“Black Power!” The New Black Panther Party is holding an armed “reparations march” in Oklahoma.

The Gateway Pundit reported May 29 that black activists from the New Black Panther Party and other groups staged an armed march in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, Saturday to demand reparations under the Second Amendment.

The fight for reparations must escalate and we must fight on every front for the descendants of the Tulsa massacre, for the atrocities suffered; for the 40 million black people who are still disproportionately affected by racism, inequality, disparities between rich and poor, and police brutality,” a press release from organizers read. The Tulsa march will mark an escalation in the fight for reparations for black people.”

Dozens of black activists from eight armed groups lined up with weapons for the march.

The Tulsa Genocide, refers to the May 31-June 1, 1921, attack and massacre of African Americans in the Greenwood community of Tulsa, Oklahoma, by white Americans. It is considered one of the worst incidents of racial violence in U.S. history.