U.S. Special Forces Officials Urge: U.S. to Train Taiwan’s Military to Defend Against ‘Chinese Communist Invasion’

The Real News Aggregator, May 29, reported that Biden’s nominee for assistant secretary of defense, Christopher Maier, was before the Senate Armed Services Committee this week, speaking on Taiwan. In a briefing Thursday, the assistant secretary for special operations and low-intensity conflict, who also once headed the Defense Department’s task force to defeat ISIS, urged congressional leaders to establish a plan for U.S. Special Forces to train local Taiwanese troops to deter a possible “Chinese Communist invasion.

Myer said Taiwan’s forces must be prepared to defend themselves against an “amphibious landing” by Chinese Communist forces, and that U.S. special operations fighters could help Taiwan’s troops hone their skills.

But there is no doubt that any significant presence of U.S. Special Forces in Taiwan would be a serious enough red line in itself to trigger a war with the Chinese Communist Party.

A few days ago, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Wu Chiu-sup warned that the Chinese Communist Party was “preparing for war” against Taiwan, and further confirmed that the Communist military’s increasing war exercises would soon slip into real conflict.