room, alone talking I can hear, if I say in the hall when there is noise inside, talking I can’t hear at all.”

On the matter of vaccination, Yihan expressed regret, “I personally think, I still suspect that the vaccine, because I did not vaccinate before I was very healthy, no problem. The national call are playing, and said now to travel the code, so cooperate to play, do not know will play into this situation. There is no indication of anything at the time of the injection, no one tells you what side effects will occur. There is no evidence (now) that the vaccine is the cause, I just suspect that it has something to do with this. If I had to choose again, I definitely wouldn’t get it.”

In response to Yihan’s suspicion that the vaccine caused her deafness, the reporter called the Dalian CDC several times, but the call was automatically disconnected soon after it was dialed. 29, the reporter interviewed Dr. Zheng Yuan Yu, an infection department and internal medicine physician at Taiwan’s former Rongmin General Hospital, who told the Epoch Times that

“If it’s sudden deafness, it could be a side effect of the immune system being activated, and it could be related to the vaccine.”

Many people experience deafness after vaccination

In response to the deafness after vaccination, the reporter searched microblogs and found that many people had similar conditions. Netizen “Piao Ha Wan Xia” became deaf after the second dose of Ke Xing at school, and she is currently “dealing with the school and the Health Care Commission”. Her tweet has been deleted by the authorities. However, as you can see on other people’s reposts.

(Screenshot from Weibo)

On her earlier Weibo post, she wrote, “There is a tinnitus rehabilitation group, which is full of such cases, and has done a statistical questionnaire for 14 people, all of whom have sudden deafness and tinnitus due to the vaccine, commenting that the onset time is 2.5 days, 40% of them have no improvement, more than half of them have problems with Kexing, commenting that the treatment is stable for 3 days, and the sequelae are either tinnitus or deafness. deafness. 70% of people do not have any discomfort before inoculation and do not have any medical history.”

(Screenshot from Weibo)

Here are more cases.

(Screenshot from Weibo)

Currently, although the CCP is heavily promoting the protection rate of the Chinese vaccine to the outside world, so far the overall clinical effectiveness data for Phase III of the KeXing vaccine in particular has not been released, and there have been numerous cases of serious side effects from vaccination against the KeXing epidemic. Some netizens say that Kexing has conducted large-scale phase III clinical trials in Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, and Turkey, and that there are many records of adverse reactions, but they are not allowed to be reported at home, and no one abroad cares.