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The Chinese in Southern Canada are finally open to play, and many people are on the road or just ready to hit the road for the National Day of Mourning (Memorial Day) long weekend. Whether it’s a trip to Japan, an island trip to Mexico and Hawaii, or a city trip within the United States, people are gradually regaining their confidence in travel.

According to the Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA), traffic will be very busy over the long weekend, with about 2.8 million Southern California residents hitting the road for leisure travel, a 64 percent increase in trips compared to last year. Orange County resident Ms. Sun took advantage of the long weekend to travel to Portland, she said, more than a year did not travel, now the epidemic has improved, just to take advantage of the long weekend to go out for a few days to relax.

Chinese Mr. Chen’s family went to Hawaii on the 30th, he said, they have been booking trips since March, the children held at home for more than a year and just couldn’t stand to go out. Just now the children are on vacation, but this trip to Hawaii is not expensive, although the airline tickets and hotels booked earlier, but I heard that the local car can not be rented, and to Hawaii to do nucleic acid testing 72 hours before departure, they especially ran to Long Beach to do the test, the cheapest a person also to $ 90. Another trip between the two islands also requires another nucleic acid test, and the entire trip will cost $1,000 just for the nucleic acid test. Now it’s not retaliatory spending, it’s retaliatory price increases by businesses trying to make back last year’s losses from their customers.

Pasadena Farmer’s Market. (Courtesy of a reader)

Travel agents are also up and running, with top vacation operator Chris Lee offering a day trip to Temecula for orange picking a month ago, and the response has been good. He said that Temecula is an hour and a half away from Los Angeles, and the orchard owner is only in on weekends, so he will take guests to pick on weekends. The trip is $59 per person, including bus fare and picking admission, and each family gets 10 pounds of lemons, plus $2.50 per pound for oranges. The oranges here are very sweet, so they are very popular with guests. There are also many local wineries, and after picking, guests can go to the surrounding towns to eat, visit bone stores and bars, and taste Texas barbecue. If guests ask to buy wine, they will also be taken to wine tasting.

The local oranges are fresh, juicy and sweet. (Courtesy of readers)

He said that not only is the number of people in a car controlled to less than ten for safety, but the guests participating in the tour must show proof of vaccination. The local families who participate in such picking day trips are mainly parents who take their children there. The orchard also has vacation homes for weddings and short term rentals, where you can pick as much as you want from your local accommodation. They will be offering more local tours in the future, such as Santiago, Santa Barbara, Central California, etc., as guests are currently more worried about hotel accommodations and prefer to return the same day.

The number of Mexico tourism inquiries is also increasing, the operator Mr. Lee said that only the travel agency exclusively provides Chinese guides in the twin cities of Mexico City and Cancun, they will cooperate with other travel agencies in July to package tours, is expected to ten people in Mexico for six days and five nights in a five-star hotel, the tour price at $ 1,200. This price is kept at the price before the epidemic, but now local hotels and labor in Mexico are increasing, and prices will have to be adjusted in the future. He believes that tourism will have a small outbreak after the long weekend, and in the future also intends to launch an in-depth tour of Yellowstone RV campgrounds, so that people can experience exclusive experiences such as soaking in Yellowstone hot springs and boat trips on the lake.

Local Chinese go shopping at the local farmer’s market. (Courtesy of readers)

Jefferey Chen, the owner of Wenjing Holidays, said that most travel agencies in Southern Canada are now starting to sell local bus tours, and most of the participants are mainly elders, while most other people still choose self-guided tours, which have not yet reached the stage of complete explosion. Because now the cost is too expensive, less cars and less commission, but the price of gas and insurance rose, the real profit also depends on cross-border tourism.

Temecula city (Temecula) orange picking day trip.