Biden: Chinese Communist leaders confident they will “eat” the U.S. in 15 years

In a speech to U.S. service members in Virginia on Friday (May 28), President Joe Biden said Communist Party leader Xi Jinping believes Beijing will “eat” the United States in the next 15 years.

“We are fighting a battle of democracy versus dictatorship,” Biden told troops at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton on Friday.

“I spent more time with Chinese President Xi Jinping than any other leader in the world – I spent 24 hours with him in private meetings with only an interpreter present during that time; I traveled 17,000 miles with him in China and the United States.” Biden went on to say that “he is firmly convinced that China will eat the United States by 2030 or 2035 because dictators can make decisions quickly.”

Biden did not elaborate on what he meant by “eating America.

Biden also spoke of the unique position of the United States on the planet: “The United States is unique. Of all the countries in the world, we are the only one that was founded on the idea.”

Biden went on to say in his speech, “None of you get your rights from your government; you get your rights simply because you are a child of God. The government exists to protect God-given rights. No other government was ever established based on this idea. No one can defeat us, except ourselves.”

Florida U.S. Senator Rick Scott (R) recently wrote on Fox News that today, the threat of communism is once again spreading throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. The oppressive government controlled by the Chinese Communist Party has demonstrated its desire for global domination.

For example, the Communist Party recently reached a 25-year, $400 billion deal with Iran to provide it with stable military cooperation, sources of investment and oil customers. In this agreement, the Chinese Communist Party’s intent to attempt world domination is clear. Through it, the Communist Party can further extend the reach of the Belt and Road Initiative to the Middle East while strengthening its ties with the world’s largest sponsor of terror.

Scott said the Chinese Communist Party is focused on one thing – world domination through oppression and communist rule.

In the document The Chinese Communist Party: Threatening Global Peace and Security, the U.S. State Department lists six ways in which the Chinese Communist Party threatens the world.

1) Predatory Economic Practices

The CCP violates its commitments to the World Trade Organization and international norms and standards through massive subsidies to beneficiary companies, intellectual property theft, coercive technology transfers, and corrupt trade and investment practices. Its “Belt and Road” initiative preys on other countries through unsustainable and corrupt loans, while ignoring global labor and environmental standards.

2) Military Aggression to the Indo-Pacific Region

The Communist Party’s civil-military integration strategy proposes to build its military into a “world-class army” by 2049 through the use of advanced civilian technologies, both domestic and foreign. The CCP military seeks to establish military bases and project power around the world through the Belt and Road Initiative and military cooperation agreements in order to dominate the Indo-Pacific region and challenge the United States on a global scale.

3) Undermining Global Norms and Values

Ignoring its commitments, the CCP has weakened the global order by manipulating international organizations to advance its own unilateral strategic goals, including the establishment of a new international order dominated by the CCP. The CCP routinely introduces language into multilateral documents to advance the party’s authoritarian ideology and policy goals and to threaten countries it resists.

4) Coercive Tactics Abroad

Propaganda is conducted globally by CCP-controlled media, while manipulating foreign news and entertainment media to advance its ideas. The CCP’s United Front Department and related agents exert pressure on all levels of government and demand that foreign officials, Chinese expatriates, and business interests show support for the CCP’s false narrative while avoiding topics that the CCP finds embarrassing.

5) Disregard for Human Rights

Driven by Marxist-Leninist ideology, the CCP clamps down on dissent and restricts the rights and freedoms of Chinese citizens, including forced population control, arbitrary detention, censorship, forced labor, violations of religious freedom, and widespread media and Internet censorship. The CCP continues to commit abuses against Uighurs, Christians, and other religious and ethnic minorities.

6) Destruction of the Environment

China’s environmental record is abysmal. China is the world’s largest annual emitter of greenhouse gases and marine litter, the world’s largest builder and financier of dirty coal-fired power plants, the worst perpetrator of illegal fishing, and the world’s largest consumer of illegal wildlife and timber products. Beijing threatens the world economy and public health through the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources.

Fortunately, the United States has been alerted to the threat from the Chinese Communist Party. The U.S. Senate is considering a massive bill, the American Innovation and Competition Act (formerly known as the Endless Frontier Act), to invest $120 billion to jumpstart scientific innovation and strengthen research in cutting-edge technologies to make Washington more competitive with Beijing.