Jiang Tianyong still not free after more than 27 months in prison, wife publishes list of persecutors

Chinese human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong was arrested and tortured during the “709 Incident” and finally released from prison on February 28, 2019, but was then placed under illegal house arrest by the Chinese Communist Party authorities and is still not free. His wife, Jin Zailing, recently tweeted a list of “evil people” who participated in the persecution of Jiang’s lawyers.

On May 29, Jin published “Human Rights Villains and Those Responsible for the Illegal House Arrest of Human Rights Lawyer Jiang Tianyong”. The list includes 10 people, ranging from Zhu Navy, executive deputy director of the Communist Party’s Henan Provincial Public Security Department, and Shu Qing, former head of the Communist Party’s Henan Provincial Public Security Department and current head of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, to Li Jijun and Gu Lidong, deputy head of the Communist Party’s Luoshan County State Security Department in Xinyang City, Henan Province.

As of May 28, Jiang had been released from prison for 27 months, but he has been under illegal house arrest, banned from medical treatment and travel, and unable to reunite with his wife and daughter in exile in the United States.

In late March, Kim told Radio Free Asia that Jiang Tianyong was beaten and tortured while serving his sentence and suffered serious leg injuries, making him unable to stand. The doctor can only say that Jiang Tianyong is not sick. Jiang Tianyong can only be monitored in his parents’ home, can not go far away.”

Jin Changling said Jiang Tianyong has been under house arrest in his parents’ home after his release from prison, “because of physical reasons he does not want to go out, New Year’s Eve he wants to go to relatives’ homes to pay respects, but now the state security 24 hours a day surveillance, built a small house at the intersection near his parents’ home, as long as Jiang Tianyong go out, they will be close tracking, not a person, is a lot of people tracking “.

Outsiders have noted that the CCP is using house arrest or imprisonment more and more frequently against dissidents who are finishing their sentences. Blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng was under house arrest in his village until he fled in 2012, and his home was under 24-hour surveillance. Another human rights lawyer, Zhisheng Gao, remains missing since his release from prison in 2014.

Safeguard Defenders, an international human rights organization, reported in March that the Chinese Communist Party’s police had been “pseudo-releasing” released pro-democracy activists and human rights lawyers, including through house arrest, forced travel, and house arrest in secret locations. The methods include home detention, forced travel, and house arrest in secret locations, and last from a few weeks to several years.

In a statement, the organization’s founder and director, Peter Darling, said the phenomenon of pseudo-release is another example of the systematic illegal practices of the Chinese Communist Party police that bring the Chinese justice system into disrepute, “making it meaningless for people to serve their sentences or to be released on bail, which simply means being imprisoned in a different form.”

Jiang Tianyong has been arrested several times for his long involvement in the rights defense of AIDS-infected people’s aid, the black brick kiln case in Shanxi, the direct election of lawyers in Beijing, the Falun Gong case, and other rights actions that have encountered suppression by the authorities. During the Communist Party’s “709 arrests” in 2015, a large number of human rights lawyers were arrested. Jiang Tianyong, who actively campaigned for these lawyers, was sentenced to two years in prison in November 2017 by the Changsha Intermediate Court for inciting subversion of state power, after being placed under residential surveillance by the Changsha police in 2016 on suspicion of “inciting subversion of state power.