Chongqing Office in Beijing set up a black prison, many visitors exposed to beatings

Recently, a number of Chongqing visitors were beaten severely by a group of thugs hired by the authorities at the Beijing Office’s black prison at No. 46-3 Gaojiachang, Fengtai District, and suffered unbearable injuries.

Petitioners: Ask the Commission for Discipline Inspection to track down those behind the crime

Following the May 10 incident in which Zou Maoshu and Fu Shuqing were beaten unconscious and dumped in the suburbs on their way back to Chongqing by a local black car, it was recently revealed that Zhang Xiuhua and Meng Yonghui in Changshou District and Yang Binghe and Zhao Liang in Dadukou District were intercepted in a black prison at No. 46-3 Gaojiachang to reflect their problems in Beijing and were also severely beaten and injured.

After the news broke, some visitors said, “the local government gets money to hire a group of thugs specializing in beating people, the government does not pay no one to help it beat people, which shows that the five public security chiefs in Chongqing is still very deep in the flow of poison, asking the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to trace the black hand behind the twilight.”

Zou Maoshu was beaten to unconsciousness, bruises on the face and neck have not yet faded. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

The longevity district two people were beaten all over the body laceration

On May 25, Zhang Xiuhua and Meng Yonghui from Changshou District went to Beijing to send a letter. They were checked for ID cards near Fuyu Street and taken to Fuyu Street Police Station, where they were then sent to Jiujingzhuang, where they were picked up by the Beijing office and taken to the black prison at 46-3 Gaojiachang.

Zhang Xihua told the Epoch Times, “I was severely beaten at the Beijing office in Gaojiachang. I said no, but he continued to beat me, and several of us were beaten. Later, I was brought back in a black car, and I was so beaten that I couldn’t even speak, and I had to be supported by three people to walk.”

Zhang Xiuhua said, “More than ten people came from our local government, including the police station chief and people from the street. They said Beijing can’t let us come.”

Meng Yonghui told the Epoch Times, “When she went to Beijing, she was beaten several times in the dark room in Gaojiachang, and the beaters said, “Beijing is not a place for you to come. They beat you on the sofa, punched you in the head, stuck your neck, and beat you so much that you couldn’t even walk.”

Meng Yonghui (left) and Zhang Xiuhua (right). (Courtesy of the interviewee)

Dadukou District Zhao Liang was cut back to strengthen the guard

Zhao Liang of Dadukou District, was under residential surveillance for more than two years, he was not allowed to go out of Dadukou District, the afternoon of May 20, he had to go to Jiulongpo Yangjiaping to do business, in Ping’an soft rail station by a group of unknown people to restrict personal freedom, he was not allowed to ride the soft rail.

Zhao Liang called 110 police and 12345 mayor hotline to complain, about half an hour after the leap into the village police station, police officers from the Dadukou Branch came to the scene and illegal guards unknown people a total of more than 10 people will Zhao Liang forcibly shoved, dragged home.

On May 26, Zhao Liang escaped when the guards weren’t paying attention. He and Yang Binglian went to Beijing to reflect on the wrongful death case, and were sent to Jiuchingzhuang after having their ID cards checked, and then received by the Beijing office to the 46-3 black prison in Gaojiachang.

Zhao Liang told the Epoch Times, “I was taken to a hut next to Gaojiachang, and was verbally abused and threatened when I entered, but I didn’t say anything back, just that it’s not good for you to scold and beat people. They bandit stuff too much, in prison I was also beaten by them …, bad health was killed early.”

Zhao Liang (left) and Yang Binghe (right). (Courtesy of the interviewee)

Yang Binghe, 70, in Dadukou District, was beaten and unable to eat

The same 70-year-old Yang Binghe was also escorted back to Chongqing in the same black car as Zhao Lang. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public. In the car he said he was dizzy, his ribs hurt, he said he couldn’t eat, and didn’t drink a sip of water or eat a grain of rice on the way.”

“After returning to Chongqing, we were taken to the police station in Yuejin Village, the police confiscated the financial return to us, but not to return the ID card, they said, took your ID card is afraid that you go to Beijing to sue, because now buy tickets to use ID cards.” Zhao Liang said.

The reporter called Yang Binghe cell phone, but no one answered.

This time back from Beijing, guarding Zhao Liang’s personnel increased to 10 people. He said, “Look at the terrorists do not have to do so, and they can not be reasoned with. They really can’t describe their despicable methods.”

The reporter called Li Zhuo, deputy chief of Yuejin Village Police Station, to verify the situation of the visitors in Dadukou District, and he hung up immediately without saying a word when he heard the visitors’ problems.