Biden has 17 institutions assisted by supercomputers to analyze massive amounts of evidence of the source of the new crown epidemic

Because of the massive amount of untested data related to the origin of the new crown (Chinese Communist virus) epidemic, President Biden has recently ordered 17 national laboratories under the Department of Energy to use the computing power of advanced supercomputers to help the intelligence unit to find out the origin of the new crown virus; British media also reported that British intelligence agencies have joined the U.S. action to understand how the virus emerged within 90 days.

The Daily Mail reported on the 29th that White House officials pointed out that Biden named 17 national laboratories to help on the 26th because they have supercomputers that can parse massive amounts of data; the US government did not disclose what kind of data was delivered for analysis, but experts pointed out that it was likely to be previously collected information, such as intercepted information, or biological evidence.

Intelligence agencies routinely collect too much data, beyond the ability of their own analysis experts to effectively analyze; the use of advanced algorithms by the National Laboratory supercomputer to find out the shape of a large database, is expected to find new breakthroughs.

White House officials said the request for the scientific community to participate in the task represents the administration’s intention to use all the energy of the intelligence and scientific communities to try to get to the bottom of the matter; Biden also urged U.S. and allied intelligence units to find out new information about whether China has covered up the laboratory outflow.

Republican U.S. Senator Tom Cotton noted that the Biden administration’s response to the new information is “better slow than never, but it’s still far from adequate”; “The intelligence community has been paying attention to this for 15 months, and the results have been good, but in the end the answers are in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, not U.S. Intelligence officials”.

Cotton said the Beijing authorities have been unwilling to help explain the manner in which the outbreak occurred, and that the U.S. should insist that they speak clearly and plainly so that the U.S. can have a clear, unhindered understanding of what was happening at the Wuhan virus lab.

In addition, the Daily Telegraph reported that British government security officials said that the British intelligence unit is working with the U.S. side to conduct a new investigation to “establish the truth”; “We are providing the Wuhan information we have on hand and are offering to assist the Americans to confirm and analyze any information they have obtained so that we can help.”

It was originally the consensus of the scientific community that the New Coronavirus originated from human contact with an animal host, but the exact host has not been found, so the consensus has collapsed and all sectors are re-examining the origin of the virus; some experts now claim that the New Coronavirus was created by humans.

David Asher, a former contractor for the State Department’s New Coronavirus Origins Investigation Team, said the evidence points to the virus being sourced from the biological weapons program at the Wuhan Virus Laboratory.

Whether the New Crown virus originated in a Chinese virus laboratory requires technical analysis by computer experts operating supercomputers.