Attention, your looks have been suspected of insult

People look ugly, but also may be God’s favor to you.

This is not chicken soup, nor is it masturbation, please see this story from the Qing Dynasty notebook collection “Harmonious Duo”.

There was a scholar in Zhenjiang, named Zhao Zeng Yi, when he was a teenager, he had a natural talent, and was valued by the local literary circles, and everyone who knew him said he had a great future.

Unfortunately, the face is really sorry talent.

Zhao Zeng Yi how ugly, the book does not say, only that once, he did not know what stimulation, the mirror to look at themselves, the more you look at the more indignant: why I am talented eight, but the face is so low? So he inscribed a poem on the wall.

I want to ask the king of hell
I am afraid that the face of the mountain is not true
If you say that Zuo Si has a lot of ugly face
Who is the one who throws fruits by the road

Dare I ask the king of hell, am I wrong to look like this? If it is said that talented people must be as ugly as Zuo Si, then Pan An is also very talented, but why is he so beautiful that he has shocked all of Luoyang?

There are two allusions in the poem: Zuo Si, a famous genius of the Western Jin Dynasty, from whom the idiom “Paper is expensive in Luoyang” comes, and a public article, which was forwarded (copied) to all of Luoyang, raising the price of paper; Pan An, a genius of the same generation as Zuo Si, was so talented that he and another famous literary scholar, Lu Ji, were called “Pan Jiang Lu Hai”. Pan Jiang Lu Hai”, which means that their talents were like the continuous flow of the river (broken sound).

The same have talent, Pan An beauty into the top stream, but Zuo Si ugly on the hot search.

There is a story in “The New Story of the World” where two people are in the same frame.

Pan Yue (i.e. Pan An) is wonderfully poised and good looking. When he was young, he was holding a bullet out of Luoyang Road, and when women met him, they would not fail to hold hands and haunt him. Zuo Taichong (i.e. Zuo Si) was extremely ugly, and he also followed Yue’s example in his travels, so the women spat at him and returned.

Pan An was so beautiful that when he walked on the street of Luoyang as a teenager with a strong bow, all the sisters in the city held hands around him to prevent him from leaving, just to see him one more time. Zuo Si was particularly ugly, but he wanted to follow Pan An’s example and walked on the street of Luoyang with a slingshot.

Pei Qi’s “Yulin”, a book of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, offers another, more classic version, namely “throwing fruits to fill the car”.

An Ren is the most beautiful, every line, the old woman to throw the fruit, full of cars. Zhang Mengyang was the ugliest of all, and every time he walked, a child threw a tile or stone at him, which also filled the cart.

An Ren is Pan An, every time he traveled by car, the road aunt will throw fruit to him, and soon filled a carriage; there is also a very ugly-looking talent wanted to learn from him, but because it is too ugly, a go out was thrown stones and bricks, also soon filled the carriage. The difference is that this ugly man was named Zhang Mengyang, not Zuo Si.

The meaning of the poem that Zhao Zeng Yi wrote on the wall is to complain about the unfair fate, why some people combine beauty and talent, such as Pan An; others, such as Zuo Si and him, have talent but no face value.

In fashionable terms, Zhao Zeng Yi is a typical appearance anxiety sufferers, put today, as long as he can afford to pay, any medical beauty or what plastic surgery institutions can solve his problems, but that is the ancient times, then anxiety and what can be done.

Not to mention, there is an ancient solution, and compared to modern medical beauty, or 100% painless, and free. Do not believe and look at the following.

After the poem was written, Zhao Zengye still had a hard time, lying in bed doubting life, eyes closed, found himself in a strange place, as luxurious as a king’s palace, next to three high-rise buildings, on a gold plaque, written “face reincarnation” four big words.

Was wondering, then saw a scholar in Chinese clothes, with two books under his armpits, from inside slowly out. Zhao Zengye took a closer look, it turned out to be his old friend Kang Xihou, also a famous scholar in Zhejiang, because of good painting, is a guest of the local dignitaries.

Kang saw Zhao, quite a bit of surprise, the two exchanged pleasantries, Zhao asked, long time no see, now where high. Kang said you do not know, I left the world long ago, because I was good at drawing, the king of the nether world hired me as a secretary, all beings here, before reincarnation, I am responsible for drawing five senses, that is, their face value is decided by me.

Said, Kang took out the two books clamped to Zhao, said you look, you know how well intentioned I am.

Zhao first look at the first book, the cover says “nobleman phase”, open a look, are short, ugly, dark and fat people; then look at the second book, the cover says “bitch phase”, one of them is more beautiful than the other, and the beauty is indistinguishable from men and women. Thinking that he had just been distressed by this, Zhao Zengye said unhappily, “Since brother Kang has the power of creation in his hands, why must the noble be ugly and the low be beautiful?

Kang smiled slightly and said, “Brother Zhao’s insight is not shallow, look at those powerful people today, some with a golden spoon born, and some are relying on talent for merit to enjoy the glory and wealth, these people want to face value for what? And those poor people, no background, no talent, no skills, I gave them a good skin, so they can mix in the social circle of the rich and powerful, relying on the value of the face for a meal, this is what I think is fair. I think it’s fair to say that you, brother Zhao, in my opinion, is the face of the rich and powerful, if you change another face, beautiful for a while, poor and harmful for life.

Zhao disliked, Kang brother a little exaggerated, right, since ancient times, beauty and talent coexist in many people, such as Pan An, Wei Jie in the Jin Dynasty, Liou Hou Zhang Liang in the Han Dynasty, are notoriously good-looking, where they are poor and cheap.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the people who are looking at you. If he did not know the time to cultivate immortality and refine the way to go, he would have been executed like Han Xin. In short, life wants to be perfect, will attract the Creator’s hatred, it is better to leave some defects, in exchange for a life of peace and happiness.

After listening to Kang Xihou’s words, Zhao Zengye was silent.

Perhaps it is seen that he is still struggling inside, Kang Xihou then said, let’s do this, if you really have appearance anxiety, as long as you are willing to reduce some rich, I can do a microcosm for you.

Zhao was overjoyed to hear this and said of course I am willing, whole it.

Kang took out a brush, in Zhao’s face horizontal and vertical skimming, slightly outline, faster than the beauty of the picture, not a few times, said OK. Zhao said, and then a few more whole. Kang said brother, we have ten years of friendship, I really can not bear to give you a look of hungry ghost ah.

Just saying, the palace suddenly came the sound of shouting, Zhao was startled, fled in haste, not a few steps under a trip, woke up, it turned out to be a dream.

Unexpectedly, from then on, Zhao Zeng Yi’s face really gradually improved, becoming more and more good-looking; but at the same time, the literary thinking also gradually dried up, after more than thirty years of continuous participation in the examination, until old age and death, did not win the examination.

The name of this story is called “face reincarnation”. In fact, I think it’s more appropriate to call it “Painted Skin”, it is even more than Pu Songling’s “Painted Skin” to make people think about the most horrible.

The horror is here: the face of a person, before reincarnation has been destined. Moreover, face value and talent are inversely proportional, the total value of the two is 1 then, there are two extremes: face value full 1, talent is 0; face value is 0, talent full 1, of course, there are nine one open, eight two open, seven three open …… five five open, etc..

Then, and the introduction of the nobility index to balance, only 1 wild beast 0, can earn wealth and glory with talent; wild beast 1 only 0, can also rely on the face value to live a prosperous life, the rest of the analogy. Those who have both talent and appearance are exceptions, and often have a difficult fate, and even do not end well. The typical ones are Pan An and Wei Jie, one of whom was razed by three tribes, and one of whom could not stand the frenzy of his fans and died. There is also the “early Han three” one of the Zhang Liang, men and women, look beautiful, if not to be aware of the time to give up the glory and wealth, the probability will be the same as Han Xin died a miserable death.

Why is this so? The original text warns Zhao Zeng Yi through the mouth of the netherworld painter, and also warns the world: “Those who seek the whole will incur the jealousy of creation, why not just stay defective, for a lifetime of happiness?”

But so said still can not scare Zhao Zengye.

In fact, it is understandable, people poor want to be rich, people ugly want to be beautiful, and the other way around is against common sense, such as those handsome and beautiful people who do not distinguish between Tu Shi, if it is really possible to sacrifice a little face value, in exchange for a little cultural improvement, you think they will be willing?

After the story is told, the author comments, in fact, “Xunzi – non-phase” has long said, the ancient sages, are more ugly than one, such as the Duke of Zhou, Confucius, Gaotao, Fu said, etc., all crooked generation, this should be the Kang Xihou “skin” based on the standard is not set by him.

In short, “Gun Gong, the phase has heard the order to carry on, but did not know how to be rich people phase? Said: the phase law has it, into the horse and donkey-shaped people rich.” @ all: your looks have determined your fate, don’t presume to change it. Then, on the topic of everyone’s greatest concern, what kind of look is the “rich phase”? The answer is already in the book: the rich list, either look like a horse, or look like a donkey.

I was happy for half a day. It turns out that it is not ugly to be talented, ugly to be rich, but to be ugly in the right direction, ugly to meet the standard answer to the line.

Finally, knowing the truth, I fell down with tears and looked at myself in the mirror, not a horse or a donkey, and what appeared in the mirror was another animal with a fat head and small ears. No wonder I can’t make any money from writing my public website, no wonder I can’t see the next day’s sun in my articles, it’s all because I look like a bear.

In that case, then I lie flat.

No, people said, resignation can be, lying flat can not.

So, everyone, if I can’t see my update for a while, it’s because I went down to find Kang Xihou.

What to find him, you guess.