Shenzhen woman was verbally abused in the street for dressing “shameless” netizens hot debate!

According to Shaanxi Legal Network and other land media reports, recently, a mainland girl was abused in the street for wearing kimono shopping. The incident sparked a lot of hot debate among netizens, many of whom said that according to this logic, “even western-style clothes can’t be worn”.

Land media reports, May 27, in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, a woman wearing a Japanese kimono in shopping, along the way also let fellow girlfriends take pictures. At this time, a man riding an electric bicycle passed by, and after seeing the woman in the kimono, he looked extra excited: “You’re wearing Japanese clothes in broad daylight and taking pictures? You really have no shame!” In the face of the man’s rant, the woman wearing the kimono and her best friend also began to dislike: “I want to wear what I wear, need you to control?”

The news sparked a lot of debate among netizens, most of whom said, “If you look at it this way, even suits can’t be worn. “

Some netizens commented: nothing to do if you go to the factory to find a job, idle running on the street to a small girl’s clothing pointing out still feel very righteous?

There are also netizens said: the really strong people simply do not care, only the weak have a glass heart

A netizen said: Kimono, is the traditional dress of the Yamato people, is the symbol of the Yamato people. If this girl really has a heart, she might as well immigrate to Japan!

Other netizens retorted:The first floor if you have this thought that do not wear suits and leather shoes, do not sit on the sofa, do not use Western medicine, do not go online, basically the things of the Western powers. The U.S. things passed over more. The Japanese language learning bar simply also expelled. And the Japanese do business with all of them get away.