Senator: New Cold War on the horizon, U.S. needs to stop the spread of Chinese Communist tyranny

Republican U.S. Senator Rick Scott says the Chinese Communist Party is eager to promote its evil rule and undermine democracy and human rights around the world, and that a new Cold War is on the horizon and the United States must work with its allies to defeat the spread of Chinese tyranny.

Since the inauguration of President Biden, the U.S. and China have continued to clash in the areas of Hong Kong, the epidemic and the economy. Republican U.S. Senator Rick Scott said that the Chinese Communist Party is eager to promote its evil rule and destroy democracy and human rights around the world.

Scott recently wrote on Fox News that this year marks the 75th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s speech at Westminster College, in which he famously asserted that “an iron curtain has been drawn across the continent of Europe from Stettin on the Baltic Sea to Trieste on the Adriatic.”

“For many, these words are seen as the earliest declaration of the beginning of the Cold War. Today, the threat of communism is once again spreading across the Eastern Hemisphere. The viciousness and brutality of Communist China has demonstrated its desire to preach its evil rule globally, to undermine democracy and human rights, to counter U.S. sanctions and to support dictators.” Scott wrote.

He said, “The United States must now recognize that a new Cold War is upon us, and we must stand with our allies against this threat, using every diplomatic and military means at our disposal to defeat the spread of Chinese Communist tyranny.”

K.T. McFarland was former President Trump’s (R-Texas) first deputy national security adviser and helped develop a series of policies that put enormous pressure on the Chinese Communist Party. She also previously wrote on Fox News that, in the words of the Chinese Communist Party, China and the United States have been locked in a Cold War for years.

Scott Reveals CCP’s Intentions for World Domination

Citing a series of dangerous moves by the CCP in recent times to undermine democracy and the international system, Scott said the CCP continues to undermine democracy in Hong Kong, demonstrate a greater military threat to Taiwan, and further support the odious and brutal communist Cuban regime.

He also highlighted the CCP’s use of friendship with Iran to expand its ambitions. The CCP recently reached a $400 billion, 25-year cooperation agreement with Iran, becoming a stable military partner, investment source and oil customer for Iran.

Scott sees the Communist Party’s intentions of world domination as obvious, as it attempts to gain a way to further expand its Belt and Road Initiative into the Middle East, while strengthening its relationship with Iran, the world’s largest sponsor of terror.

McFarlane writes that the Communist Party is openly talking about its intentions that the 21st century belongs to them and that they plan to replace the United States as the dominant economic, technological, military, political and diplomatic power in the world and then rewrite the rules of the international order to their own best advantage and at our expense.

Scott: Communist China will never fulfill its commitments in any agreement

Scott believes that the current situation in the United States is the result of decades of appeasement of the Chinese Communist Party by politicians in Washington and by American businesses. He also agrees with the senator on the need to pass new legislation to comprehensively crack down on the CCP and its influence.

“We can’t waste this opportunity. I want to make it very clear here that any bill that tries to broker any compromise on issues other than U.S. national security, U.S. jobs or human rights claims will only perpetuate the status quo.” He said.

Scott writes in the article that Communist China needs to be cut off from the U.S. economy, on which it relies heavily to maintain its authoritarian and oppressive apparatus. It makes no sense to sacrifice U.S. national interests in exchange for promises of compromise with a country (Communist China) that will never fulfill its commitments in any agreement, that openly commits genocide against millions of Uighur Muslims, and that continues to threaten not only U.S. security but also U.S. allies in the Asia-Pacific region.

He argued that the Chinese Communist Party is focused on only one thing – how to rule the world through the oppression of its people and its centralized communist dictatorship. “We must not be naive to think that Communist China wants to integrate into the modern world order and cooperate with other world powers.”

U.S. Must Respond to Communist China’s World Domination Ambitions

Scott writes, “General Secretary Xi Jinping wants to reshape the world order according to his ideas and advocates toughing out anyone who refuses to bend to his and the CCP’s interests. If the Chinese Communist Party wants to develop a plan for world domination, the United States must respond appropriately.”

“The United States must demonstrate American strength and resolve, and our commitment to our allies. In this new Cold War, we have the opportunity to prove once again that American-style government, free enterprise and civil society are still the best systems in the world.” He said.

Scott said that as the world’s greatest beacon of freedom and democracy, the United States must do all it can, along with its allies, to curb the infiltration of Communist China, counter its expansionist policies and punish the criminals who perpetrate the ongoing genocide against the Uighurs.

At the end of the article, Scott called on senators to seize the opportunity to join forces against the Communists. He writes, “Whether we like it or not, we are in a new cold war with Communist China. I call on my Senate colleagues to join me in seizing this opportunity to demonstrate America’s true resolve in dealing with the subversive actions of Communist China.”