Strange: Canadian woman drove her Audi into the subway station because she was afraid…

The second half of the third wave of the epidemic, B.C. began to enter the new crown vaccination sprint, dine-in meals resumed, party restrictions relaxed, life seemed to be a lot more comfortable.

But then, a message from the Richmond RCMP gave many people a hard time –

In broad daylight, an Audi driver drove straight into the pedestrian-only lane of the Richmond-Brighouse Skytrain station and almost crashed into the ticketing area!

According to Richmond police, the female driver ignored the “No Entry” sign and drove into the pedestrian lane, a clear violation of the rules, and was issued a ticket of several hundred dollars! The driver’s license is deducted 4 points!

People who often take the SkyTrain should know that there is a small ramp in front of Richmond-Brighouse station, this area is to give people access to the station platform, usually people come and go, and there are people with mobility problems, cars driving into this area, a careless accident is easy to happen.

Besides, it is clear that the pedestrian-only area, a white SUV so large to drive up, want not to be found are difficult.

In fact, once the car stopped, it attracted a lot of people to look around, have taken out their cell phones to take pictures and anonymously report.

Police spokesman Mike Yake (Mike Yake) said the car stopped in an area very close to the ticket window, this stop and one of the terminals of the CanadaLine, the flow of people is busier, the incident at the entrance to the station platform people come and go, causing a safety hazard.

Then we began to think, the driver is not what is difficult to say, anxious to send children to the doctor, encounter danger for help, car failure or something, in an emergency to drive the car into the pedestrian area.

Sorry, none of them.

The police said that because it was raining on this day, the driver wanted to withdraw money from the Scotiabank ATM next to the SkyTrain station, but did not want to get wet, so he drove his car into the pedestrian zone and parked in front of the entrance to the SkyTrain station as a matter of course!

This enigmatic operation also stunned a group of people.

“Not to mention the fact that this female driver parked her car in front of the entrance to the Skytrain station in order to use the ATM for herself is enigmatic enough.”

The traffic police enforcement team said on the official Twitter, “the pedestrian zone clearly put ‘no entry’ signs, this driver ignored the driver into the sidewalk, just so she can use the ATM, so fined with more than $200 tickets, four points on your license. Sorry, you have to take more money from the ATM and use it to pay the ticket.”

In response, netizens said –

“For immigrants who originally held a driver’s license, the Canadian government does not require a new test, how sad.”

I hope that all the old drivers still drive seriously and obey the traffic rules. After all, this kind of social news, or not on the good…