Guangdong adds another 13 local cases, people exposed to “vegetables being robbed”

The outbreak of the CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia) in Guangdong continues to spread, with 13 more confirmed cases in a single day. So far it is known that 7 members of a family in Guangzhou have been diagnosed one after another, and 3 generations of a family in Foshan have been infected. The rapid outbreak of the epidemic has triggered panic among the public, with netizens revealing that the local supermarkets are being robbed of their vegetables. In addition, Guangdong Huizhou Daya Bay from May 30, large-scale personnel nucleic acid testing.

According to the official notification on May 30, 13 new cases of local asymptomatic infections were reported on May 29 from 0-24 hours, with 12 cases reported in Guangzhou and 1 case in Foshan.

As of 24:00 on May 29, the province had reported a total of 2,432 confirmed cases. There are currently 43 cases in hospital.

But the Chinese Communist Party has a history of concealing the truth about the epidemic, so the official figures have been questioned by outsiders as being severely shrunken.

This wave of epidemics in Guangdong Province continues to heat up, causing panic among the local population. Some netizens said: Guangdong has fallen!

Many Guangzhou netizens sent out photos of supermarkets on Weibo, where the shelves of vegetables and fresh produce were snapped up, “No one is in the supermarkets, no one is in the shopping malls, no one is on the streets, the vegetables are all snapped up.

Some netizens also reflected that “the e-commerce platform to buy food is incredibly expensive”.

Dayang Network reported that on May 29, major supermarkets are at the entrance to the implementation of body temperature monitoring, “Sui Kang code” or other pass code pass authentication management; all admission personnel must wear masks, checkout counters and other easy to gather areas set up “one meter line”.

In the afternoon of May 29, Huizhou Daya Bay District officials issued a notice, May 30 16:30 to May 31 0:30 a.m., May 31 16:30 to June 1 0:00 a.m. two time periods, the Aotou Street, West District Street, Xiayong Street, the relevant villages, communities of the resident population to carry out large-scale personnel nucleic acid testing.

Shenzhen Yantian District officials issued a notice on the evening of the 29th, decided to carry out region-wide virus nucleic acid testing and vaccination “double 100 action”, that is, to achieve the region’s universal nucleic acid testing and target population virus vaccination two 100% coverage.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Dongguan City informed that recently Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and other places have notified Dongguan City of the epidemic information, the risk of importation of the epidemic in Dongguan City has suddenly increased, requiring people to go to the nearest nucleic acid testing institutions to test nucleic acid as soon as possible.

On May 29, the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission informed the public that between 0:00 and 24:00 on May 28, there was one new confirmed case and one case of asymptomatic infected person to confirmed case in Guangzhou. There were 8 new cases of asymptomatic infections in Guangzhou.

The Beijing Youth Daily combed through the trajectory and information of the infected people in Guangdong recently and found that a family of seven people in Guangzhou was infected, three people in Foshan were infected, and the morning tea store “Another Tea Shop Xuan” may have become the hub of the spread of the epidemic, and a waiter in the morning tea store was diagnosed on May 25. Since then, the chain of infection has been extended.

On May 27, Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou CDC, said the outbreak was caused by the spread of infection through relatively confined occasions such as shared housing, shared dining and shared hosting, with a clear chain of transmission between infected people. At the same time, the virus spreads very fast and is highly transmissible.

Some netizens expressed doubts: “Is it appropriate to dump the pot on the morning tea store? Officials have not been informed of the source of this wave of the outbreak, the morning tea store waiter said so innocent. I don’t even know who passed it on to this waiter.” “Now the first source of infection has not been found on the conclusion, want to cover up what?”

According to the official notification of Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province on May 29, Nanhai District found one local confirmed case and two local asymptomatic infections during the investigation.

Land media reported that the two new asymptomatic cases are 56 and 31 years old, mother and son respectively, while the other new confirmed case is a 1-year-old and 1-month-old granddaughter.

The outbreak in Guangzhou has been concentrated in Chongkou Street, Dong Jiao Street, Zhongnan Street and Baihe Dong Street in Liwan District, which have been upgraded to medium-risk areas since May 29. In addition to this, Hailong Street in Liwan District was added as a key area for graded classification prevention and control.

The official notice of Guangzhou City said that within the area of Hailong Street, Baihedong Street, Zhongnan Street, Dongjiao Street and Chongkou Street in Liwan District, all people are mainly at home, stopping all activities that are not essential for daily life, except for one person per household per day to go out to buy necessities, and no other people are allowed to go out. Entertainment venues, indoor cultural and sports venues, wholesale markets (except farmers’ markets), student and childcare institutions will be closed, kindergartens and training institutions will suspend offline teaching, and food establishments will be banned from dine-in.