Digging a pit for you to jump: Suining Special Zone Zhongjiang team whole wind study class process full record

This record in my hand is one of the materials I have received in recent years about the anti-rightist movement in 1957, which is different from other materials in that it is not the personal file of a rightist, nor is it the anti-rightist songs or critical articles contained in the open press. It is a detailed record of how this study class helped the Party to rectify the wind and thus uncover the rightists through a loud noise and release. This material is divided into three parts.

This material is divided into three parts: the first part is the organizational composition and the participating units, personnel, etc., of the Suining District Staff Rectification Study Class Zhongjiang Team Study Class; the second part is the minutes of the first stage of the Rectification, i.e., the stage of the big sound and big release; the third part is the minutes of the second stage of the Rectification, i.e., the stage of the big debate. In the second and third parts of the records, except for the minutes of the three general meetings, the rest are the minutes of the meetings of the leadership of the study class or the instructions of the leadership.

In the first part of the material, the first list of the backbone of the “Zhongjiang Team”, including people from the Propaganda Department, the United Front Work Department and the Public Security Bureau, as well as people from various schools (most likely school leaders), makes up the backbone of the team of 30 people; secondly, the entire “Zhongjiang Team” is listed. Secondly, the initial ranking of the 222 people who participated in the “Zhongjiang Team” was conducted, in which 28 leftists, 46 center-leftists, 92 center-centralists, 46 center-rightists, and 10 rightists were identified, which means that at least 10 rightists had been identified in this study class or in the literary and educational system of Zhongjiang County when they came to carry out the rectification study; thirdly, the “Zhongjiang Team “Third, the party branch of the Zhongjiang team was established, and the captain, vice-captain and group leaders of the Zhongjiang team were listed. In this part of the material, the preliminary understanding of the organizational composition and internal classification of the personnel of the entire Zhongjiang team was obtained, and it also showed that the rectification study class was relatively formal and valued, otherwise the Party organization would not have been established in a temporary study class.

The second part of the material is mainly the records of the first stage of the rectification study class.

The first record according to the meaning should be the outline instructions or requirements of the higher leadership or the leadership class of the study class for the whole Zhongjiang team during the whole wind.

1, the leadership should strongly support the release of the sound, dare to light the fire, do not be afraid to burn on their own heads, take the party and group members and the masses together to put, so that the party and group members do not fear to be bored stick, so that more conducive to the latter part of the anti-rightist struggle.

2, to realize that the reason why the rightists can release anti-Party anti-socialist words and deeds is because of their class nature, and that although the provincial and municipal levels have won the anti-rightist struggle, especially the rightists who have not gone through the struggle, will never change their reactionary position and will continue to release their toxins, only in a more secretive and subtle way.

  1. To make the rightists exposed in the great amplification, the masses must be fully mobilized in the great amplification. When the temperature is very high, the rightists will take advantage of the opportunity to muddy the waters and must cause a climax, and the rightists will be exposed in the great amplification.

Through this record, it is clear that the purpose of this rectification study class is to let the rightists who are still in hiding be exposed in the big sounding, the method is to fully mobilize the masses, so that the rightists feel that “there is an opportunity” to come out and speak, so as to catch these rightists, according to the previous formulation is According to the old terminology, “luring snakes out of holes”, but according to the current terminology, digging a hole for you to jump into!

The second item in the record is the record of the speech of the General Assembly, which according to the record should be the speech of the leaders of the Zhongjiang team at the General Assembly after the mobilization meeting of the whole county or a wider scope of the wind, which reads as follows.

This morning to listen to the report of Heng Section Chief, Fan Secretary, our team sat in the back, it is said that some comrades do not listen very clearly, but the general spirit or heard, on how to help the party rectification, boldly put forward their views, say what is on their mind, these important truths report are spoken to, here I do not need to repeat the meaning of the report, I want to say three points.

1, the party’s determination: the party organization and the vast majority of party members have the determination and sincerity to do a good job of rectifying the wind, but also must have the masses to help the party rectify the wind, we should actively help the party rectify the wind, what to say, do not be afraid to say the wrong, the views held in the heart is not good, but also to have the determination and sincerity to help the party rectify the wind, it is said that some people are afraid to be a rightist, know that the rightist and not the feudal gift can afford, if there is a real rightist, he is If there is a real rightist, he is not saying half a word, his stomach is still a set of rightist heart, if the real rightist, he said completely wrong, we and he himself will also seek to improve unity through discussion and analysis of understanding.

2, my attitude: I want to sincerely express my attitude to everyone, and listen to your opinions and criticisms, in addition to everyone to the party organization and personal opinions, especially welcome everyone to give me advice, all the comrades who participated in this study can put forward their opinions and criticisms, the scope is also broad, international and domestic, the party’s major policies or specific work measures, cultural and educational work arrangements, other political and legal, financial, rural, etc. Work can also be mentioned, to a department or a comrade’s shortcomings, mistakes can be mentioned, I welcome everyone to help me to rectify some of my non-Marxist-Leninist style, but also hope that we can do heart-to-heart, as one, the heart and mouth consistent, words and deeds match.

3, this afternoon how to do: no group discussion for the time being, only tomorrow to start the group discussion, this afternoon their own brewing, prepare their views; method: three or five combined, their own reading can be; content is to read documents, review the brewing report, or write a summary of the speech, etc..

In this speech, in contrast to the attitude of the previous record content, very modest and very urgent need for everyone to put forward their views, what aspects can be, whether to the party and government or to individuals, organizations can be mentioned. Digging a hole ……

The next record is the leader’s speech at the party and group leaders.

1, the mobilization of group leaders, party members have what to say, on behalf of (lead) put the song.

In the party members will: (1) own attitudes and opinions are to speak; (2) in the rectification of the wind to take an active and leading role; (3) the masses to help the party rectification regardless of attitude and opinions, even if the reactionary, at present also not refuted, burned to their own heads should be calm, do not be afraid. Note that in the practice of not rushing to open the party classification meeting.

The group leader will: (1) take the lead to put; (2) the masses in the group meeting to speak only to guide the release, how to release, not to guide refutation; (3) the work of lifting concerns is not limited to the right; (4) if the masses want to refute, the group leader should immediately make clear the attitude: everyone has the freedom to express their own ideas, what there is to say is good; (5) for those who have made reactionary statements, to maintain normal relations, business as usual, to All factions of speech are now treated equally; (6) do not easily meet.

2, grasp the law of the release, see the timing, step by step: (1) good at patience and waiting, always speak a little to see a little, always from the leading comrades on the ideological style of a specific issue; (2) should see the opportunity to turn, the leadership designated front section, activists lead the way; (3) must cause a climax, inspire the left, stabilize the middle, paralyze the right, party members, activists and the masses to put together The party members and activists must fight with the masses, fight together, in a variety of forms, and the rightists must fight with us for the center-right elements, saying that sounding, releasing, fighting, and whole.

It is also said that the sounding and releasing is the means, and the struggle is the purpose.

The meaning of this record is clear, to know the strategy, is to teach you how to dig a hole.

The next big sounding and release began, the members of the study class began to help the party rectify the wind, the opinion of the opinion, after collecting the opinion, the leaders of the Zhongjiang team according to all aspects of the situation began to make a small summary:.

1, the overall situation is good, the atmosphere of the song put favorable seeds, some groups of party members also put together, active, the middle faction has twofold, and want to help the party rectify the wind, but also concerns, put it, see, lift some concerns, and then put it, see again; the middle right and the right faction is in the wait and see to feel the bottom.

General concerns are five fears.

(1) Fear of hurting their feelings, offending the leaders, getting along badly in the future, and being retaliated against.
(2) Fear of inadequate facts, not specific, groping for the stones to cross the river, mantis climbing incense.
(3) Fear of saying the wrong thing, wearing a rightist hat, trying to feel the bottom.
(4) Fear of putting a long line to hang (catch) big fish.
(5) Fear of speaking big issues.

The temperature gauge of the release of tweeting is mainly in the middle school.

2, the purpose of our big enlargement of the sound understanding is not comprehensive and correct, we are to have complete sincerity, no sincerity will not be under hard work to mobilize the masses for the middle faction, on the other hand, some of our backbone some impatience, people a release, on the wall to help others write a big word, very unstrategic, the key to the problem is not afraid of the right not to talk, but afraid of the masses to mobilize not, now many is to talk about small but not big, talk about internal Not outside, speaking of specific not principles.

  1. It is necessary to make the big amplification deeper and more climactic: (1) we must be more strategic in our approach; (2) we can diversify our methods; (3) we can mobilize all kinds of organizations; (4) at present we must do more work especially for the center-right; (5) we must do more work within the party and the league; (6) the leadership must be more natural in its attitude and treat them all equally; (7) we must record and organize the big-character posters.

The situation described in the record, it is estimated that and the rest of the country’s rectification process are the same, the masses are not stupid, there are still some people know what can raise opinions and which can not raise opinions, concerns. For this situation, how to get more people to jump into the pit, or to have some way. This is to dig the pit a little deeper.

Two days later, according to the development of the situation, the leadership to show the attitude, once again in the General Assembly to report.

1, we after more than two days of fierce advice, most comrades in the spirit of helping the party to rectify the wind, active and enthusiastic advice, of course, some may not be finished, you can continue to mention, if you really have no opinion should not be forced, but is not a little opinion? I think everyone will always have their own opinion, no opinion on the work, there are always personal problems; no party, there is always a party member comrades; no specific issues, there is always the general policy; no international issues, there are always domestic issues. We help the party to rectify the range of opinions is wide, should not be subject to any restrictions and constraints, should be in the spirit of what to say, dare to express their own views of determination and sincerity, to say what you want to say, do not care about sentiment, should dare to face to mention, to the principal director can also be mentioned, to the senior can also be mentioned, do not be afraid to say the wrong, even if you are to see and hear the feelings of understanding can also be, should be brave to express their own opinions and views, in order to help the party To help the party to rectify the wind, to improve the leadership, to overcome the shortcomings and mistakes in the work, to build a good socialism, we must open up ideas, a big amplification, what to say what, two days we are moving in this direction, we should lead it to a deeper and more climax.

2, more than two days, we did mention many valuable advice, but some comrades doubt whether our wind is sincere, said a no worries, two not afraid of retaliation, only afraid that you do not change. Comrades mentioned this point is very good, mentioned on the key, mentioned on the knife, I said our wind is not to talk about the good, we can give us advice can not love to hear, when the wind, I said the other day that the party organization and party members have the determination to sincerely listen to and accept your views, correcting shortcomings and mistakes. Here, I have repeatedly expressed a sincere attitude to everyone, listening and accepting the right opinions with an open mind, for example: (1) the Propaganda Department in the past to the leadership and supervision of the Department of Education and Health is indeed very serious bureaucracy, education and criticism of Comrade Wu Lunwu is not enough, and then not save this comrade will fall to the rock down, some comrades said he evaded this rectification, we immediately today and send a telegram to the County People’s Committee Branch, and then urge him to come. If you really can’t come, you have to call back the branch. (2) the propaganda department in the past to the school work of the leadership is very poor, especially to the school party members in charge of the poor help education, resulting in their more serious individualist ideas, some work impatient, arrogant attitude, detached from the masses, or disunity with each other, or even serious bourgeois ideas, the problem of reputation, status, x x, such as Zhang Dusheng and Zhou Tuo Ru, Zhang Hua’an, Zhou Zifeng and other comrades. The Party branch of this team has resolved to solve their problems, in the spirit of rectifying and reforming at the same time, to rectify their shortcomings and faults in order to benefit the revolutionary cause of the Party and the people. (3) propaganda department, especially I do not care enough to support the teaching union, poor political and ideological work of the teaching staff comrades, especially the teaching staff political progress requirements do not care, resulting in the school party building work is delayed, this study, the branch has decided to actively carry out party building. The above-mentioned major shortcomings and mistakes, as well as the views that have not yet been mentioned, I once again express my sincere attitude, listening and accepting your views with an open mind, and welcome you to help me to rectify these problems; at the same time, all our party comrades must also correctly and deeply understand the determination and sincerity of the Party to rectify the wind, each comrade must actively participate in the rectification, not only the Party has instructions, but also the government has decided, which is the honorable cadres of each revolutionary Party members in particular should take it seriously, not only to boldly give the party advice, know everything, say everything, but also to listen to and accept the views of the masses with an open mind, there are corrective measures, no additional efforts, we should take ownership of the posture of supervising the party cadres, if found in the rectification of who is not sincere and honest, that is, not open-mindedly accept the views, or mention the words do not change, you can always reflect to the party organization, or continue to Criticism and advice, if we are not determined to be sincere, it is not to say what serious problems, even a little wind and cough is not good. As the saying goes, the gold stone is open, the most sincere moving people. Here, I once again call on all party members and comrades, resolutely come up with sincere sincerity to implement the central wind instructions, with a serious attitude towards the wind, and once again call on all comrades, welcome you also come up with determination and sincerity, courageous and resolute to help the party to rectify the wind, continue to put, bold song, what to say what, to speak out from the heart, in order to improve the work, improve the relationship between the leader and the led.

  1. Several hopes.

(1) first of all, Communist Party members must have the determination to sincerity, listening and accepting the views of others with an open mind, to see large print, cartoons, while the whole side, their own views should also be actively mentioned, open and honest, heart to heart, what there is to say, without reservation; other comrades should also do so, is “there, speak put”.

(2) can be a variety of ways, flexible and interesting, the scope can be wide and deep, as far as the major international and domestic issues, as well as the party’s policies, can express their own views, to express their own thoughts and feelings.

(3) learning must be gradual, should be mutual ××××, should not designate people to speak, told to write the newspaper, but should be consciously and voluntarily, their own run their own to, the office only leave a blackboard, to everyone up, really put the song led to a deeper and more climax.

Leaders in the General Assembly speech only words do not mention the problem of strategy, do not talk about the enemy to lure deeper, paralyze the right words, only talk about the sincerity of the party organization, only talk about the problem of modest correction, and even to specific comments quickly made a response, the criticism of the criticism, the acceptance of the acceptance, the improvement of the improvement, so that you let down your guard. The pit is digging bigger and bigger, the party organization is waiting for you to jump with an open mind.

After the General Assembly, after showing the sincerity, the effect is immediately obvious: the

Party members are classified according to the following criteria.

1, firm position, clear understanding.
2、Vague views, which can be transformed after education.
3, rightist words and deeds in the release.
4、Turning against the Party and the rightists in the release.

Nine of the ten rightists spoke, and one raised the question of whether Guo Moruo’s article, “The guilty speak of the guilty, the innocent speak of the innocent,” was the opinion of the Party.

(1) escape: life is too narrow did not speak, there are please pretend to be sick.
(2) Falsehood: saying that the party is great, there has never been.
(3) borrowing from the topic and summarizing the opinions of others.
(4) Those who do not speak themselves but mobilize party members and the left to speak.
(5) speaks in a stammering manner.

  1. time to engage in another day.
    2, the scope of the sounding release is relaxed.
    3, flexible and diverse ways.
    4, the office to catch the material.
    5, line up, x pay group leader.

1, mobilize party and group members and the masses together to sound the release.
2, mobilize various other organizations.
3, the group leader should have a good attitude, open-minded analysis of ideological concerns.
4, open various meetings to lift concerns.
5, pay attention to the rightists spread the unfavorable release of speech.
6, the General Assembly set of small meetings, crossover.
7、Striving for the initiative, leading to the climax.
8、Conduct individual talks.

Leadership ideology should pay attention to the water must be confused, pay attention to the center-right.
The team should be grasped tightly, the group leader will have quality and quantity, according to the specific situation.
To open their mouths more and express their opinions in a variety of forms, i.e., in the form they are most satisfied with.
The real climax should be put deep and thorough by the center-right, to have them put enough.

These paragraphs of the record should be the analysis and summary of the situation in the following days, it can be seen that the rectification movement has appeared climax, the speech are spoken, and even some party comrades are confused, there are problems, which is exactly the result that the party organization wants, but not enough, not enough to make the party organization satisfied, the leadership instructions “must mix the water”! This pit is already deep!

After a few days of continued release, the release of all that should be released, the release of all that should be sounded, it is time to look at the words of these release right or wrong, in accordance with the spirit of the rectification movement, after the release is the stage of the great debate.

The next step from the big amplification of the song to the big debate, the beginning should still be the main release of the song, the facts and reasoning.

How to turn?

Reviewed by the propaganda minister and party principal.

(1) the party’s policy is correct, some issues in the implementation of the implementation of our shortcomings: we are not enough care for intellectuals, is accommodating, is overestimated; salary is really too big a disparity can be raised, but also to say that some comrades are really a little weaker; if serious violations of the law and discipline to deal with, if the problem about moral style should be criticized and educated, should be handed over to the relevant departments to deal with. To speak of the main, to raise a step, mentioned in principle; to speak factually, some things are discrepancies and expansion, but the starting point is okay, we can not completely agree with everyone can still discuss.

The general spirit should be realistic, sincere, to refute, but also to make them dare to raise their opinions again.

(2) the great amplification of some good ideas, but also some questions and opinions we do not agree.


1, after the turn is still to a melee.
2, further mapping of the left, the formation of the backbone of the team.
3, carefully line up and grasp the changes.
4、Pick out the arguments of the rightists.
5、To win over some middle elements, especially some representative figures.

These two paragraphs of the record should be the leadership instructions for the latter stage, that is, the stage of the great debate strategy, first to express sincere acceptance of views, and even let the leading cadres on the team (propaganda minister, party principal is actually the team leader of this Zhongjiang team) to do a review, but the focus is “to refute”, “to a melee “, to pick out the rightist arguments. The pit has been dug and is deep enough, and someone has jumped in, it’s time to spread the soil bit by bit and bury those who jumped in.

The first phase is over, there should be a summary of the conference.

In the first nine days of the great amplification, the majority of teachers on a number of Party work, especially the cultural and educational sector of the Party organization and Party comrades, put forward many criticisms and comments. According to statistics, the whole team of 212 people, in the size of the meeting spoke more than 600 people, a total of nearly 1,000 comments, posted 21 large print posters, 84 cartoons, the scope of the comments involved, first of all, mainly the Party’s cultural and educational policies, especially the Party’s cultural and educational cadres, the ideological style of school leaders, wages and benefits, promotion and transfer of the most problems; followed by also involved in the international and domestic, the five major movements, the The next is also related to the international and domestic, five major movements, three major reforms and other major issues. Now basically all open up, some of the frame a few momentum, finally speak from the heart, and even hidden for a few years of the inner words also reason, most of the positive and serious to help the party rectification, what to say what, seek truth from facts, consistent with the table, speak freely attitude, which is good; of course, some have not yet let go of the song through, only a little superficial words, did not speak out from the heart, which is not right. These criticisms, although always sharp, pungent, but enough to make people think hard, we should warmly welcome, sincerely accept. Most of the views are correct, for our party members to recognize, check, correct errors and shortcomings have a great benefit; some of the views are not comprehensive, incorrect, slightly different, radical performance, but as long as they are well-intentioned, we believe that there are also benefits, should also be welcomed. From this, we can see that the great amplification has once again proved the correctness of the Party Central Committee’s instructions on the rectification of the wind and the correctness of the Party’s working method of the mass line, which also shows that the vast majority of intellectuals are concerned about and love the Party and the socialist revolutionary cause. However, there are some opinions that we consider to be errors of principle, fundamental differences in principle with our understanding, which we must not agree with and accept; of course, speaking out will help to solve the problem and improve the thinking, because the thinking always governs the action and cannot be concealed, even if it is a wrong thinking, it can only be easily solved by speaking it out and spreading it out. So the kind of people who will have wrong ideas but can open up their wrong ideas, it is possible to be educated, improved and raised from the controversy; only a very small number of people who are not willing to help the party rectify the wind sincerely and sincerely, but also do not want to open up their wrong views, is very dangerous in the process of socialist revolution.

Now, in order to continue to carry out the deepening of the big amplification, in order to further enrich and activate the content of the sounding, must be on the basis of the sounding, combined with the continuation of the sounding to carry out the debate; must allow the expression of a variety of different views, so that everyone has the freedom to express their own ideas, even if the two tit-for-tat views argued, said the reasoning, hold the reason, that is a very good phenomenon, not what impedes the sounding. It is not that someone in the group said that the time has not come. Everyone’s views and opinions on all issues, especially on some major issues of principle and right and wrong, whether in the past or present, at the meeting or after the meeting, where their own thoughts and opinions, can be put forward for discussion without reservation. You can criticize others’ opinions, and you should also allow others to criticize your own opinions; you can insist on your correct arguments, and you cannot force others to accept your views. In short, the problems and opinions on their own thinking out, spread out, so that we can discuss and argue a little is beneficial; hide their views, to avoid the disclosure of contradictions and solutions is not beneficial. Therefore, we should still be in the spirit of the great amplification, express their own views, adhere to the truth, correct the spirit of error, the implementation of the facts, reasoning, arguments, arguments for right and wrong, the principle of reason to convince people, not indiscriminate labeling, suppression of others to express their views or abuse, etc. Only in this way can we achieve the purpose of distinguishing right from wrong, identify the truth, improve ideological understanding, and benefit the Party and the cause of socialist revolution. The scope should also be as broad as possible, without restrictions, all issues, such as cultural and educational policies, the rest of the Party’s policy principles, the international and domestic social system, the five major movements, the three major transformations and other major issues can be, what to say what, express their views. There are many different and lively ways to express your views, such as large group meetings, three to five talk, blackboard, large print, cartoons, mimeograph, free combination, poems, songs, short articles, radio, free forum, etc. Each person can choose the way he or she thinks most comfortable to express his or her opinions and arguments, and debate freely. We still advocate the attitude of seeking truth from facts, agreeing on the table, saying what is there, and expressing one’s own opinion, and never advocate the kind of tedious arguments in which people follow the clouds, or are limited to general purely specific or operational issues. In order to really help the party to rectify the wind, to distinguish right from wrong, to identify the truth, to raise awareness, we should dispel all worries, to put and argue to a deeper and more climax!

The leader’s speech at the conference is always grand, to set up a pagoda for themselves, not to mention a mixed war, not to mention the issue of queuing, or just to mention the sincere acceptance, even to “and our understanding of the fundamental differences in principle” is also to look at the attitude of education, so that everyone to dispel all worries, so that more people to continue to jump into the pit!

The third part of this record is the record of the stage of the big debate, but also the record of the final burial, in this part there is no record of the whole team meeting, only the instructions of the leaders and the record of the meeting of the top of the Zhongjiang team and the record of the analysis of the situation in the team, which shows that the pit has been dug, people have jumped in, burying people is just our party organization’s own business.

The third part of the first record is a summary of the work of the party organization of the Zhongjiang team in the previous period.

  1. Estimation of the situation in the previous period.

The basic let go, as long as we mobilize the party inside and outside together, is sure to put up, put the breadth and depth of the expansion, most of the middle elements are released, revealing a lot of problems, in such a climax of the water mixed, the middle elements also have a lot of dissatisfaction with the party, and hidden rightists.

From the situation of the rightists, some speak partly, some speak prominently, some half speak not, we must be alert to the new tricks of the rightists: (1) pretend to be sick, sealed not to talk, has spoken for fear that we catch his fox tail; (2) secretly carry out activities to win (back) wayward people, especially to win the leftists; (3) disguise progress, say pro-party, pro-socialism, in essence, to defend as attack; (4) attempting to frame the centrists; (5) dragging out time, trying to wear us out; and (6) individually being very arrogant.

From our own ranks, our group leaders were all burned in the sounding and releasing, and some were afraid of burning, could not sink their teeth into it, rose up to refute, and even openly opposed this policy.

The characteristics of this time: the rightists they were not mainly aimed at the Party’s organization and policy from the beginning, they first seized on the shortcomings of our individual Party members to scandalize them, divorced the Party from the masses, lowered the Party’s relations, denied the achievements of socialism from several aspects, denied the superiority of the socialist system, and said that sending Party members to schools was a disaster for the country and the people.

  1. Current situation.

The movement has progressed to the point where it needs to go deeper, to the point where we need to further promote the sounding and releasing; our team has not yet formed, in this case, we must turn accordingly, not by taking a sudden turn, but by taking a gradual turn, by carrying out debates gradually. The next step is: to continue to release, to carry out debates, to identify right and wrong, to raise awareness. The advantages of such a turn: (1) to fight another mixed battle, to exercise the leftists and form a team; (2) to raise the sense of smell of the masses; (3) to fight for the middle, to further expose and isolate the rightists.

  1. Specific practices.

(1) must implement the policy of convincing people with reason, insist on laying out the facts, reasoning, moving (more) thinking, and avoid roughly deducting hats; (2) the form of debate still take a variety of forms, but should not go to organize them to engage in attitude, so as not to be passive, generally to small debates; (3) the content of the debate to the masses to come up with questions, we should not come up with questions, so as not to be passive, to believe that there are some in the masses have a certain level, we should have a good idea, and lead to some big right and wrong.

There may be three trends: (1) the right argument does not war, overwhelmingly say good, the left to speak, not to speak on the pick; (2) hold the specific issues do not let go, on the specific issues to seize the facts to speak, if so we will rectify the side, pick a few outstanding immediately corrected; (3) the debate may be some to fall over.

4, resolutely implement the side of the rectification, the correct views should be factual self-criticism: (1) the Minister of propaganda and party principals to review, must be sincere and good self-criticism, but on the issue of principle can not be compromised, the fundamental position views can not be shaken; (2) pointed out that some with the principle of one-sided wrong views we can not agree; (3) to think about the purge inside some of the problems related to law and discipline by the relevant (3) some issues related to law and discipline in the Siwei purge will be solved and dealt with by the relevant parties; (4) the issue of wages and benefits will be dealt with according to the provisions of the policy principles.

5, do a good job of the middle elements: (1); leading comrades to make friends with the middle elements, individual talks, from the side to wake them up to participate in the battle; (2) their wrong statements do not buckle the hat, but by their own review; (3) we change, so that they see that we really rectify the side of the reform, nor is it appropriate to open a centrist forum to discuss the views, we have to take the method of individual talks; (4) do a good job of lining up work, by fighting mixed war after the platoon for a review, especially to point out the right and the standard bearers of the center-right, the main crackdown on the right to select the right, one by one to study the arguments of the right, to do some preparation.

The leaders should: (1) catch the points; (2) summarize a little experience; (3) sound organization; and (4) keep it secret.

This summary is very comprehensive, and gives a comprehensive analysis of the attitudes of the left (group leader), the center and the right, thus determining that a firm Party team has not yet been fully formed, and that efforts must continue to be made to implement the consistent policy of “drawing snakes out of holes”, to direct the direction of the great debate to the major rights and wrongs, to unite the middle elements, to improve the organization, and to do the work of digging holes and burying people. The work of digging a hole and burying people was done in a seamless manner.

The effect of the work after careful deployment was immediately apparent, the great debate came to a climax, and the rightists were revealed: 1.

1, must carefully collect materials, comprehensive analysis and research, timely collation of evidence, serious mapping and lineup.

  1. the source of the material must be authentic, with the original words and the full meaning recorded.
    3, often grasp and analyze the ideological situation of the left, center and right, and constantly line up.
    4, the rightist elements should be divided into accounts, daily collection, reporting, focusing on their specific materials.
    5, can be divided or not divided rightists adhere to the temporary not divided, and actively collect materials.
    6, do not only estimate from the phenomenon, to carefully analyze and study the material.
    7, do not only look at the surface, to look at the activities behind and the essence.
  2. look not only at reactionary words and deeds, but also at consistent performance and political-historical family, etc.
    9, not only look at the political history, to examine the consistent political attitude.
    10, do not confuse ideological style, political history and other issues and consistent political attitudes.
    11, do not limit to the political history of complex and older teachers, but also pay attention to party members and young teachers.


  1. have the same heart and mouth, be consistent in appearance, argue freely and clarify right and wrong.
  2. to do the work of the middle elements.
  3. to raise issues with attention, to argue while raising them, from small to large, from specific to principle.
    4, the group leader should not make conclusions.
    5, not necessarily every issue to fight thoroughly, you can write large print, drawing cartoons.
    6, and then engage in a large print, board the culmination of the dispute.


1, fully mobilize the masses to expose the rightist words and deeds.
2, vigorously mobilize the middle elements, through individual (x) talk, talk in tandem for education.

  1. insisting on reasoned struggle, great arguments, and convincing people with reason.
  2. concentrate and organize the materials, and break them down in batches and by batches.


(1) naming; (2) picking the rightist backbone of the platoon, who to fight first and who to fight later, study the strategy

First fight and then reveal, when refuting, select representative reactionary words and deeds, reveal the historical bottom, mainly the rightist backbone: (1) the head of the rightist faction of the Democratic League; (2) the head of the rightist clique; (3) the head of the rightist faction who promoted student disturbances; (4) the historical counterrevolution or leaky counterrevolution and the rightists who have a grudge against killing relatives and lighting fires everywhere in an attempt to reverse the case.

The record in these paragraphs is clear enough that the rightists have been uncovered, and now it is time to collect evidence and also to continue the search for new rightists. According to the records in these paragraphs, people who are most likely to become rightists have these characteristics: firstly, you have a bad family background and are of exploitative class origin; secondly, you are a member of the Democratic League (dragged by the big rightist alliance, the Zhang Luo Alliance); thirdly, you yourself have historical problems; fourthly, you are an intellectual. Burying people is also a discipline, and it is not easy to convince the buried people.

The right wing was uncovered, the criticism will be less, how to organize.

  1. situation.

Participate in the criticism meeting people
Speakers (left, center, right, with the organization prepared ……)
Expose the problem of a (the original school of a, a newly discovered)
Refute the problem one, criticize the attitude one, expose the ignition one.
Self-proclaimed in the school is a reclusive observation.

  1. Approach.

(1) choose the target: branch committee and group leaders will make a study, through the backbone and intermediate elements to study the (x) situation, intermediate elements reflect: the party believes in us, we should act.

(2) Training the backbone: the division of labor familiar with the material and prepare the refutation, the left mainly studied the struggle strategy, the middle mainly studied what to argue? How to argue? Discuss whether the party is turning over its face, and what good will it do us to get these issues right? Unanimously reflecting that we should argue and must argue: we must fight the right with anger under the leadership of the Party.

(3) From the beginning of the refutation to the general unveiling (reveal) refutation of reactionary words and deeds after the general almost, and then reveal their family political history.

  1. Several issues.

(1) the selection of targets and refutation should be shifted from top-down to bottom-up will be able to focus on ideas and firepower.

(2) must let go of the mobilization of the masses, especially the middle elements should pay good attention to master, the middle of the speech accounted for 74% of the whole.

(3) The signs that the masses are mobilized: the middle elements and the rightists break the sentiment; the ideological boundaries are clearly drawn; (x) (x), expose, and lay out the facts is the process of mobilizing the masses.

(4) The person presiding over the meeting should be good at mastering the venue.

When the masses are not mobilized to do everything possible to mobilize the masses, after the masses are mobilized to pay attention to the mastery of the strategy, the organization of the power to refute, in addition to the special people, should also be in the masses to find materials and power to refute, some people can not say clearly, (×××××××××××).

Leadership methods: grasp the experience, grasp the problem, grasp the idea, grasp the strategy.

Bury the people ……

Criticizing the rightists also requires strategies: the

The mobilization of the middle elements is important, it is the yardstick by which we mobilize the masses. Some people say: you say whatever the Communist Party says, and it’s not right not to say; the leftist backbone has bred some undue impatience situation, wanting a quick battle, attempting to barge the rightists down at once. The battle was hastily prepared, with the following specific manifestations.

(1) Inadequate reasons for the refutation.
(2) some confusion in the refutation, the main arguments are not captured.
(3) Lightly fighting attitudes.
(4) relying on leftist youth dolls for criticism was not enough, but relying on center-right elements with a certain level of proximity to the right.
(5) The masses are up and the ideological work is not clear.

It has always been the consistent policy of the Communist Party to win over the middle elements, and it has been the lifeline of the Communist Party’s united front from the First Domestic Revolutionary War to the Third Domestic War. Just as the hard-hit Democratic League in this anti-right movement was once the most important ally of the Communist Party, the anti-right struggle at this time also needs middle elements to act as a facade. Burying people should also be justified!

It is much easier to beat a dog that has fallen into the water, the evidence of guilt is clear, and you are convinced that you have been beaten.

The purpose of the anti-right: is to carry out a political and ideological socialist revolution among the whole country, especially among the bourgeois elements and intellectuals, and to give the younger generation a political and ideological socialist education.

Symbols of defeating the rightists.

(1) Full exposure of the reactionary words and deeds and reactionary outlook of the rightists.
(2) Refutation of reactionary arguments.
(3) The masses rise up and are educated in their ideology.
(4) the backbone was tempered.


1, the struggle against the rightists should first fight the more obvious problems easy to fight down, the stubborn difficult to fight can be left in accordance with the instructions of the provincial party committee a small number of fight thoroughly, never in order to rush and simple hasty.

2, the struggle should pay attention to prevent and rightist bull top, such as the phenomenon of bull top should take the initiative to relax, timely research countermeasures, avoid bull top rough, always mobilize the masses, adhere to the reasoning struggle, because the rightist or cunning or reveal its ugly, its more will be detached from the masses, favorable anti-right struggle.

  1. Because of the low level of cadres and lack of experience, the commander should personally go to the front line.


(1) To let the rightists speak.
(2) To criticize their tricks.
(3) To avoid backbiting.
(4) To analyze the characteristics of rightists.
(5) To seize the key and pursue it gradually and deeply.
(6) To mobilize the middle and release concerns through discussions.
(7) To be prepared and constantly sum up experience.


(1) To carefully analyze the arguments.
(2) To work carefully in the middle, especially the characteristics of those who are close to him.
(3) should always line up.
(4) Should do the work of the enemy.


  1. The situation of the anti-right struggle: It has moved to a climactic stage, with the first battle fought in nine days, and we have concentrated our main efforts on cracking down on the backbone of the rightists.

Basic experience: (1) the goal of the struggle should be focused and clear, and there should be profound educational content in educating the masses; (2) full exposure and full reasoning; (3) rightists in different situations should be differentiated, measured, and mastered in strategy, and those major rightists should be beaten down and stink, and should be beaten to death politically and ideologically, while the general rightists should be stopped in moderation; (4) the line between the right and the center-right must be divided (5) the struggle must be fully prepared; (6) the mobilization of the middle masses must not be limited to superficial sensationalism, but must be well ideologically mobilized.

  1. How to organize and launch the second stage?

To launch a general attack on the rightists, we must do a good job of mobilizing the masses and of dividing and dismantling the rightists.

This great and serious political and ideological struggle is an important test and exercise for each of our comrades.

Another nine days have passed, the snakes that should have come out have come out, even the hibernating snakes have been lured out, now the task is to kill them with a stick! Bury it!

The latter record goes one step deeper, and among the right there is the distinction between

Criteria for the far right

  1. those who are more reactionary and influential in a unit or in that sector.
  2. organizers, behind-the-scenes commanders, and active activists of rightist cliques.
  3. those who have systematic reactionary statements themselves.
  4. those who consistently hate the Party and hold great class hatred for it
  5. Those who are die-hard and unwilling to bow down and admit their guilt, those who cope on the surface but do not bow down in reality, and those who have arrogant ambitions.

In general, the rightists should be deepened, penetrated and stinky, their reactionary views fully refuted, their ugly faces thoroughly exposed, and those with small groups cleared of organizational ties, so that the cadres and masses are educated.

The implementation of the policy of differentiated treatment: the general rightists as long as the account is thorough, profound review, can be placed in the General Assembly fight, not to wear a hat, not to reveal the history; the extreme right must be stink, so that they surrender, to put on their anti-Party anti-socialist hat, to admit the facts.

The movement should be more generous in mobilizing the masses at the climax and depth stage, and should work with the rightists, not fearing their cunning, and letting them fully play the game to educate the masses and not be confused by false images; in doing a good job with the middle elements, we should also do a good job with the middle right. (The two sides of the middle elements, the changes before and after the negative wound)


How to (x) fight “cooperatives”?

  1. study the performance of the rightists since the sounding of the release, according to their usual characteristics.
  2. to have a full grasp of the material of the rightists or suspicious characters and point out their horizontal and vertical relations.
    3、Select the weak link of the rightist clique and pursue it so that it will confess. The young and strong faction is young and inexperienced, most easily exposed, and may be the link between the top and the bottom.
  3. Combine fighting and pulling, divide the inner circle, and strive for uprising.
    5, fully mobilize the masses, timely exposure of rightist conspiracies, and constantly inspire the fighting spirit; mobilize the masses who have ignited the fire to redress their grievances; mobilize their free market, that is, the rightist protective color (referring to the center-right) to win over all these people.
    6, fully prepared for battle, can give activists the necessary bright bottom.

The snake also has a weakness, and to beat the snake, we must beat the seven inches; the snake also divides into sizes, and the buried people also divide into shades.

Now that the rightists have been uncovered and the rightist group has been knocked out, where should the anti-rightist struggle go?

How to pay attention to finding the rightists in the Party?

1, I come from an exploiting class family, deeply influenced by exploiting class ideas, class dissidents who hate the Party; people whose immediate family members or social relations are discontented with the fight, people with serious landlord class ideas.
2、People from high-ranking intellectual families, who are themselves deeply influenced by bourgeois ideology and are active in the movement.
3、People who themselves were fought in the purge movement because of political and historical problems.
4, although I am not from an exploiting class family, because of serious personal problems hatred of the party against the party.

Check the leakage of.

1, check the records of the sounding and release, large-print posters, etc..

  1. Mobilize the masses to expose.

How to find more rightists when those who should be classified as rightists have already been classified and those who should be criticized have already been criticized? It is often said that fortresses are easily broken from the inside, check from yourself. Even if you are a party member, but you have problems with your origin, your relatives have problems, your personal history has problems, or your parents are university professors, or you have raised your opinion in this great outcry because of your salary, treatment, etc., then you are a potential rightist! You have attended the previous party meetings, and you are clear about the party’s policies, but you just didn’t think that you were one of the people who jumped into the pit.

The last paragraph records that center-right elements are also in the crosshairs.

The work of the center-right elements must be done well:.

  1. the work of the center-right elements was not done well, did not draw a clear line with the rightists in political thought, sympathized with and supported the rightists, and three center-right elements came down and cried.
  2. Some center-right elements also put some poison in the sounding and releasing, but are full of care and get away with it.

Insist on three articles.

  1. The branches did not do a good enough job with the center-right elements, and their attitude was not obvious. It must be made clear to them that you should take part in the struggle, and that you also put poison in the sounding and releasing, which is wrong.
    2, the designation can not be burned to them, a whole must be whole chaos.
    3, go back over and then take time to engage.

According to this record, the study class is going to end, go back and then make time for it again, if this Zhongjiang team does not complete the rightist index set by the superiors, the next middle elements in the middle rightists will have some people buried mercilessly!

This is the end of the entire record.

For this record, some necessary clarifications are needed: First, no specific time is indicated in this record. According to the content, it is highly likely that the time of the Rectification Study Class was during August 1957, because according to the requirements of the central government at that time, “the Rectification Movement and the anti-rightist struggle, which began in May this year, were held before August mainly in party and government organs above the provinces and cities, in Before August, the anti-rightist struggle was carried out mainly in party and government organs, universities and colleges, democratic parties, the press and publishing industry, science and technology, literature and art, and the health sector. After August, the struggle will gradually be launched among workers, peasants, industrial and commercial circles, and teachers and staff of primary and secondary schools.” (Deng Xiaoping’s “Report on the Rectification Campaign” at the Third Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee.) And August was the summer vacation period, when teachers in all schools were able to have time to concentrate on their studies. Secondly, this record is all in one person’s handwriting, so it should have been compiled after the rectification to maintain the information; thirdly, this record was purchased online at a cost of only 20 to 30 yuan (including postage), so there is no possibility of forgery; finally, all the records were recorded, and the words that were unclear or unidentifiable because of handwriting were marked with (x) by me.

According to the contents of the records, and then compared to the contents of the “Report on the Rectification Campaign” of Deng Xiaoping at the Third Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee on September 23, 1957, we can see the format of the Rectification Campaign, in the “Report on the Rectification Campaign”, Deng Xiaoping mentioned: “In the central, provincial (city), local and county organs, the campaign must go through four stages, namely, the stage of a big sound and a big release (while carrying out rectification), the stage of countering the rightists (while carrying out rectification), the stage of focusing on rectification (while continuing to sound and release), and the stage of each person studying documents, criticizing and reflecting, and improving himself. All units that have already achieved decisive victories in the anti-rightist struggle should promptly move to the third stage, which focuses on rectification and reform, while carrying out systematic criticism of bourgeois ideology.” It can be said that this record is a living example of the first two stages.

On the issue of the Anti-Rightist Movement, some scholars say that it was a part of the intellectuals who did not know the high ground and attacked the Party, which led to their downfall. Here, after reading these records, should these scholars not change their views: the anti-right movement is – gently digging a big pit, luring you to jump down, and viciously burying you!