Nanjing, a car hit and stabbed 8 people to hospital

China’s Nanjing police introduced through a notice on May 29 that at about 21:45 local time on Saturday, received a report from the public that a suspect man had hit someone with a car and stabbed them with a knife in Jinluang Lane, Qinhuai District. At present, the suspect Ji Moumou (male, 41 years old, Yancheng Binhai people) has been arrested. After preliminary investigation, the suspect committed the murder due to emotional disputes, the suspect, his ex-wife, and six other injured people, a total of eight people have been sent to the hospital for treatment, no life-threatening.

According to the official media CCTV report, at 21:00 on May 29, the suspect Jimoumou drove a rented white car, in Qinhuai District, Jinluang Lane will be his ex-wife hit the ground, after the scene enthusiastic citizens to stop in vain, Jimoumou again crushed the woman and fled the scene. In a panic, Jimoumoumou collided with other vehicles, airbags popped, resulting in the vehicle it was driving could not be driven.

Subsequently, the suspect Ji Moumou was armed with a knife at the scene after grabbing a car, continue to flee. In Hongwu Road and Zhongshan East Road intersection again traffic accident, the robbed vehicle can not drive. The suspect Ji so-and-so was surrounded by enthusiastic citizens, one of the fatter, enthusiastic men, was Ji so-and-so stabbed with a knife, the scene of many people were also injured to varying degrees. Suspect Ji Moumou attempted suicide and was controlled by the police. At present, the case is under further investigation.